Sunday, January 19, 2014

Christmas 2013

Ever since we came back for our quick trip back east all we tried to do was just to catch up with everything. We still needed to put up decorations, send out Christmas cards, and do a little shopping.  We sort of got it done. 

It started out great with my brother Julio coming to spend a few days with us!

This night we went to City Creek and spend some fun time together. 

Then we found this Guatemalan Restaurant and it just happens that they also had food from Venezuela (where Julio served his mission) so it was just perfect! And the food was delicious!!! We will definetly visit again! 

 Christmas Eve:  First some of us got neck adjustments by the chiropractor.

When everyone arrived we had our tradional "Back to Bethlehem" dinner where we eat paches and foods that might have been eaten during Jesus' life on earth. We also eat by candlelight to make it more authentic. 

Then it was time for the Christmas Program:  

The kids came up with an original song sung to the tune of "Rudolf the Rednose Reindeer" but it was called "Zuri the Cuttest Baby" 

Here's the video:

 Christmas PJs

Santa brought a big screen TV. 

Christmas Day 

Christmas is a time to remember Jesus Christ's birth and a time when we can all pause and spend time with those we love.  I'm grateful that we could spend time with family and this year specially with Julio since I don't get to see him often but I truly love him and cherish the times together since we don't live close.