Wednesday, September 22, 2010

S's 14th Birthday

September 5, 2010
S's birthday was on Sunday this year and since it's always close to Labor day.
Oh, how the little girls love to help open presents.  Cute cousin J is so sweet and will wrap up something special to her and give it to the birthday person.

She requested two different ice cream cakes.  This is a mint chocolate cake.

This is a chocolate fudge ice cream cake.

She did request the procession this year.

The kiddos are anxiously waiting for their slice of cake.
Having yogurt on Labor Day.

Happy Birthday to S! We love her so much. It's kind of hard to get her to share much with us but she is getting better the older she gets. She's an amazing cook and we tease her about being our "lunch lady".

Sunday, September 19, 2010

First Day of School

August 23, 2010
First day of Preschool for G. She was soooo excited to say the least. She's attending at the same place where I work but she had the whole summer off and now it meant moving to the Preschool Class.

CR's first day as a 6th grader. This is my baby boy! How can he be going to 6th grade?

S is our 9th grade cheerleader.

C is our junior in HS, member of the school's Dance Company and hopefully soon to be driving herself (once she completes all of her practice driving hours).

This is K.  Our 2nd year college student who is a senior.  What a smart and cute girl.  She didn't actually go back to school till Wednesday because she wanted to stay home for her sister's birthday.

This is just a random picture of me because I'm continuing to go to school to get my masters in school counseling.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

C's 16th Birthday

August 24, 2010

This is our beautiful 16 year old!
(Yes, I'm a little behind updating the blog but at least I still update every once in a while.)

On Saturday we (family and friends) planned a surprise birthday party for her.  Her friends took her to see a movie while we decorated and got ready for her.  She was completely surprised she did not expect a thing.  Till she got to the front door and her friends kept telling her to go in first.  We had some pizza and cake and they played all kinds of crazy games.

This is her surprise party chocolate cake.
For some reason (16 year old) she kept laughing and could not blow out the candles on her cake?!
This was her requested cake.  (We have this tradition that the birthday person gets to request what kind of cake they want for their birthday. They have come up with some pretty interesting ones!) This one is a chocolate cake with raspberry filling and decorated with extreme sour belts (C's favorite).
Celebration with the family.
Her actual birthday was on a busy school day so we took the presents in the car while we drove to Nicklecade for just a little bit of family fun on her actual birthday.
It wasn't very busy and that made it nice for our family.

We just love having C in our family.  And we can't believe that she is 16 and can now drive and date. She's a wonderful person, very caring and loving towards everyone including fish!