Sunday, February 7, 2016

Sidney leaves for her mission

 November 4, 2015
The long awaited day was here! The day Sidney would go into the MTC. Ahhh. I've never done this before with my own child so I didn't know what to expect... We stopped at Jamba Juice so Sidney could get her free juice before being dropped off. Zildy, Jasmine, and Zuri joined us. 

One last selfie with my cute missionary!

This picture brings so many mixed emotions to me! Our last family picture for 18 months. The picture makes me happy because we are all together as a family! Seeing Sidney's happy face brings me joy because she is so thrilled to go into the mission field. We are all smiling! But inside my heart was breaking!

Oh how I love my children. Here they are trying to spend every last moment with their sister! 

Tender moment. We will miss our Sidney! But we know she is doing what is right! She is sacrificing 18 months of her life to share the gospel with others! It is a priviledge to have missionary. I think of the quote "I never said it would be easy, I only said it would be worth it"

Bye Hermana Brown! We love you!!! 
See you in 18 months!!!

After dropping Sidney off we went to see Carina's apartment and to have some lunch. 

Halloween 2015

For Halloween we went trick or treating in this cute little neighborhood in Salt Lake. We have been going here for a few years now because it's a good in between place for both us and the Manuels. We just had to get some pictures before it got dark.
Rey, Pikachu, and Katniss

Where's Waldo? (Sometimes you just throw a costume together with whatever you can find)

Rey and Chewbacca

Pikachu with a cute care bear

Carina came to hang out with us! She looked a little scary but we loved having her with us.

The cousins and Zildy

California Adventures

Day three of our little vacation was spent at Disneyland California Adventures.

I'm not sure what is going on here but it's a funny picture that makes me smile.

Kailee made us Minnie ears!

The ferris wheel. CR really?

Aladin. I love this show! It's so real! Flying carpet ride. An elephant? Ah so magical!

Oh the silly things they make us do?

Cars land is so fun! It's really like you are in the movie.

Having lunch at the Cozy Cone Motel

One of the funnest rides! Luckily we got fast passes for it, becaue the line was like 2 hours long.

Throughout the park there were photo ops. We had a card that we gave them and then later you can go online and look at all your pictures. That's what these pictures are and that's why they are not the best quality.

The Tower of Terror!!! This was the only ride that we did not get fast passes for. We kept thinking the line would go down but it never really did, it just got longer. So we waited for about 2 hours to go on this one. Gracie crashed and slept through a lot of the line. We went separetly so that she wouldn't have to go on the ride. 

I seriously thought I was going to die!

The World of Color is so amazing! What a fun ending to our vacation!

Monday, October 19, 2015

Downtown Disney and Newport Beach

On Thursday we decided to take it easy. We just went to downtown Disney and did a little shopping and then we went to the beach to just relax.

The Lego Store had these amazing creations of of legos.

We pretty much just went to the closest beach we could find which was Newport Beach.

Kailee was able to get some fun pictures on the beach. It was a little windy.


We then had dinner at this cute corner restaurant called Sancho's Tacos and they had some good burritos and tacos.

The following are just some pictures of the house that we rented. 

All four on their phones? I guess after a day of family time they needed cyber time!