Sunday, March 25, 2012

Bible Video Clips (Baby Jesus)

These video clips bring the life of Christ close to my heart.  I feel as if I know my Savior so much better now and yet I have a long ways to go until I can know Him completely and be like Him in a small way.  I decided to post these clips on here so that I can always find them.  We did not participate in any of these scenes and yet I feel like I was in Jerusalem watching from heaven the events that were taking place. I know so many of the actors also so that makes it even more personable.

An Angel Fortells of Christ's Birth to Mary

Mary and Elizabeth Rejoicing Together.

Mary and Joseph Travel to Bethlehem

Shepherds Learn of the Birth of Christ

Christ Child is Presented at the Temple

The Wise Men Seek Jesus

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Elder Fajardo

My oldest nephew a.k.a. Malox.  Went into the MTC on February 29th.  He is on his way to the Oakland, California Mission.  We had the privilege to host him and my brother at our house for a few days before and after.

Malox is an amazing young men and we are very proud of him for going to serve and teach the gospel to the people in CA.

These are the cousins with jazz hands at home.  The things they make missionaries do!!!

 We got to meet K in Provo so she could get a chance to see her closest in age cousin before leaving.  We found out that we needed to feed the Elder before going in so we ate a Rubio's (Derick's Favorite).

 Now when missionaries are dropped off the family goes across the street to a parking lot and says goodbye and takes pictures.  It relieves the congestion at the curb.
 Handsome missionary!

This is the gang that dropped him off.  See you in 2 years!  Maybe a little sooner if we get to say goodbye at the airport on his way to Cali.

February Fun

 It's Spelling Bee Time once again.  This time CR is competing at the Jr. High level.  He was a little nervous but managed to pull off the win once again.
The three winners.

This is my "cutie" on Valentine's Day.  Her preschool class was having a fancy party and she was so excited.  She picked out her princess dress a few weeks before and she was just counting down the days.

KC and I celebrated by going out to Olive Garden for dinner and then to see a preview of Titanic 3D.  I was sooo excited to see this movie again on the big screen.  I love this movie for some reason.  I know it's a tragic story but I love the love story in the movie.

After the movie I had a message from Zildy saying that Jonas was in the hospital for blood clots.  So since we were already in the area we went over there to see him.  He was doing ok and everything was under control but he was feeling pretty helpless.  I'm glad we got to go see him for a little while.  The only problem was that we didn't make it home until about 1:00am and we still had to work the next day.

We got to go to St. George for a gymnastics meet.  C and S didn't get to go cause they had a dance company competition at the UofU so they stayed behind, but we got to pick up K on the way so she could come with us.


CR also joined the NAL (National Academic League) this year and for his first year he did very well.  This was the school's first year and they made it to second place in the district. 

 My dad's birthday is always a highlight of the month since he loves to celebrate it so much (joke).  I love my dad he is the best there is.  He is a good example for us to follow.

This is the dance that never was.  The Dance Co. was scheduled to perform at the last basketball game of the season but the music did not work for some reason and they just stood there ready to dance but they were never able to get it to to work.  It was really sad cause all the parents never got to see the dance.