Sunday, March 22, 2015

Week of March 15

This is some of the events from this week. This was really on March 14 but I forgot to post about it last week. I beat KC at bowling! This never happens so I just have to make myself feel good for a minute!

Last Sunday we celebrated Zuri's 2nd Birthday. Ahh she is so adorable!!! 

CR participated in the "One Act Plays" at the school. He was chosen for two of them but one made it on to region and that was All My Sons. CR played the part of Dr. Jim Bayliss. The performed it at region on Friday and they made it on to State. We don't know when or where that will be. Awesome actors! These are a few pictures from the school's website.

KC and I went to DaVinci's Gala and Saturday night and it was fun. We ended up bidding and winning a basket full of Girl Scout Cookies. Yum!

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Tough Week

This was a tough week... the first small reason was because it was daylight savings and we lost an hour. It's hard to go to bed earlier and then it's hard to get up in the morning. It seems like it takes all week to recover!!!

But the main reason why this week was hard for me was because the daughter of my co-worker and friend who was serving a mission in Argentina passed away this week. I can only imagine what pain this would cause to a mother. My heart is hurting. I was talking to my friend on Tuesday and she told me that her daughter was sick. The other companions were sick also but they got better. Brittany was not getting better so they transfered her to another hospital in Buenos Aires. The mom was waiting to her back from the mission president so she left work a little early.

The next morning I found out that mom and dad were on their way to California to get passports so they could go to Argentina to be with their daughter. That night they found out that their daughter passed away. They never even got on a plane so they made their way back home. This was so hard for me to hear. Our entire staff is so sad. What a difficult trial to have to go through!

This is Nicole's post from facebook:

Nicole's testimony of the eternal families is so inspiring to me! As tough as it would be to loose a child during this earthly life, I also know that families can be together forever! I know that Brittany is continuing her mission. Death is not the end. We will live again! Thanks to Jesus Christ we can all be resurrected. We don't know why Brittany or anyone else that dies at a young age but I know that there must be a reason.  I wouldn't want to go through a hard trial like the Skadlock's are dealing with at this time but even knowing that death was a possibility I would never tell my child to not serve a mission if that is what they chose to do. The Skadlock's are an example of faith! I am certain that they will make it through this trial. They will never forget their beautiful daughter Brittany, they will wait until that wonderful day when they will all be reunited as a family! That's what keeps us going throught the difficult trials of this earthly life. The gospel of Jesus Christis the only way back to Heavenly Father and to live happily ever after. We promise to be righteous, keep the commandments, and never give up doing the best that we can in this life. Heavenly Father promises us happiness in the eternities. This is what keeps me going. I love my friend Nicole. I have met all her family including Brittany and they will get through this together. They are loved by many and most importantly by Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. The Holy Ghost will comfort them and anyone that may be going through the difficulties of this life. They love us. Jesus Christ understands our pains! He suffered all and experienced so much in this life. I am grateful for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints because by being a member and listening to it's teachings, I can learn and re-learn the purpose of life. This knowledge gives me hope! I know that this life is only a small moment of our eternal existence and we must demonstrate that we are strong and we can persevere when things are tough!

This is my simple but strong testimony. I know the church is true! I know families can be together forever! I know Jesus Christ died for us and He loves us! I know life is hard but I know that we can all overcome whaever trials we are given or Heavenly Father would not give them to us! I know that with Christ's help anything is possible!

Hermana Scadlock (continuing her mission in Heaven)

Sunday, March 8, 2015

The Big Picture

It was a busy week with musicals. CR was busy helping with Pride and Prejudice. He wasn't in it because it was only for the Advanded Theatre but he was asked to help and also got to watch the dress rehersal. 

On Tuesday KC and I went to see Ghost the Musical. I love watching plays at the Hale Center Threater. They do an amazing job and I love how it's a threatre in the round. I have seen the Ghost movie but never the musical so this was fun! 

On Saturday night we all went to see The Addams Family at DaVinci Academy. Also another musical that I have never seen before. These are the students that I work with every day and they did an awesome job!

I  got this cartoon emailed to me this week and I thought it was worth remembering.

