Sunday, November 27, 2016

Where did the month of July go?

 A friend of Jef's family came out to Utah to go to SOAR. This was for the same week when Cee Ryle was going. So we took him to temple square. This is on the roof of the conference center.

A nice picture of our ward walk and talk

My birthday!

I got a Carrie Underwood T-shirt (bigger one coming later in the mail) and tickets to go see her in concert in November!

SOAR end of the week parents program

Our cute little fish! At swimming lessons.

Sunday birthday celebration!

Celebrating with my birthday buddy!

Gracie was going to be staying in Cheyenne while we went to Guatemala. It just happened to be Callie's baptism. We were lucky to be there for her special day.

All of the little cousins love and admire their big cousin Jenner.

Twinners selfie

Watching the Thunderbirds

We got to be in the Frontiers Day Parade as Mormon Pioneers.

At the Frontier Days Park.

Cee Ryle goes on trek to Martin's Cove

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Independence Day

We started the celebrations the night before with our own fireworks!

And then Cee Ryle and the traditional bike ride to the parade. 

 The parade

Gracie is so patriotic!

The water portion of the parade.

And face painting of course.

Cee Ryle the famous balloon artist.

Dinner at The Habit

Waiting for fireworks

A great ending to a great day!

Sunday, November 13, 2016


We LOVE it when cousins come to visit! ABCDEF came to visit for a few weeks so we played and played! We took out the slip and slide and bought a pool for the kids to play in.

We even cooked s'mores in the fire pit that CR made.

Ahh cute Zuri!

The teens

USU tour. We all went including grandparents. Why not?

Just chillin!

Group picture in front of the Logan Temple

Girl's night at the Melting Pot

IDK what they were doing but they were having fun together!

BYU Tour

Bowling at BYU

Supergirl beat them all! That would be me the pro-bowler. Well a 123 isn't a great score but I still won!

Yummy ice cream at Roll With It Creamery. Fancy and delicious!

We all went to the Provo Temple on Saturday morning and then had lunch afterwards.

On Sunday we celebrated Courtney's birthday! 

We watched videos of the good old days! Cause it's fun to reminisce!