Thursday, September 29, 2011

NTP -- Day 6 The Savior Carries His Cross

(This pictures depicts how we filmed the scene very closely)
Day 6 -- THURSDAY SEPTEMBER 29, 2011
I got to go twice this week.  What a blessing.  My call time was 9:30 and I met with a carpool in Salt Lake. 
I knew this would be an emotional day just knowing what we were going to film. 
We got dressed and ready but they did not call us on to the set until after lunch. We had a long wait but one of the men brought a guitar so those who sang put on a concert for the rest of us.  It was so nice to be there.  It was a beautiful day and we could just enjoy each other’s company with music.  I did not know if this was going to be my last day or not but I was considering it as if it was so that I would not be disappointed.  If it was not my last day then the others would just be a wonderful bonus.
After lunch they took us to the set.  We just lined up the street and got ready for this emotional scene.  I saw Jesus carrying the a heavy cross.  He was dressed in robes that were all dirty, he had blood dripping on his face, and the scourges were visible.  He walked right past me and John the beloved happened to be standing right behind me so Jesus looked over in our direction.  It was so hard to see him like this.  Earlier in the week we had filmed such a happy time and now it was such a somber time.  I felt as if I needed to do everything that I could to make his sacrifice worthwhile for me.  What a sacrifice.  I cannot even imagine.  But this brought it to life for me.  I did have tears in my eyes to see him like this.  The cross was so heavy it took 3 people to carry it back and forth.  During this scene I felt a deep feeling of gratitude but also a commitment to be submissive to God’s will, not matter the personal cost to me, just like the Savior did.
We filmed it a few times and then we were done for the day.  I did meet a lady that is originally from Guatemala but now lives in Houston.  What a strong testimony this lady has!!! I met so many people that are just amazing from all over the world!  Another blessing in disguise. 
I knew this was the last time I would see John Foss (Jesus) so when we were done I went up to him and told him thanked him for being so kind, especially to the children.  I was nervous but I felt that I had to do this because I truly was grateful.  This is how the children will remember Jesus and he portrayed the part very well.  My eyes got all teary and my voice was cracking but I was glad I did it.  He thanked me also.

Monday, September 26, 2011

NTP -- Day 5 Jesus Triumphal Entry

For a few weeks I did not get any calls for acting and I felt deprived.  I needed my spiritual high that I got every time I went... and luckily more came on September 21st.  This is what I received:
Following is an outline of our Shooting Schedule as it currently stands.  MOST of the background roles are for ADULTS and TEENS, 16 years or older.  We do need a limited number of children on the days marked in red, but boys must have dark, longer hair that at least covers part of their ears.  Girls must have dark hair at least to their shoulders. *The days marked in RED are the days we will most likely have enough roles for everyone who would like to participate.  The days marked in GREEN are smaller days wherein there will probably not be enough roles for everyone.  Once you express your availability (see below), we will let you know for which days you are booked.
Monday, September 26th*:  “Jesus’ Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem” (Mark 11; Matthew 21; Luke 19; John 12) 8:30AM
Tuesday, September 27th: “The Saviour Encounters a Woman taken in adultery” (John 8:2-11)“The Saviour declares that He is the Light of the World” (John 8:12-14)“The Saviour declares, ‘The Truth Shall make you Free" (John 8:28-39)
Wednesday, September 28th:  “The Saviour Heals a Man stricken with Palsy” (Mark 2:3-12)
Thursday, September 29th*:  “The Saviour is Scourged and Carries His Cross through the street on the way to Golgotha” (Matthew 28; Mark 15; John 19) 9:30AM
Friday, September 30th: “Peter, James and John Heal the Sick” and “Peter and John are arrested (2nd time) by the Beautiful Gate of the Temple” (Acts 5)
Monday, October 3rd:  “Peter and John Heal a Lame Man at the Temple during the Feast of Pentacost” (Acts 3-4)
Tuesday, October 4th*:  “Peter and John preach and are Arrested near the Colonnade of Solomon’s Porch” (Acts 3-4) 6:30AM

(This is a picture of palm fronds because when I got on set everyone knew what they were except for me.  I was all confused that I had never heard this word in my whole life)
(These are the only pictures that I could find.  Not quite the way we filmed it but it's at least a reminder.)

