Sunday, August 31, 2014

CR 15th Birthday

Another year older and wiser! We love this boy so much! He keeps us on our toes for sure but he is such a fun, good person! Happy Birthday CR!!!

He chose to go to Red Lobster for his birthday.

Crazy kids swag???

On Sunday we celebrated his birthday with the family and with his twin cousin Shayden. They chose something from Sherlock and this is the result.

This perfectly defines these two.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

CR is an Eagle Scout

We are so proud of CR for earning his Eagle Scout Award at the age of 14. He worked hard and he did it! I have never really experienced much with Scouting since neither of my brothers really worked on it and CR is our only son, but I think it is an amazing program for boys. It teachers them responsibility and lots of skills that they will use for the rest of their lives. Congratulations CR, we are so proud of you!

The Program: 
Court of Honor


Welcome: Don Payne
Presentation of the colors: Scout Troop 1355
Opening Prayer: Britton Wood
Introduction of the Eagle Candidates
Casey Brown – Cee Ryle Brown
Gary Stroud – Randy Stroud
Orson Thornton – Derek Thornton
Matt Williams – Tyler Williams
Call to Eagle’s Nest
Musical Number:
To be an Eagle Scout: Matt Galbraith
Presentation of awards
Eagle Charge: Craig Caldwell
Retiring of the Colors
Closing Prayer:

 The whole gang:

Sunday, August 17, 2014

S High School Graduation Class of 2014

S and the class of 2014 from DHS.


Without a brother life would be boring!!!
Lucky to have both sets of grandparents at graduation!
S loves to take pictures with her mom :)

Creative gift from Aunt Zildy... the money kept coming and coming and coming!


courtesy of K.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

May 2014

On May 9-10 KC finally got a night to ourselves to celebrate our 24th Anniversary. We went to dinner at Christopher's Steak House and then to Park City for the night.

Christopher's is so fancy and the food is delicious!

We stayed at the Park City Peaks Hotel.

This was our room 

with this beautiful bathtub! 

We went and took a stroll around Park City. And we had breakfast at Blue Iguana. We also went to see the 2002 Winter Olympics Museum and ended up our date at NPS :)

The next day was Mother's Day. Here's a good quote I found in the Ensign:

KC made us a yummy dessert of homemade ice cream with fresh fruit in a waffle cone.

Zildy, my mom, and me :) 

The 5 reason why I love being a mom: (C had strep and was really sick but I was happy she was there!)

Awesome family picture by K. I love this present it really shows each of our personalities. And what a unique gift!!!

CR has been a part of the Student Government at the school for two years and this was the final banquet. 

KC and Jhett ran their first marathon on May 17th! They were both awesome! How anyone can run for that long is something that I just can't comprehend??? But I admire all those that can do it!


For Memorial Day we went on the Heber Creeper for a Wild West train ride. The kids loved it! And we had been wanting to go for a long time so it was good. It's a one in every 10 years experience. Before going on the train ride we went to fix K's car cause it woudn't start. KC and CR changed the starter and it took a few hours, when they got done they realized that all it needed was some cleaning of cables or something like that. And the new starter was bad! So we went on the train ride and had to go back to change the starter again! Aghh!!! Oh well, the car worked in the end. KC and CR are AWESOME!

Created by K.

CJH Awards night. CR was recognized for his high GPA and got the award for NAL. He was the highest scoring player in the district!