Friday, August 28, 2009

The crazy first week of school

My wonderful father is trying to keep the communication going in our family so he always emails these inspirational things.  I love it!  I wrote an email to my family but I explained my whole week that I decided to post it so that I can remember it! 

It has been a crazy week with school starting and my life changing so much with K going to BYU. You want a breakdown of my week here it goes:

Sunday. Breakfast. Go take family pictures. As we are driving out all cute and all it starts raining!!! We found a good place and tried not to get wet. It stopped raining after a while and took pictures. Overcast is the best anyways. Went with M's to Ohquirr Mountain Temple dedication and my mom watched G and M's kids. Had dinner at M's. Celebrate C's bday. Fill out back to school capsule papers. Such a fun tradition!
Monday. C's bday. First day of school. Work crazy with school starting. Drive K to Provo to turn in an application and get some books. Stop at IKEA on the way home to buy more college stuff. Meet the family for dinner at a Chinease restaurant for C's bday. Come home and open presents. Oh I'm tired.

Tuesday. Get everything together for K. Elementary back to school night.

Wednesday. Drive K to Provo for good with KC and G. A million parents dropping off their kids at the same time. Quick lunch at Cougareat. Look at more books. Say a quick goodbye to K cause she had training for a job. Sad. Sad. Cry. Cry. Tell myself that this is a good thing for her to do. Take kids to piano. Go to my class.

Thursday. Oh no, not much to do. Start cleaning K's room. Sad again. Go Visiting Teaching. Feeling better after talking about the change a little bit. Talked to K for a while. Yay! Go buy ice cream for pack meeting while dinner cooks. Go to pack meeting and serve tons of ice cream.

Friday. I finally went to aerobics again. I feel good now! In between it all, there is still ballet, jazz, young women, G, and a million of disclosures to sign, and update my blog.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

K goes BYU

Today was a bittersweet day! After weeks of getting K ready for school the day finally came. KC, G and I drove her down this morning. We had a van full of stuff.

Her clothes barely fit. Oh, she had so many shoes!! We then went to the Cougareat to have lunch and up to the bookstore to look at books. Then she had to go to a training at 1:00. So it was time to say goodbye.

The sad thing is that she will not be living at home. She's such a good daughter. I love having her around. I will miss talking to her, and hearing all of her wild and crazy thoughts.

The happy thing is that she is at the best place. Should we say "The Lord's University?" She will have the best time of her life there. I did! She will learn all kinds of things.

She even got the job a the bookstore that she thought she did not get. She just texted me and told me "I love BYU :)! I'm so happy for her!

I forgot to take my camera but maybe that's a good thing. Our eyes would have been a little puffy. We'll get some pictures next time we go see her.

Monday, August 24, 2009

First Day of School

Here are a few pictures that K took for me before the kids went to school.
C 10th grade.
S 8th grade
CR 5th grade
G with me
K going to BYU
L going to UOP.  KC working to support us all!

C's Bday

August 23
15!! These kids just keep getting older!

We celebrated her bday on Sunday at my parents house. I made her a strawberry colorful neon cake.

She requested the procession!
I forgot my camera so these are K's pictures and I don't know why they are so dark.
Here we are doing the back to school time capsules.

On Monday we went out for Chinease food as a family.

Oh, how I love my C. She's so loving and concerned about everyone (even CR). She now gets to go to HS and start learning how to drive! Ay, Ay, Ay.
She's so pretty!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Keys at BYU

On Monday K and I went to BYU so that she could interview for a few jobs. Afterwards we went and looked at the dorms and the creamery to see what was available there.

When we went in we saw the ice cream and then I remembered that I had the Entertainment book in the car and that there probably was a bogo free coupon. So we went back to the car to look for it, found then and then went back in for ice cream.

When we came back out I could not find my keys. I had left them in the ignition and locked the door. AHHHH!! Why do I always do stuff like this when I am far away! I called KC and he was willing to come down and save me but since his parents were there I told them I would call them to see if they had any ideas. They looked for a hanger, called BYU police, and a locksmith. No hanger in sight. Police said they did not do that. Locksmith said it would be $40.

While waiting for them to come over we were standing by the road when a BYU police car drove by. K timidly flagged him down and he came over to help us. He had tools in his car and got our keys out within a few minutes.

By the KC's parents had come over but we were already solving the problem. What a tender mercy we received that day!! KC's mom said "You must be living right". I don't think that I am living so righteously to deserve as many blessings as I get! But I am grateful for a Heavenly Father that is always watching out for us!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Davis County 5K and Kids Race

CR before the race.  It was a rainy day :|
Listening to instructions.
There he goes...
He got a medal!!  Well all the participants did.
The two runners.  KC ran earlier and got 7th place.  Time was 20:10.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


One day my mom and sister were over and K had an a scholarship application fro the Sons of Utah Pioneers.  As we were just hanging out we thought we need to do these get togethers more often and just bond.  But we decided we needed a name for them so that it was easy to identify.  So we decided on Daughters Of Guatemala Pioneers but the name was too long so we came up with DOGP pronounced DOG-P.  Kind of funny but it stuck. 

In August we went to get pedicures and out to lunch afterwards.  It was so fun.  I love to hang out with my mom and sister.  They are the best!!

This is a picture of our feet and then our faces!

Monday, August 10, 2009


The girls favorite ride.  It just takes forever to get on and off.
On the train just the 4 of us.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Camping 2009

G got right in the camping mood by playing with dirt.
S melted plasticware.
CR went hiking with the dads.
and fed a squirrel out of his hand
The kids played in the lake
and so did the dads.  The water was really cold!
But of course since I came it rained. Early Saturday morning it started to rain and everything was getting wet so we decided to just pack up and come home.  We went to Firehouse for brunch pizza and then went home.  We were originally planning on going to Bear Lake but because of the rain and snow in August we changed our minds.
That evening we had ice cream and went to the movies together to see Night at the Museum 2.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

KC's Birthday

He's just as silly as the kids!
He's toned the legs now it's time for the arms!
Better than almost anything cake!
Happy Birthday KC.  We all love and appreciate you lots and lots!