Sunday, November 30, 2014

November 2014

This is a picture of my great-grandmother on my mom's side (Mama Cobita). People think I look like her. What do you think?

The Pinners Conference with Zildy, Jasmine, G and I. This was a class that we attended about dressing for our body shape but I really liked this quote. 

A sweet picture. CR being an awesome big brother and taking the time to read to his little sister! 

At the school where I am the counselor we took all of the Honor Roll students to see the movie Big Hero 6. This was most of our group. I really love my job and the students and staff that I work with. It is very difficult at times but I feel strongly that this is the school that I need to be at. 

CR in West Side Story at school. He was a Shark and he was AWESOME!!!

We still helped with Nutcracker this year but we had no one dancing. Needless to say it was a very busy week with West Side Story and Nutcracker running at the same time.

The runners of the Turkey Leg 5K. 

We had some of the Cheyenne family here for Thanksgiving this year and although we had a full house we had a blast! 

After eating it's time to relax... and do some black Friday shopping.

Friday night we went out to eat at the Pizza Place.

I don't know what was going on with Taye???

Another NY trip!!! At least pretend.

The lights at Layton Park.

Temple Square :)

The Flowers Patch

The awesome, fun, wonderful grandparents

The beautiful Salt Lake City Temple

Us. One of the few pictures of all of us together this year.

Can't leave out Trevar

We rode the frontrunner and trax. This is on the way back.

And Mei Mei

Our Thanksgiving Thankful wall of a few of the things we are thankful for.

November was a fun but crazy busy month. Hence the late post. I'm grateful I can post these memories even if delayed.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

October 2014

K was one of the designers at the Provo Fashion Week Fashion Show. She did amazing! And C was one of the models. 

All of the models and the designer.

CR has been running cross country this season. He ran almost every day during the summer and then competed with the team. He has made great progress and he gets better every day.

Buster with long matted hair.

Buster shaved. 

For Fall break we decided to go to Park City for a couple of days just to get away.

On Thursday night the kids hung out at the condo and KC and I went out to a fancy dinner downtown Park City. 

On Friday, we bought day passes for the Olympic park and we all went on the zip line, alpine slide, and the ropes course. It was so fun. G was the one that surprised us the most on the ropes course. It was difficult and while waiting to go up they had to stop the whole thing so they could get a girl off that was too scared to continue. I was worried that that would be us... but no. She made it through. She even jumped off on her own to zip line her way down. I guess I worried for nothing.

Alpine Slide. I thought we were going fast until we got to the end and KC told me that I had a ton of people behind us. Ooops.

Ropes Course

While at the park we got a call from animal control telling us that Buster had been picked up and we needed to go get him before five when they closed or he would have to stay for the entire weekend and we would have to pay more. So we kind of had to hurry and get home. 

Just a random picture. 

Halloween 2014. G as a 50's Girl.

Cousin Tayevi turns 6. He requested a Spiderman cake and that is what he got.

The college kids and then some obsessed with something on their phone.

Two grown boys playing with little Zuri. Too cute to pass up!

I got to go film in for the New Testament videos one more time. It was the coldest day of the year so far. When I got there at 6am it was 30 degrees. We filmed Jesus carrying the cross and the crucifiction. Different direct and for a different purpose than last time but still very emotional.

G's My Little Pony Pumpkin.

Halloween with the cousins in SLC.

G is so cute and "all girl" but when she gets together with her cousin Tayevion she will do anything he asks to make him happy. It is the cutest yet strangest relationsionship. Tayevion is "all boy" but these two are just the best of friends. We keep thinking that at some point they are going to get tired of doing the same things but it hasn't happened yet. 

Two Fifty's Girls and a photo bommer in the back!