Day 5 -- MONDAY SEPTEMBER 26, 2011
On Friday September 23rd I got an email booking me for September 26th (The Triumphal Entry).  C also received an email.  On Sunday morning I woke up to an email that asked for G and CR to come filming on Monday also.  That only left S out.  But I emailed them and asked if it was possible for her to come also and they said YES.  So it was a Family trip to Goshen (minus KC and K, they would have loved to be there).
Our call time was 8:30am so that was not bad.  We just had to leave by 6:30am.  We did have to eat breakfast because they told that breakfast would be done by the time we got there.  We were running late (as usual).  We didn’t leave until close to 7:00am.  Then after I got on the freeway I asked the older girls if they had their temple recommends and Sidney did not.  So I called Casey and he met us half way to give it to us.  We were now even more delayed.  We were doing o.k (speeding just a little).  When we were about half an hour away from the set location, we were driving on this small country road; we saw a car go off to the side and dirt fly up in the air.  The car got back on the road so I assumed that everything was fine.  I was passing the car when I realized that the car had two flat tires and it was a young lady driving.  We pulled over in front of her and I went to see if she was ok.
The lady happened to be driving to Goshen.  She went off the road and over corrected but her tires punctured.  I told her that we were going in that direction and offered her a ride.  She parked her car on the side of the road and came with us.  She was so grateful that we happened to be right behind her and that we could give her a ride.  We had just been blessed with another experience that just showed me how Heavenly Father is in control of our lives.  If we had not been running late we would have missed her and who knows if anyone else would bring her to Goshen because we had one of the latest call times.  She kept calling us her guardian angels.  That was a great experience before we even got to the set!
When we got to the set we went to wardrobe, hair and makeup.  This was different for me because it wasn’t just me I had to watch out for the children, mainly Gracie.  They got us all dark and dirty and then we were ready to go on set.  When we got to the set most people were already in place but they took us to the front where Jesus would be coming through.  Little Gracie looked so cute and there was a photographer from the church taking all kinds of pictures of her.  They gave the kids some palm frams to hold and put down before Jesus came in riding the donkey.  I think the donkey was Gracie’s favorite part.
As Jesus came in we were just supposed to be happy to see him.  I would pick up Gracie so that she could see him better and he usually acknowledged her.  Then we followed him as he walked down the street.  How amazing to have this experience with my children.  Nothing could be better to help strengthen all of our testimonies. 
We had lunch and then we went back on set to film the same scene but from a different angle.  It was so nice that we were not out in the sun because that made it so much easier.  Gracie loved playing in the dirt in between each take.
We got released at about 4:00pm.  We drove our friend back to her car and we got home at about 6:00pm. We even picked up pizza for dinner.

A picture of me and the 4 children as Jesus Christ's followers in Jerusalem.  That is us now and it would have been us 2000 years ago.
This picture was published by the church in a news article about the background of the production.  I'm glad I can post this because it's the real thing.  CR is standing next to G.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Scout Court of Honor

This is the first Scout Court of Honor that I have been able to attend because they were always on Wednesday night.  And I always have class on Wednesday night.  So I was glad to be able to attend.

 CR receiving his merit badges. 
 A proud Scoutmaster with his son.
 The proud parents.  But why do I have to go up in front? 
 The pinning of the pin.  This does make me feel kind of special.
Brother W. saying some very nice things about KC.  But I have to agree he is an awesome Scoutmaster.  It's a hard job!  But he cares so much for the boys and really wants them to succeed.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

S's 15th Birthday

S was lucky to have a lot of family in town for her birthday.  All the kids in our family tend to have their birthdays close to some holiday or event that happens yearly.  S's birthday is tied to Labor Day and this year her birthday is Labor day.  On Sunday we celebrated with the family.  This is her cake.  She wasn't too picky about the decorations.  She cared more about the taste.  She asked for an ice cream cake and this is the result.

