Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Last Weeks of Summer Vacation (August)

August 2012

This year school didn't start till after Labor Day.  It was a nice change and it extended our summer a little longer.  This is a little of what we did with these last few days.

We had swimming lessons and G passed to the next level!

 Jef brought Jenner out to BYU.
 K was home after being in Boston for a few months so we got to just hang out together.
 We babysat the M cousins for a week while their parents took a trip to Costa Rica.
 We participated in the New Testament Filming.

K,C,S and I got the opportunity to go film "Jesus miraculously feeds the 5000".  This was K's first time there and it was a blessing that we all got to go together.  It was one of the hottest days of the year and we were out in the fields so the crew just kept telling us to drink more water all day.  We were even in the circle that started passing the fish (real dead fish) and bread around.  At the end of the day we were standing close to the actor playing Jesus and we got a chance to talk to him.

I went one day by myself when we were filming Jesus Explains the Greatest Commandment” and “Jesus Restores Life to the Son of the Widow of Nain.” I was more part of the crowd this day but I got a chance to visit with some other amazing people.
After growing his beard and hair all summer KC finally got called to film.  They were filming "Jesus heals a lame man".  The sad thing was that KC got all dressed and ready and then they never got to go on set.  They changed the scene at the last minute and they didn't need them.  He did get to watch and they promised that they would ask him to come the next week which would be the last week of filming.

The next week he did get called and they filmed "Caiphas questions Christ's authority" 

 We attended the Brigham City Temple open house as a family.

 We attended a RS mother daughter Luau and G had to have a picture with the dolphins.
I only had two daughters this day but we had a fun time.

 CR had a haircut after having it long all summer long.
We looked for and finally found a new car for the kids to drive.  It's a Geo Prism.  And so far so good.
 We had a crazy hail storm.
 And then the beautiful rainbow afterwards.

And last but not least... the most random thing that I like to do is volunteer for sporting events.  This time it was the Tour of Utah.  I was at the finish line helping with security of the winners.  Random but fun!

Phew.  I can't believe I'm finally finishing this post!