Tuesday, June 30, 2015

June 2015

At the end of every school year I have the opportunity to attend the counselors summer conference in Heber Utah. It's a good time to learn more about how to better serve our students. It's two full days. I've worked with two counselors so far at DASA and we have become good friends so Tory has a timeshare and for the past few years she has reserved a condo for us to stay in overnight. This year we went out to eat at Snake Creek Grill and the weather was nice that we got sit outside. It looks like an old fashion town. 

CR escorted Jessica (from our ward) for her quinceanera. Ahh so cute!

Ballet Recital 2015. Gracie was a blueberry.

Sidney and I got to go to a live taping of Studio C!!! It was sooo fun!!!

The same night as studio C, Kailee was at a concert and Casey was running ragnar. After the concert Kailee calls me and tells me that someone had broken her window and stolen her purse from the car! Aghh!!! She had to drive home with the window down and all stressed! I was just glad that she made it home safely! 

Father's Day.

DOGP (Daughters of Guatemalan Pioneers). Just a name we created when the girls get to go out and have some fun. It was really a birthday present for my mom and Zildy but it was still a DOGP day.

Monday, June 8, 2015

Cee Ryle's 16th Birthday

My boy is 16! How did this ever happen? He has grown into this awesome young men. He frequently tells us jokes and keeps us happy. It's just weird to see my little boy grow up so fast!

I texted one of CR friends and asked if they could help me do a surprise party for him. They gladly accepted and he had no idea. We blindfolded him and drove him to someone's house. All the friends were there and when we took him down to the basements. They all yelled "Surprise!" I think it was fun for him! 

On Sunday we celebrated his birthday with the family. He requested a Pink Floyd cake.

And the two boys requested the procession.

Zuri loves the birthday boy!

For some reason these boys wanted a pinata. Zildy and I got lucky and found one so we had to improvise since we lack big trees in our back yard.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

The End of Year at DaVinci

Awards Assembly

The almost graduated seniors 

So we got the yearbooks in and no previewed them until the day before. Well there were some quotes in the book that were a little offensive so we had make some changes and cover them up. So we got our awesome team together, got to school early, had an assembly line and we got it done.  

Some of the staff ready for graduation. 

The salutatorian. He's been my budy for a few years. I'm going to miss him. 

Lining up for the graduation prosession. It's my job to read the graduate's names so I was at the front of the line. 

After graduation it's tradition to go to McCools with the staff to celebrate. 

Since various people are changing offices around. I traded my little desk with Simon's big desk. It helped me clean up and now I'm better organized and have more room.  

This is the end of my 3rd year a DaVinci. I really love the the school and the people I work with!
Congratualtions Class of 2015!

Monday, June 1, 2015

End of May

On Monday May 11, it was time to head home. We had to drive back to New York City to catch our flight and return our van but on our way we had one more stop. Yale University. It is such a beautiful and historic campus. We followed a tour for a little while but we didn't have time to finish the tour so we left.

The whole school was so Harry Potter Howarts looking!

We were a little stressed getting to the airport because there was a lot of traffic. We barely made it so that our luggage could still go on the flight with us. Phew! Another close one! We got home at about 11pm. The next day would be hard! Back to school and work after a nice long vacation!

On Monday May 18 we ran a 5K put on by the Davis School District. Sidney and I almost didn't run it because it looked like it was going to rain but we decided to do it anyways. Well at start of the race it was raining so hard! But we still did it and completed it in a good time! But afterwards we were freezing and so so so wet! But it felt good to complete it and challenging ourselves!

Jonas' birthday was May 2 but we didn't celebrate it until later in the month cause we were gone and then we saw each other in Boston. We love Jonas! This is the fancy chocolate turtle cake that I made.

At DaVinci every year the seniors pull a prank. It's tradition! This year they made the school look like Christmas! There was snow and Christmas decorations everywhere! Not too bad of a prank I'd say! Actually I thought this was a pretty good one. No damage done!

Kailee decided to go through the temple! We are so proud of her for making this choice. It is a bigger commitment but one that I believe she is ready for. It was a beautiful day for all of us!!!

This is the group that was there for this special day for Kailee. Minus my parents cause they had to hurry and leave before we got a picture.