Tuesday, July 12, 2016

26th Anniversary Trip go Goblin Valley

Casey planned this fun trip for us for our 26th anniversary. We we going to go to do a session at the Payson temple but as it always seems to happen to us... it was closed. So we ended up going to the Provo City Temple which was nice also. But I did take this nice picture!

We had lunch with Carina and then we drove down to Green River. I know what's at Green River??? Well not much but they do have these structures that we could see. They are called the Ratio and Elements. Casey explained it to me but it probably went over my head. Too much for my little brain to grasp. But it was a nice little walk to see them. 

It was pretty windy! And they have some wooden lounge chairs to sit on. 

We went to dunner at this restaurant not called rural and proud but I liked the sign cause it seemed to fit Green River perfectly! 

The next day we went to Goblin Valley and did some exploring. 

We tried mountain bike riding but it was kind of really rough terrain. 

Ahh... he's so cute! 

A green dinosaur picture for Sidney because her 4th grade teacher told her they never existed and we always tease her about it!

This is the place where we stayed at. Nothing fancy but it was so cute and rustic!

The next day we went and did some more hinking to see some hieroglyphs. Another fun day! Then we headed home. It was a wonderful weekend!!! Casey is the best!!! 

This is a little video the google created for me from my pictures!

Monday, July 11, 2016

April 2016

One day Gracie decided to just go out, sit on a blanket, and play the guitar. It was just precious!

Prom 2016

Kailee took these pictures. We were on our way back from Reno.

We went on a tour of the capital and Gracie became the Governor for a minute.

Gracie as Amelia Earheart for the wax museum.

Just a fun bubble bath picture

Hairy Cee Ryle and Buster

Trimmed Cee Ryle and Buster

Happy birthday to my mom, Zildy, and Jonas.

Morning of the arts at Gracie's school. This is the third grade choir.

This is her art work.


Sunday, July 10, 2016

Carrie Underwood in Reno

Kailee and I got tickets to see Carrie Underwood in Reno cause it was either Reno or Casper. We stopped at the Salt Flats on our way.

Once there we had to go to the University of Nevada Reno campus. I just like to visit college campuses. I'm weird like that. 

We had to take this picture! Reno is not very big so there wasn't much to do. 

Then it was time for the concert!!! It was a concert on the round and it was fun cause we were really close to the stage!

And then we had to drive back.  Quick but fun trip!

But this is the car we drove in. Kailee had to get her car fixed and this is the rental that they gave her...a BLACK CADILLAC!!! 

Easter 2016

Whenever we hang out with Zildy's family there is always fun events! This is an Easter Egg hunt at Smiths that we have been going to for years. They just throw candy in the isles with a few eggs with prizes and kids just have a blast. They even get tired of picking up the candy!

We then went to a real Easter Egg Hunt in a park.

Even the boys had fun!

Later in the day we went the Gateway for another Easter hunt party. Zuri just crashed after all the fun!

Easter Sunday at our house. Carina brought her hammock and the kids loved it!

The things Wackada makes me do???

Ahh the cute couple!

And our family minus Sidney