This is beautiful S.  15 wonderful years we have had her in our family.  Although she doesn't say much she is an integral part of our family.  
 Grandpa Richard, grandpa Otto, Grandma Rosario, and Uncle Jefre.
 Presents time...  She got an underwater green camera (don't ask, that's what she wanted).
K made her a beautiful purple dress!
 On Monday, Labor Day and S actual B-day she wanted to go eat dinner at Buca di Beppo.  A fun, tacky (in a good way), Italian restaurant. 
 Not really our food but it kind of looked like this.  This is a fun restaurant cause you eat family style.
 I don't know why we didn't get any pictures of our outing but we didn't except for these that we thought were fun.
 Happy Birthday Siddy-Biddy!

NTP -- Day 4 Pilate Addressing the Crowd

(These pictures remind me of this scene. The actor who played the part of Pilate was amazing.  He was up on a balcony like this and we were on the ground looking up.)

MATT 27, JOHN 18
 I was so happy to receive this call.  I wasn’t sure if this was the scene that I would want to participate in but I was glad to go back on set.  I found a nice lady on the ride board that was willing to drive.  She lived in Layton and she picked me up along with 2 others.  It was a nice ride down with 4 people.  We got to know each other and share all of our experiences filming.
We went on the set and this time I was finally in the city of Jerusalem.  I was so glad to finally get to see the inside.  This is part of the script: 
Ye have brought this man unto me as one that perverteth the people! I have examined him before you and find no fault with this man touching those things whereof you accuse him! I have sent him to Herod. He has found that nothing worthy of death has been done!
I will therefore chastise him and release him! Despite the energy of his scolding and what he has declared, the mob is going to have none of his conclusion. PILATE seems to have expected this and quickly offers a compromise.
According to your custom at this time of year, one prisoner shall be released. PILATE nods to the GUARDS and a MAN, shackled hand and foot, is brought to the balcony.  It is clearly the hope of PILATE that the crowd will make the right and proper choice.
Barabbas! Free Barabbas! His minions chime in with him... and then the MOB...
Barabbas! Barabbas! Barabbas!  PILATE glares down at them in disbelief.
What shall I do then with Jesus, who Is called, The Christ?
Crucify Him!
Crucify Him!
 We see JOHN, MARY, MARY MAGDALENE AND MARTHA. MARY cries out something in defense of her son, but cannot be heard over the blood thirsty chant of the MOB.
 PILATE -- MOMENTS LATER ...dipping his hands into a BASIN OF WATER and symbolically washes them.
I am innocent of the blood of this just person: See ye to it.  PILATE leaves and JESUS is led away.
I definitely did not like being part of the bad crowd but I just had to keep telling myself that I was just acting.  This time I did not want to be on film because of the nature of the acting but I happened to be standing right behind Mary and John so most likely I will be seen yelling “crucify!”  Sorry…. Once again I was just acting.
We filmed the same scene a few times.  We were shifted around so that it would seem as if we were a bigger crowd.  The interesting thing on this day was that after one of the takes when we yelled “crucify” the sky roared with thunder and then it began to rain.  We continued to film, and since most of us did not want to yell "crucify", we thought that it was a nice touch from heaven!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Cary & Becky

I have to say. I have never been to Idaho so much in my life and this summer I went twice.  Both for sealings in the Idaho Falls Temple.  Cary (KC's brother) got sealed to his beautiful wife Becky.  We are so happy that we live close enough that we could be there for this special day.  They are blessed to have found each other!

 We love mom (grandma) and dad (grandpa).
 After the temple and going out to eat we went to see their new home.  We relaxed for a little while and then we took of for the Idaho State Fair!  That was an experience in it of its own.

G with her cousin Carly.

 Here is K with KC.

We bought tiger ears and there wasn't much places to sit.  We found this tiny booth and we all crammed in to enjoy.  And we did enjoy!  Happy times!