Thursday, March 23, 2017

January 2017

January came and went so fast but here are the highlights:

We got a lot of snow this year!

There was this little cat sitting on our front porch all day and it was really cold outside so we decided to bring it in but since Cee Ryle is allergic we couldn't bring it in the house. So we put him in Busters kennel and put it in the garage. He wasn't too friendly! A friend of Cee Ryle's came to get it the next day and they took care of it until they took it to the pound.

Cee Ryle answering to the Sweethearts dance. He loves it when I take pictures! Not!

Nordic Valley Trail Days. We brought Jasmine and Tayevion with us this time.

Casey and I went to the Oquirr Mountain Temple

Crystal got married!

One Acts: Cee Ryle was a director this year and he directed "The Raft of the Medusa" He did an amazing job! This is his entire cast!

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Christmas and New Years

We celebrated Christmas Eve at the Manuel's this year. Christmas Day was on Sunday so with the missionaries calling we had to modify a few things.
Casey of course had to have a nap to make it through the night.

Jasmine tricked us and had us come stand under the mistletoe without us knowing! So she mad us kiss :)

Singing Christmas Carols

What Santa left us... a treadmill for the fam

Lots of stuffed animals for Gracie and a Robot Dog

Hamilton stuff for Cee Ryle

A sweater for Buster

Even though is was just five of us. It's still crazy!

Our missionaries Carina and Sidney!!! Best part of the day!!!

The program

We went to Cheyenne for New Years! Buster was really happy to go!

The Cheyenne Frontier Days Museum

Going to dinner in Ft. Collins
"The Kids Table"

"The Adult Table"
New Years in  downtown Cheyenne

New Year's Day

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Gracie's 10th Birthday

Time goes by way too fast the older you get! How can my baby be 10 years old?
The day started off with "waffle truck waffles" YUM!!!

Then we went to Boondocks!

We opened some presents

Then we joined everyone at Pizza Pie Cafe for dinner

And they even brought her a dessert pizza with ice cream

Image result for moana
We all went to see Moana for Gracie's birthday and we had root beer floats during the show!

Gracie got a Build a Bear reindeer for Christmas and a Build a Bear dog for her birthday!

Celebrating for a second time in Cheyenne