Monday, January 30, 2012

Unexpected Haircut

I have 4 girls.  You would think that they all would have at some point cut their hair right?  Wrong!  If they did it was never noticeable... Until now... Little G is obsessed with cutting papers.  I gave her her own scissors so she could cut stuff like paper dolls and crafts.

Well this past week she was cutting some papers and I left her with CR while I went to pick up S from ballet.  I was gone about 15 minutes.  When I got back CR made her show me that she had cut a big chunk of hair.
 Ahhh.  Her beautiful long hair!  Well we had no choice but to cut the rest of it the same length.

I think her hair cut looks really cute.  I had been thinking of cutting her hair because it was getting really long but she always told me how much she loved her long hair so I was waiting for the right moment.  Well I guess the right moment came.  She even liked her hair cut.  She thought it was cute.  It is definitely easier to take care of.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

A Close One

Yesterday was the first gymnastics meet of the season for CR.  He did well.  Won one silver medal and two ribbons.  Not bad for the first meet of the year. It was in Springville so K was able to come down and meet us there.  It's always nice to see her.  Last year the meets lasted like 4 hours now because he is in level 5 it was only about 2.  Much better I would say.

It was raining all the way down and then coming back it started snowing.  The visibility wasn't great and it was mostly just wet.  All the cars were moving at normal speeds and so were we.  We were only about 5 miles from home when we hydroplaned.  We hit the barrier with our bumper and it threw us into the middle lane.  We spun around and we could see a few cars coming at us.  I was holding on tight because I was sure one of them was going to hit us.  Well they both swerved out of our way and avoided hitting us.  We continued to spin until we were facing the right way again.  We could not hear or feel anything wrong with the van so we just continued driving.  When we got home we discovered that our entire bumper cover was gone.  But no other damage to our car.  What a blessing!  It took us a few hours to get over the shock.  But we just feel so blessed that nothing worse happened to us or others.  It could have been so much worse had there been more cars on the freeway at the time.  We were definitely being watched and cared for!

This is a picture of the back of our van: