Monday, April 28, 2008


We just got a new commuter rail train that goes from Ogden to SLC. They were letting people ride for free for a few days so that people could see what it was like. We have been watching the building process and we were excited to try it. But, we are usually busy every night except for Monday. So we decided that for FHE we would ride the train to SL go have some dinner at the
Gateway and then come home.

We got to the station and there was a lot of people and this other family that was coming home from our ward told us not to get on cause it was too crowded. We still wanted to try it! We got on a crowded train (standing like tunas) and rode down. We got off, ate dinner at Panda Express. We had some ice cream and then we thought we were going home...
There was a ton of people with the same idea. So we didn't get on the first train but we got on the next one. We even got seats on the 2nd level. We would be home about 9:30 that's not too bad (we thought). Well, we came down to get off at our stop but the doors would not open so we had to keep riding. We finally got off at the next stop. And then we had to wait for the next train. Once the train came, the doors would not open so we had to run to the other doors. We thought we would miss it again! Luckyly there was another family that had the same problem and they held the door open for us.

We finally got home at about 11:30. Everyone exhausted and some still had homework to do. The kids say that they will not go on frontrunner ever again! What a memorable experience that we will never forget!

Happy B-Day Mami and Z

We really don't count up we just celebrate the birthdays. We had a yummy fish tacos dinner at our house with the famous annual strawberry cake. I love my mom, she is a wonderful example to me of being patient and kind. I love my sister, she is always so fun and ready to help anyone in need. We are so lucky!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Ice Show

Since K and I volunteered for ice skating junior national championship we got some tickets to go see the ice show. I bought a couple of extra tickets for C and S and we made it a girls night out. Some of those kids are just amazing. I'm sure they practice lots and lots.
C and CR stayed home with G and watched Transformers!

Pinewood Derby

KC and CR have been so exited about this pinewood derby. They started working on it in February or something. They only got to work on it for an hour or so every weekend. I am so surprised cause KC is usually a procrastinator. I guess he knew that if he did not work on it in stages it would not get done. He has been waiting for this for a very long time.
I guess all of the work payed of because CR got first place. He crushed the competition that it was hard to be too excited for him because there was no one even close to catching up to him.

Friday, April 25, 2008

D.A.R.E. Graduation

S graduated from the DARE program today. For the record she promises never to do drugs in any way, shape or form. Go S!! We are proud of you!! This is a good decision to make at this time in your life!
One good point that the mayor made in his speech. He showed the kids a $20 bill and asked them who wanted it. Of course they all raised their hands. Then we crinckled it, stepped on it and made it look old. Then he asked the kids again who wanted it. They all still wanted it. His point was that no matter what happens to us or how we look we all have value. They he gave each of the kids a dollar bill with a stamp on it that said "No matter what I have value".

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Priests and Laurels Conference

Just a note about this. Because KC and I are going to be a Ma and Pa on Trek they asked all of us to share our conversion stories with the priests and laurels at their conference this year. It was really neat to think back and figure out defining points in my life where I knew the gospel was true. I would share them but they are too personal for this. I have recorded it though so that I can remember.

The funny thing was that they had like 14 classrooms for the youth to go to. They assigned them numbers and rooms to go to. We thought the chances of being with K are not likely. We wanted to give her her space and to let her hear from someone else. Well, no she and a bunch of other girls from our ward got assigned to our classroom. I guess for some reason they needed to hear the conversion stories from those in our classroom. It was fine but it was funny.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

K goes to Prom

Is she really that old? Am I really that old? I guess so. One morning she found on the front porch a bunch of pennies with letters on them. She had to put it together to find the name of the person that was asking her.

She responded by putting a bunch of easter eggs on his lawn and only one of them said yes!

We found this really pretty dress but it was very immodest so I had to totally alter it so that she could wear it. It worked. I was even amazed. And the best part of it all was that it did not cost us $300.

They had a friday date on friday and they went up to a cabin and did some skeet shooting. They had pizza and smores. They had parent supervision so that was great.

Saturday they went to the Capitol for the dance. She looked so beautiful in her dress. But she is always beautiful no matter what she wears. She had a fun time!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Sister's Fireside

AKA Visiting Teaching Conference. We planned it as a fireside in the hopes to get more sisters to attend. When people hear VT they think they will be lectured on VT and they don't come. It was lots of work but well worth it.

I did speak on visiting teaching and shared a few experiences. We had a few other sisters share their experiences also. To end the night I wanted to give them a little gift to take home. I thought of giving a CD with music from the fireside. But I could not buy the rights to give everyone the song so I did a slideshow of Christ with the music to "His Hands" being sung by a sister in our ward. We had to record the song. Thanks to KC for that, and then we had to copy CD's for 160 sisters in the ward. The whole thing was so beautiful and the spirit was so strong there. We still did not get as many sisters there as we would have liked but there was enough.

I am thankful for the opportunity to serve in various capacities because no matter what calling I have I always learn a lot!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

General Conference

Such a wonderful weekend. I love hearing all of the inspired words. President Monson is a remarkable man. I did a report in a church history class at BYU on him, so I feel like I know him.

I can't even begin to mention the wonderful things that were said so here is a link to the 178th Annual General Conference, April 2008. I love to go and listen to the talks at random times when I need to be reminded of things.