Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Texas Cousins Visit

My SIL and I took a long time to plan their visit to where it worked out for both of our families (we both like to plan)! Well her gradmother passed away and she made the trip out to visit a little sooner than expected.  And it all happened the same weekend that we had KC's family over for the wedding!  We always end up with a full house but it's  always fun!

Alex was even here!  It was almost like an unplanned family reunion.

We celebrated cousin's K 11th birthday.

And Z did lots of face paiting!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Savior of the World

C and S had the amazing oportunity to participate in the Savior of theWorld Production.  Our stake does this as their Youth Conference every 4 years so that all the youth get a chance to do it.  At first the girls didn't like all of the practices but when they got to the dress rehersal they felt the true meaning of the production and everything changed for them.  They testimonies about the Savior Jesus Christ was strengthened so much!

This is the only picture we have since we could not take pictures during the production.  It was great because family was in town for the wedding but they got to see them perform also.

Cary & Becky's Wedding

Uncle Cary and his new bride Becky! KC's brother got married in Idaho and we had the priviledge to be there.  They make a good couple and I'm sure they will be very happy together.

The new family.
All the family. Good reason to get together!
G had fun playing with her cousins.

She also discovered a pitcher of water and the cups and had a blast moving water from one to the other.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day

My silly dad!! What would I do without his great example and sacrifice. I have learned so much from him. He is so funny and we all absolutely love him and his sillieness!!  This year Z and I had the idea to make a father's day book for him. Along with our brothers we gathered all of the silly pictures we have accumulated from past years and made this awesome book called "Life Lessons" It's all about the things we have learned from our wonderful father. We got it printed and we gave it to him for Father's Day. It was fun! And what a great memory for all of us.
And then there is my wonderful husband and father to my children.  I have been blessed by being married to him.  He is a great example to me.  He is so kind and always willing to help everyone! He's a funny guy too and we love that he makes us laugh all the time.  We make fun of him too and I think he doesn't mind? He's a great dad and loves to teach and spend time with his children.  My life would be completely different without him by my side!

My brother in law is a great dad too!! And the kids love him so much as you can tell by the boy's faces? 

This is my nephew Malox... why his parent's would name him that I don't know? :) But he happened to be here from MA for a Football camp so he got to celebrate Father's Day with us.  His dad (my brother) is a great father and it is obvious by this kid.

This is the daughter of my other brother that lives in TX.  He is my younger brother and we have a special bond.  He is also a great dad! 

It's great to have family close by!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Ballet Recital 2010

Since both girls are on pointe they don't do their rehersals with their costumes on so this is the best I could do.  We will get pictures of them with their costumes later so I will have to post them when I get them.

S was in cast A and C was in cast B which meant we had to go to two performances.  They both took jazz this year also and that was in cast B.  S performed in both casts so she was there every night.
C was so lucky to have the owner/director of the school teach her class this year.  She loved being in her class and learned so much!  This is a picture taken at the end of the recital.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

CR 11th Birthday

My little boy turns 11.  He's such a joy to have in our family.  He makes us all laugh and kills all of the bugs for the girls when daddy is gone!

Opening presents.  His grandparents for years have been giving him gold dollars for the grandkids birthdays to match their age.  The kids love that!

CR loves playing chess and so I made him a cake.

Celebrating with birthday twin cousin Shayden (he turned 9).
And then we celebrated at Boondocks on Monday.

Friday, June 4, 2010

The Walking Yearbook

This is CR on the last day of school.  He said he became a walking yearbook.  But he did go straight to the shower afterwars.  What a fun memory!  He did get a yearbook but he said this was more fun!

This is free fishing day at Walmart.  He didn't catch anything though.