Saturday, January 30, 2010

January Events

No picture of this but CR won his school Spelling Bee once again and will go on to the next level in February.  I'm glad he won but I hope my nerves can handle it!!

We participated in a service project at BYU on Martin Luther King's Day.  It was great because we got the whole family involved including K. 
Some of us made dress up tutus for a shelter.

Some made fishing kits.

We also decided that we want to make this a tradition and do some type of service on this day as a family.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Cultural Plunge

For my multicultural class I had to do a cultural plunge.  This is something that puts me out of my conforts zone and experience what other may experience.  I decided to go to another church to see what it was like.  C and I went to the Alpine Church.  It is a completely different church that what I am used to.  They have a rock band and everyone sings along.  They have a preacher and he taught about Jonah and the whale.  I was glad to have this assignment because it gave me the opportunity to see that other churches teach good things.  And that those that attend are just trying to be better. 

On Friday night they had a sing along type meeting and KC came with me this time.

This class taught me a lot about myself!