Sunday, March 27, 2016

Easter 2016

Whenever we hang out with Zildy's family there is always fun events! This is an Easter Egg hunt at Smiths that we have been going to for years. They just throw candy in the isles with a few eggs with prizes and kids just have a blast. They even get tired of picking up the candy!

We then went to a real Easter Egg Hunt in a park.

Even the boys had fun!

Later in the day we went the Gateway for another Easter hunt party. Zuri just crashed after all the fun!

Easter Sunday at our house. Carina brought her hammock and the kids loved it!

The things Wackada makes me do???

Ahh the cute couple!

And our family minus Sidney

Sunday, March 13, 2016

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

The play that the advanced musical theatre class put on this year was The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. What a good group of actors! Cee Ryle had three parts: Andy Tanner, Jim, and Judge Thatcher.
Cee Ryle as Andy Tanner. He has an amazing singing voice!

Judge Thatcher


Tuesday, March 1, 2016

February 2016

Gracie saved up her money to buy a Build A Bear. she got a dog named Lucky! He's lucky to have such a good owner. She takes him along everywhere she goes!

Alivia got baptized

Our HOPE Squad Poster for HOPE Week. 

Our first annual HOPE Week Assembly

This was our theme! Good to know!

Sweethearts dance with Rylie thorne

Papi Otto's birthday procession

The silly birthday boy!

Carina, Jenner and Cassandra (Jenner's girlfriend). We love her! She's adorable, kind, beautiful, smart, perfect match for Jenner!

I just love it when Carina comes home. She has such a happy and fun attitude! She's always wanting to take selfies. I love this picture cause we do look a lot a like!

The Ekulele band

Cee Ryle got asked to Sadies by Syd

Cee Ryle asking Savannah to Prom. This was a tough way to do it! He tried one night and it didn't work cause it was too windy. The next day there was a dog out there! Finally with the help of Casey, Kailee and me in the getaway car it was a success!