Sunday, May 1, 2016

New Year's Eve 2015

We didn't have much going on this New Years Eve. We came back from Cheyenne before New Years cause we had a performance of Savior of the World. The Manuels and my parents went to Boston and they weren't back yet. We decided to go downtown have dinner and just hang out till midnight. We went to a concert at the tabernacle and heard Dallyn Bayles who played Joseph in Savior of the World.

They invited all of the previous full time missionaries up front and we had to send Jenner.

We walked around the visitor's centers and watched the family presentation. We were glad to have Jenner and Carina with us!

It was cold but we were all together and we were having lots of fun!

When we came home we did steel wool fireworks. Jenner showed us how to do them. And these pictures don't do them justice but it looks awesome!!!
Welcome 2016

Tuesday, April 26, 2016


I thought this explained my job really well!

Gracie made a gingerbread house at activity days

Primary kids helping package everything for our Meadowlark project

This was posted on Instagram in December!!! It made my day!!!

Ward Christmas party

Christmas Dance with Kenzie
He's looking good :)

Gracie often plays with my phone while we are at choir practice. This is a sample picture>

Can't pass up an opportunity to take a picture with Zuri

Hermana Sidney made it to Mesa. Yay!!!

Savior of the World rehersal

We got to go see the MoTab Christmas concert

Christmas party at work!

Temple Square with the cousins!

Singing with the missionaries at Temple Square

It's been a while since Jef and his family have been in Utah for Christmas time. We spent time at temple square.

Making paches

What Santa left at home for Christmas

A big present from Casey? No clue what it could be???

I got a huge Ms. Brown. It's really cute! I ended up taking it to work. This is what my students call me so it's fun!

This was a very memorable December. It was crazy busy but so fun! We got to do Savior of the World which brought the Spirit into the entire month. Every performance we got to see the story of Christ. We got to visit with family and just spend time together. The gospel of Jesus Christ and family is what it's all about!!!

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Gracie's 9th Birthday

9 years old! Time is going way too fast and my baby is growing up! This year with the Star Wars craze Gracie became obsessed with BB8 from the movie. She got a BB8 suitcase from Santa and then we had to make her a BB8 cake for her birthday.

We got to celebrate her birthday with all her Cheyenne cousins. This doesn't happen often but it's fun!

Happy Birthday cute Gracie! We are so glad to have you in our family!

We also got to celebrate back home a week later.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Christmas in Cheyenne

We haven't been to Cheyenne for Christmas in a while but this year Jef and his family was going to be there along with everyone else so we decided to go. Because of Savior of the World we weren't able to go until Dec. 24 and we had to come back before new year's but it was so fun to be able to go and spend time with everyone there.

We made paches before going so that we could have them for Christmas Eve.

After dinner we all went to the basement and opened presents. It was crazy and chaotic with all the kids but it was so fun and just as I remember it when all our kids were little.

We love grandma and grandpa and we are grateful for all that they do for us!!! They are great examples Christlike love!


Waiting to come up and see what Santa brought...

Gracie got a BB8 suitcase from Santa

Only four kids but we were anxiously waiting for Hermana Sidney to call us. That was the best present ever in my book!

It was pure joy to see Sidney and to see her so happy! She is enjoying her mission so much! She is always so positive and it makes me so happy to know that she is happy!

This family picture will have to do for this year.

Right after Sidney we got to talk to Elder Trevar serving in Brazil.

The girls playing Headbands game

We all got to go on a wagon ride through all of these lights. It was soooo cold but fun and we even got hot chocolate afterwards!

All of us went to see Star Wars together! Fun times!!!

Coming back home! We had a fun week!!!