Monday, January 28, 2013

Christmas 2012

This is a picture G drew in art class. It is a really good picture for a 5 year old.  She decided to cut it out and so I had to hurry and take a picture before it was gone completely.

 Visit with Santa.  G asked for My Little Ponies.
 S went to the Christmas Dance.  She looked so beautiful.  I don't have a picture of her and her date because it was girl's choice so she went to pick him up and I didn't get any.  I was sad about that.  She is supposed to give me some pictures, but I'm still waiting...
We really wanted to see the Christmas Program at the Conference Center this year because Alfie Boe was the guest but we did not get tickets.  We were busy every single day of the concert except for Sunday morning so we went to try to get into the concert standby.  There were so many people there that we did not think we would get in but we did!!!  It was an amazing concert.  
These are my cute sunbeams that I taught for half the year.
This is the Christmas Program from the daycare.
My cute daughters just hanging out together!
The Kindergarten Program.

A short video of one of the songs.  I love my big kindergartner!

CR showing the boys how to make eggnog.  He is growing up so fast right before my eyes!  He is growing into a such a good young man.  But I couldn't be more proud... He is following after his father's footsteps!
Christmas Eve with my parents and Lele!  Christmas Eve was at our house.  We celebrated by having our traditional Bethlehem dinner of paches by candlelight.
My sister and her hubby and daughter and C posing in the background!
Oh how G loves her cousin Tay.  I think she loves being the big cousin as compared to home where she is always the little sister.
The Annual Christmas Program.  They get better every year.  I think this one was the best so far...

The Nativity Story as told by the grandchildren including "Bacon".
Christmas Day we went to dinner to the Manuel's.  They made their traditional Louisiana dinner.  This year we had gumbo.  Delicious!!!  After dinner we went over the the church to play some games.

Minute to Win It!
The little ones enjoyed one activity so much that they didn't move on.
I really love playing games and having my parents participate.  It just shows me that they love to spend time with us.  Of course the love language that I understand most is "time" so that's why this would be important to me!
The final product.  Winning did not matter to her just her amazing creation!
The things that my sister makes us do!  But we love it!