Sunday, August 22, 2010

August 2010

Before our crazy summer ended I had one more thing I had to do and that was sign up the kids for swimming lessons.  I don't know how but I was able to get both G and CR in at the same time. 
This was G's first year and she loved it!
G was in the preschool level and passed.
CR was in level 4 and passed.

I had this present for G to give to her at her half birthday but that day came and went without success to celebrate it so in August I finally decided to just give her this tricycle so she could enjoy it while the weather was still nice.  I want to celebrate here half birthday because I feel she gets ripped off with her birthday so close to Christmas.

My handsome nephew Alex got done with EFY but since he was flying stand by had a hard time catching a flight. We got to enjoy him for over a week.  CR and Alex had cousin male bonding time!  What a good example for CR.

Cousin J got a face painting kit just like her mom.  We had a cousin sleepover and she painted faces for her cousins.

Cute K had to have a picture with her boots and jacket.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Education Week

I love going to Education Week.  Many times I can't go because there is so much going on the week before school and nothing changed but because K was working at the bookstore and had to drive down everyday I decided to just buy a ticket for the entire week and try and go as much as I could.

Well I ended up going everyday!  And everyday was so amazing!  Some extra fun bonuses were to stop by often between classes to see K at the bookstore, to see my in-laws, and to drive a couple of the ways with my neighbor and friend Ann.

The following are just a few highlights of things that I want to remember:

**Smile all the time! It's the best facelift you will ever have.

**Write down daily promptings in a little notebook so you don't forget them.

**Remember to be thankful for the little things like eyebrows. Without them sweat would roll into your eyes.

**Have specific rules about what can and can't be done online.

**Let your children know you enjoy them!

**Give specific and sincere praise.

**The Lord's standards never change just the world's standards.  Don't look to the world for justification but to the Lord and his church.

**Make scripture study personal and listen with the language of the Spirit.

**Children today have been saved for these latter days.  They have many distractions and opposition.  We as parents can help them by following three rules:  (1)Be a coach, (2) Be a cheerleader, (3) Be a shock absorber.

**Christlike characteristics that as mothers we need to emulate: (1) Faith, (2) Strength, (3) Submission, (4) Hope, (5) Charity, (6) Discernment.

**Remember the Chris Williams story.

**Even when we feel so alone...and that no one cares about us...He (Christ) will be with you!

**Definition of a faithful person:  One that places Christ in the center, one that works toward something and achieves it, and one that abides by moral law.

**Laughter is the shortest distance between two people.

**To impart wisdome you must first impart love.

**Give each child a hug and a compliment each day.

**It's not the things in life that matter it's the memories we create!

This is just a small part of my notes.  Just some of the main ideas that I want to always remember.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

KC's Birthday

The kids always have to help open presents
The biggest birthday card ever by C
The singing and eating of cake.

We all love KC so much!! He is the best husband and father ever.  He makes us all laugh and lets us tease him too! We tried getting him a car for his birthday but no such luck.

We've been waiting to celebrate G's half birthday but since we've had a crazy summer it hasn't happened so we finally decided to give her this present that I had been saving before summer ends.  She's such a cutie.