Sunday, September 27, 2015

September 2015

DHS Homecoming parade

Cee Ryle is on the HOPE Squad! Proud counselor mom!!!

Cee Ryle's group came to dinner at our house. Good looking group of kids!

Cee Ryle and his date Chloe.

Handsome boy! He cannot be old enough to go to homecoming? He's my little buddy!

As soon as homecoming was done Cee Ryle got asked to the Halloween Dance.

Casey and I go preview tickets to see Everest. An amazing movie to see on IMAX!

I often see an awesome quote and I want to remember it so I've started taking pictures of these so I can always have them.

Performing Arts Spectacular (Les Mis Preview)

We're not gonna take it!!!

Cee Ryle answer to homecoming. His sisters always have lots of ideas for him!

The fun people that I work with! 

I love any quotes that talk about joy, happiness, smiles, etc! After all "men are that they might have joy" (2 Nephi 2:27)

Chocolate twinners!
Night of Shakespere

Cee Ryle was in a few different acts. He is an amazing actor!

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Sidney's 19th Birthday

For Sidney's birthday and for many birthdays we go to Texas Roadhouse to celebrate. The reason is that Kailee has done some face painting there and as payment they give her vouchers for free food. So she often takes the birthday person out to eat. On Mondays for family night they have this awesome balloon artist and he made a few things for us.
The birthday girl on the saddle.
Sidney wanted a balloon reindeer. She loves reindeer.

Gracie wanted Pikachu

Kailee got an owl.

I know you are wondering why I have a picture of my car's radio in here... Well I'm going to tell you! For a couple of weeks 101.5 The Eagle (radio station) was giving away tickets to Taylor Swift at certain times of the day. You just had to be the 10th caller! Easier said then done. The girls had us all calling throughout the day every day to see if we could get some. But there had to be thousands of other people trying also! We thought this is impossible but because as parents we do anything that we can to make our children happy we faithfully called. The girls would get sad every time  when others would win and the winner wasn't as excited as they thought they should be. They would say "they didn't deserve to go." Well on Tuesday I had to take Gracie to ballet at 5:00pm and that was the time to call in. So I dropped Gracie off and then pulled over so I could do my duty and call. I started calling and then realized that my phone was connected through Bluetooth to the car and it was going to take longer to get through between each dial. So I stopped and turned off Bluetooth and called again. Well this time I got through!!! I was caller 10! What??? I yelled and screamed on the radio because I thought that the girls would be listening and I wanted to record it but they never played it on the radio. So I had won but the girls didn't know, that meant that I could surprise them!!! 

I had gone to pick up the tickets the next day and then I had go give Sidney an early birthday present because the concert was before her birthday. I was so happy to be able to give Sidney this present. She wanted it so badly and I wanted her to have it so badly. Sometimes Heavenly Father answers even the fun prayers. This was surely a big tender mercy for her and for me. So we told her we had an early present for her and she was a little confused!

She opened the present and she was in shock. All she kept doing was saying "what? what? what?" I was so happy for her! She couldn't believe that I had bought her a ticket cause they were going for over $300 each. I gave Kailee an early birthday present and she got the other ticket. I thought she deserved it for all her hard work on the videos.

This video makes me so happy! Cause all I wanted was to make them happy! And it worked!

Here they are on their way in to the concert

Sidney's 19th birthday! She is beautiful in many ways and we are so proud of all that she has accomplished and will accomplish in the future.

Waffle truck waffles for Sidney's birthday breakfast. Casey is our breakfast maker.

Ice cream cake. Yum!
The famous procession. So silly!

Happy birthday Sidney! We love you!!!