Thursday, September 22, 2016

June 2016

All of our summer was super crazy busy. So here are the highlights of June. 
Natalie's (Sidney's best friend) wedding. Before Sidney even left she told us that we had to make a cardboard cutout of her that they could use at the wedding. So Casey did! Here we all are at the reception.

DaVinci's graduation. Always a party!

Little Meagan. Our families lived next door to each other in Clearfield for a long time. Meagan came to DaVinci and graduated. I'm so proud of all my students but especially this one since she was like a second daughter to me.

DaVinci's class of 2016


Every summer there is a summer counselor conference that we attend for a couple of days. It has become a tradition to spend the night. My friend Tori used to be a counselor at DaVinci with me but when she left she recommended her classmate Brooke to take her place and so now all three of us are friends. It's a fun couple of days of girl bonding and learning how to be better counselors. 

Brooke and I with our awesome counseling department shirts.

We had to skype a few times to get the plans for Guatemala finalized. It got kind of crazy at times.

Ballet Recital 2016 "Planets"


We are so proud of our cute dancer!

I just had to post this picture cause it's funny. My mom won't really cuddle with dogs but she gets attached to them. Here she is feeding Buster leftover food but with a fork. Too cute!

You know me and my quotes.
 Jenner invited us to help him when he proposed to Cassandra. It was at this cute park in Provo. He had her roommate take her around various places that were meaningful to both of them and she got a clue at each of these places. They are the cutest couple!
Jenner was kind of nervous!

We had people hiding in the bushes. 

Jenner set up candles inside these bags and this is the bridge where he was going to pop the question.

We were hiding so this is the best picture I could get from where I was.

This is the awesome video of the proposal that Kailee made:

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Cee Ryle's Birthday

Getting ready for the procession

On the actual birthday the boys decided to go somewhere to eat sushi.

Happy birthday to this awesome boy! I love him so much! He is an amazing person with so much potential! I'm looking forward to seeing what good comes from he gets older.

Cee Ryle loves to take pictures so this is what I got! After dinner we came home and opened presents.

Sunday, September 4, 2016

May 2016

I read this book called "The Magic Art of Tidying up" by Marie Kondo. It helps you de-clutter your house to the max. I started going through the list and getting rid of stuff. I started just putting everything in the spare bedroom and this is what it looked like when we took the stuff to DI. I'm still not done but it was time to get rid of this stuff cause we needed the bedroom. 

Buster fits right in with all of the stuffed animals

I went on a field-trip with Gracie's class to the arts festival

This was our cute group

24 Hour Theater

We ran a 5K with the Davis School District. I ran it and finished no problem. The next morning my knee was swollen and it hurt to put weight on it. Ahh. I'm not even a crazy runner!

Cee Ryle got the award "To thine own self be true" at the end of the year awards for Advanced Theater. Cee Ryle is so AWESOME!!!

Advanced Theater 2015-2016

Mother's Day 2016

The best part of mother's day this year was being able to talk to Hermana Sidney!!! We had a whole crowd here for the event!
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My annual mother's day picture! this is the best I could do! I am so blessed to be their mom! They teach me more than I could ever teach them?!

My youthful mom! We do pyramids for mother's day!

Zuri wanted in on the pyramid action!

The boys cooking in their awesome, manly aprons!

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

26th Anniversary Trip to Goblin Valley

Casey planned this fun trip for us for our 26th anniversary. We we going to go to do a session at the Payson temple but as it always seems to happen to us... it was closed. So we ended up going to the Provo City Temple which was nice also. But I did take this nice picture!

We had lunch with Carina and then we drove down to Green River. I know what's at Green River??? Well not much but they do have these structures that we could see. They are called the Ratio and Elements. Casey explained it to me but it probably went over my head. Too much for my little brain to grasp. But it was a nice little walk to see them. 

It was pretty windy! And they have some wooden lounge chairs to sit on. 

We went to dunner at this restaurant not called rural and proud but I liked the sign cause it seemed to fit Green River perfectly! 

The next day we went to Goblin Valley and did some exploring. 

We tried mountain bike riding but it was kind of really rough terrain. 

Ahh... he's so cute! 

A green dinosaur picture for Sidney because her 4th grade teacher told her they never existed and we always tease her about it!

This is the place where we stayed at. Nothing fancy but it was so cute and rustic!

The next day we went and did some more hinking to see some hieroglyphs. Another fun day! Then we headed home. It was a wonderful weekend!!! Casey is the best!!! 

This is a little video the google created for me from my pictures!