Sunday, November 26, 2017

September 2017

Just thought this was a good sign to help me remember to thank people.

Pictures at a festival Zildy was painting at.

Tailgate ward camp out. Everyone making rockets.

Buster with lots of hair

Jenner and Cassandra invited us to go on a hike up the Timpanogos Mountain. We have been wanting to do this for a long time and we had nothing going on this Saturday so we decided to go. 

At one point we separated from Jennandra because I felt that we were slowing them down and we were getting tired so we told them to go ahead of us. We got to a fork one path went to the top of the mountain, the other to Silver Lake. We did not know which way they went so we went to Silver Lake because that one looked easier. We still hiked a few more miles from there to the lake. It was cold way up there but it was beautiful!

We did it! We were exhausted but we made it! Beautiful hike!

My dad got called as a Stake Patriarch. We all went to their stake conference where both my mom and dad spoke and then he got set apart. I'm so proud of my dad for accepting this calling. It will be a challenge for him in many ways but with Heavenly Father's help he will be great! We had lunch afterwards at their house.

The only apron that Casey could find. I love my husband :) He's always willing to help with whatever is needed even if he looks funny! 


Casey shaves Buster in stages because it takes a long time and Buster and Casey can only handle so much. So here he is with skinny legs and fat body. Poor thing, he looks so embarrassed!

We went to Comic Con and when we met the kids there this is what CR looked like! He was L from Death Note. 

Suicide Awareness walk with our HOPE Squad students.

Gracie and I went to Women's Conference together!

Preslee and I matched! And everyone told us so!

Sonic Blast 5K. Casey is a winner!

I did this health challenge and every week I we had different activities to do. This particular week was go on three hikes. This was a Saturday morning hike with some of the ladies from the group.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Sidney's Brithday

Sidney's birthday fell on Labor Day this year so we went to Provo so we could go out to eat with her and her cousins.

While there we went to see Jenner and Cassandra's apartment.

Her cute roommate Brianna and her other cousins threw her a party!

The Manuel's got a new puppy!

Celebrating her birthday with the family.

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Back to School

The first day of school of my students was the day of the eclipse. So I was able to go outside and look (with protective glasses of course)!

Alex was looking out for the moms when he took this picture.

CR starts the U

Gracie started 5th grade on Wednesday.

We ran a 5K at the U on Saturday

Then we went to Provo to move Sidney and Brianna into their apartment

The bathroom was not this clean! When they were talking about it Mayra was so nice to go over at night to help them get it squeaky clean! She's an angel!

A quote that came up for me on Facebook or something that I thought was nice and true!

First Sunday dinner of the school year!

Aww family!!! It's what it's all about!