Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Father's Day

C and S made crepes for KC for Father's Day when he got home from his meetings. That evening we celebrated with Papi and Jonas also. We had fun being together and having all of the brothers call. It was a typical day of Papi wanting to leave but still having to open presents and have dessert and then someone would call so we had to wait again. It is funny.

I have an awesome father that I love very much. He is a wonderful example to me. He is is dedicated to his job, callings, family and everything. I am blessed to live close to him.

I have a wonderful husband also that takes good care of me and his children. He is so caring and giving all of the time. He also is a great example to me. He would sacrifice anything for us and really anybody.

My brothers and brother's in law are great too. I admire so many things that you all do. I have a wonderful family.

I love the hymn "Oh My Father" because I feel such a connection with the words of that hymn and my longing to return and live with him when my earthly mission is complete.


We went to the family Lagoon day with Z and family. We got there about noon, we were a little later than we wanted to be but K did not have a swimsuit and we had to get her one and KC was out planting grass. We went to Lagoon a Beach first and then went around to all of the rides. We took turns watching the little ones. We had a fun time. It's great to go when it's really cheap. CR was the daredevil of the day going on many fast and scary rides. He's growing up so much. It was great to spend a day as a family since we haven't done that for a while.

Ballet Recital

On June 11-12 the girls had their Ballet Recital. On Monday they have a class rehersal on stage and they need to be there for an hour each. C and S were chaperones for younger classes and so they had to be there an hour each for their class. At night it is a full dress rehersal so they are there all night. We left at 9:30 and came home at 3:00 with K. I left C and S there to chaperone. CR went to work with KC for a while and then went to his tennis class while we did this. G just came along and smiled, ate, and cried. I went back to pick up C and S at 5:30 but there was so much traffic that I did not get there till 6:00 and they had to be back in an hour so we decided to just stay and have dinner around there and KC came to meet us there. KC video taped the show but after one performace he realized he did not have enough room for all of the girls so he left and went to Smith's to buy and extra tape so he could video all of it. CR and I watched but I left half way with G. It was a crazy night!!

For the accual recital KC stayed home with G and I went and watched it with my parents. Children under 5 are not supposed to come. The girls did a wonderful job. They look so beautiful. Wether they go on and continue with dancing I am grateful that we have provided them with this opportunity. It really teaches them discipline and dedication.

The theme this year was holidays. K was white and danced to "Stars and Stripes Forever". S danced to a Valentines song, and C danced to a Christmas song. K and S were 4th of July for Jazz.

The first 2 weeks of Summer

I know I am behind! Just as I was starting to stay caught up, the kids get out of school and it all goes wacko!

CR took a tennis class for two weeks and he loved it. He wants to take it again but we need to find the time. I think he loves it cause he gets to run around and he has a hard time staying still that it gave him a way to get out some energy.

On Friday the 8th we went to Lagoon for our Stake Day. We only went at night with my parents and we had dinner there and saw a few shows. The park was so crowded that we could barely walk. But it was fun to go and spend some time with my parents. K and C had gone in the afternoon since they have passes and can go on all of the rides.

On Saturday the 9th we went to SLC for Jake's baptism. It was nice to see Cary and Ruth again since we had not seen them since the wedding. The had a nice lunch at the park afterwards. CR and Jake became good friends at the wedding and at Disneyland.

I got released from the Enrichment Committee and now I get to be the VT Coordinator. It will be a change for me but I hope that I can do a good job and encourage the sister to visit each other and help one another.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

CR 8th Birthday

CR was my baby for the longest time and it's hard to see him getting older! He's such an awesome boy. At the end of the school year they had an AR store. CR had 245 points! So he bought this eagle clock. He accumulated so many points this term by reading all of the Harry Potter Books. They read the first one as a class and he got interested that he could not stop. He is such a fast reader. I know he reads faster than I do!

After reading all of the books, he decided he wanted to have a Harry Potter Birthday Party. We were late in starting the preparations and so last Thursday we finally drove around and passed out the invitations. K worked on these, and they were a letter from Howarts. Friday was the last day of school and I spent my time researching what we would do and finalizing all of the plans.

So that is what I have been up to since last week. This was a big family project. KC was Professor Dumbledore, I was McGonnigal, the girls were Prefects, and G was a house elf. We sewed 12 HP cloaks and hats, made 12 wands, made a cake, found all kinds of fun candy, decorated, made signs, made a sorting hat, came up with fun games, divided galleons, prepared potions, etc. etc.

The party was last night and we had 12 eighth year old boys!! I had never had a boy party and it was loud and crazy. The kids came in and they had to give us a password to get in. I was at Gringotts and gave them their money to buy their cloaks, hats, and wands. C was selling the clothes and S the wands. K was escorting the kids. KC was popping poppers when the wand chose the kid then he would make a popping sound. Then the kids got sorted into houses. We had a walkie talkie in the hat and KC was in the pantry talking. Then they made a slug slime in potions class. Afterwards they went to Care of Magical Creatures Class where they played Hoo's Headwig.

Then it was time for cake with butter beer to drink. Then they played Levitation with balloons. Once they got tired of that CR opened presents. Then it was time for the treasure hunt to find the Sorcerer's Stone. At the end they got to go to Honeydukes to get candy and to Zonkos to get joke toys.

All in all. It was a great party. I could not have done it without the help of the girls and KC.