We complain about the cross we bear but don't realize it is preparing us for the dip in the road that God can see and we  can't.

Whatever your cross, whatever your  pain,
there will always be sunshine, after  the rain....

Perhaps you may stumble,  perhaps even fall;
But God's always ready, to  answer your call.....

He knows every  heartache, sees every tear,
a word from His  lips, can calm every fear...

Your sorrows  may linger, throughout the night,
But  suddenly vanish, dawn's early  light...

The Savior is waiting, somewhere  above,
to give you His grace, and send you  His love....

God  promises a safe landing, not a calm passage. 


Sunday, March 1, 2015

Papi's Birthday Dinner February 2015

Last Sunday we celebrated my dad's birthday. Let me just mention a few things that I love about my dad and memories that will stay with me forever.

When my children were babies he was always the first one to help. He would delay his eating or whatever we were doing to hold a baby so that we could get something done. Not very many grandfathers do that but he did and to me that showed love in action.

When I was young in Guatemala we would often go on walks. I don't really know if it was a walk or if we were really going somewhere but I loved walking and spending time with my dad. I don't even remember the conversations that we had but that time was priceless to me.

We lived in apartments when we first came to the United States and did not have a washer in dryer so we had to go to the laundry area to wash our clothes. It seems like I often went with my dad and helped him fold clothes and put together socks. If you think of it logically that should not be a good memory for me but it was. I think it was because we worked and talked at the same time.

Another good memory is my dad getting up early for a few years to drive me to seminary. We did not have release time and we combined with LDS students from another high school so it was probably a 15 minute drive. But my wonderful father drove me faithfully every day so that I could have that spiritual uplift each morning.

I love my dad so much and I hope that I have some of his good qualities. We celebrated his birthday at their house. I made an orange/pinneapple cake. My dad does not like very sweet cakes and this was a good one.

We forgot to bring candles and so we used a regular candle but he refused to let us take a good picture so this is what I got. Another good trait of my dad is that he is always making us laugh.

Not much else out of the ordinary went on this week: 
We did a FAFSA night at school, 
I went Visiting Teaching, 
KC read a story for the scouts at the Court of Honor, 
CR went to a Teacher/Priest campout,
And CR had Federation for piano.
Just an ordinary busy week.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

President's Day Week

On Monday, President's Day we wanted to do something so we decided to go to "This is the Place" park. The only problem was that although we have had the best weather for the winter this day it was cold and windy so we went into the visitor's center looked around for a while and then decided that we would be miserable if we walked around the park so we left. K and C came up to spend some time with us so it was a win just because we got to see them. 
We ended up just going to Del Taco for lunch, Savers to look for deals, and then to NPS (Nice Place to Shop as my sister calls it). We try to go and get bargains at NPS about once a month and we had already gone for this month but the girls needed some food so we went. So it was a random silly day but we got to spend time together and that's what's important (to me at least).

This year our Relief Society has adopted the theme of "Women Who Know". And this month it was centered around Love. So Tuesday night was our activity and we got to bring our spouse or anyone we wanted so KC and I went and learned a few things. Here's a copy of the poster and the handout for the month:

These are always good reminders!

This is the poster from Relief Society in January. The theme was priorities and they had mini-lessons on health/exercise, family, and the gospel.

Thursday was a day that I have been preparing for, for over a year. Every counseling department has a review conducted by the state to make sure that everything that counselors need to be doing is being done. This is done every six years. There are ten standards that we need to be abiding to that deal with things like: reaching every student, collecting data, teaching about college and careers, suicide prevention, and leadership in the school. I have stressed and prepared for this for a while because I knew it was coming up, I am a new counselor and have pretty much got the counseling department going at the school I work at. Well they came out this week and after much stress and peparation we passed!!! What a relief! We have areas where we need improvement but now we can just work on making our program better and helping our students along the way. Here are a few pictures of our boards that we put together:

On Saturday we went to the Safety Kids Fair. We met up with Zildy and the kids. G had a blast collecting all kinds of things and candy. It was better than Halloween! She even got a trophy for playing plinko. Taye even got to do some rock climbing.