Wednesday, October 31, 2007


So the crazy thing is that the kids go back to school for Halloween. EB El had a parade in the morning and then the kids had parties with their grades. I got to help with the 6th grade party this year.

That night S went trick or treating with some of her friends for a little while and then we were all supposed to go to the Nursing Home that we have been going to for years. But after we picked up S we decided that since it was such a nice evening and that you can get better candy going house to house that we would forgo the nursing home this year and go to actual houses. We went to this new neighborhood that has lots of town homes so then you don’t have to walk too far in between. The kids got lots of “good” candy. Then we went around our neighborhood.

G liked it for a while. They would put candy in her bag and she would get all excited and grunt every time. After a while she got cold and would have no more.

Here is the breakdown of costumes: G was the cutest Minnie Mouse ever! CR was the smartest Harry Potter ever! S was the awesomest “I don’t know Witch Fairy”! C was the prettiest Vampire Princess ever! And last but not least K was the biggest chocolate chip cookie ever!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Since Z is gone go Guate. We watched S and J on Monday and Tuesday. The kids were out of school for UEA. On Monday night we carved pumpkins and it was fun but challenging trying to help all of our kids and S and J and hold G at the same time. So KC helped with the pumpkins and I took care of G. Thank goodness there was no school the next day because it got late.

Tuesday was our Ward Halloween Party and they had dinner and games for the kids. We took S and J with us and we all had a fun time. K and C helped with the games and spook alley. We had a fun time with the kids. The girls just love J and CR loves S. I am just the mediator and cook. J came and picked up the kids from there.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

K's First Date

K and her friends asked some boys to the girl’s choice Halloween Dance. This would be her first date but we did not even get to meet her date because they had to pick them up since it was girl’s choice. We got ripped off!! Well they all went in a big group and K’s friends chose the date for her so it wasn’t so scary. They had it all planned before K even turned 16. All of the girls dressed up as nurses and the boys were their patients. They played some games for their day date (which K was late for because of ballet and Nutcracker). Then they went to the dance. And then they watched a scary movie. Hopefully we will have pictures of this soon.

G is 10 Months

What a cutie. She has been crawling for a while now. She is still not very fast but that is the way I like it. She says “Mama” and I love it! All of the other kids always said “Dada” first so I feel special. She is such a joy to us.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Orchestra Concert

C performed with the FJH Orchestra at their Halloween Performance. It was a good concert, lots of fun music. The kids got to dress up in the Halloween costumes. This year C is second chair, which is really good since all of the lessons she has had are from school.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

BYU Football Game

KC, K and C went to Provo with the youth of the ward to a football game. It was a cold and rainy day but it was fun for them.

Thursday, October 18, 2007


I have been going to play volleyball with the women in the stake. It’s a fun time and it is good to exercise and do something just for me. I am not the best player by far but I just enjoy the game. K enjoys playing with the YW and I hear that she is pretty good!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Reality Town

The 8th graders at C school participate in this Reality Town where the kids get an occupation depending on their gpa from the last term of 7th grade. From this they get a salary and they are to go around and purchase a housing, transportation, food, utilities, etc. It is a good lesson so the kids can see that good grades pay off in the long run and they get to see where money goes. C was an actress and she realized that although it looked like she had a lot of money, it was all gone really fast with all of the bills. I got to volunteer and help them in the taxes area.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

YW Recognition Award

K completed her personal progress on Sunday, Oct. 14. She had just a couple of things to finish that morning before her appointment with the Bishop. We are trying to encourage our kids to have this done before their 16th birthdays. So they need to finish before being able to get their drivers license. I had to push her a little since YW in Excellence was that that evening and I had turned in some pictures to the YW leaders of K for a slide show, with the assumption that she would get it done. So the Bishop presented it to K in Sacrament Meeting and KC’s parents happened to be here. They spent the night and we had dinner that night with the O. Congratulations K!!! We are so proud of you for reaching your goal! But remember that Personal Progress continues for the rest of your life.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Cheyenne Party

On Saturday, Oct. 13 we went to Provo for the every other year Cheyenne Party. KC’s parents and the Nelson’s host this party for anyone that has every lived in Cheyenne so that they can keep in touch with all of their friends. The first one was in 1989 when KC and I were barely engaged. They are fun parties with lots of treats to keep everyone happy.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

General Relief Society Broadcast and General Conference

The RS Broadcast was so wonderful!! There were some wonderful talks on mothering, visiting teaching, and taking care of ourselves spiritually. I always leave so uplifted and ready to keep going.

General Conference of course was awesome!!! There were too many good things to mention. So here is the link so you can get your fill.,5239,49-1-775,00.html

On Sunday we had dinner at our house and watched conference with my parents, the M's, and Gladys and Tono that were visiting from VA. It's so great to see them when they come out.

We are going to use the talks for FHE.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Sweet 16 Surprise

K being surprised!

Is it really true? One entry is about my 9 month old baby and the other about my 16 year old daughter?

When I was YW President in our previous ward, the YW began a tradition of having a surprise party for each other for their 16th birthdays. They all knew it was coming but it was a challenge to make it a surprise in one way or another. So naturally K was waiting for her party. She even wrote it on her wish list. She asked me about it and I truthfully told her that there was no way that I could give her a surprise party cause first of all I don’t like to plan parties, I explained that I didn’t know who I would invite, and if K gave me information then it would not be a surprise. Another aspect of the whole thing was that her friend K that turns 16 the day after was also in our YW and I felt a need to do it for her also. When would I have time anyways??? I am already really busy. I really meant what I said. Then I saw a few tears well up in her eyes and my heart just melted. So after thinking about it. I decided that I should do it.

I made these “confidential folder” invitations and mailed them out to who ever I could think of. She normally walks to ballet from school but since it was her b-day she wanted me to take her to ballet. I had to say ok, since she didn’t know that I had a hundred other things that I had to do and she needed to be treated special that day. So I had to make the cake and other preparations and then hide them while she came home for half an hour. I hadn’t told the other kids yet because I didn’t want them to spoil the surprise. They were so excited when they found out.

KC picked her up from ballet and called me to ask me if he needed to stop by the store and that was my cue that they were close. We had about 15 girls show up. It was a combined party of friends from before we moved and now. K walked in and she just stood there in shock. It was kind of funny she didn’t know what to do. I think she loved it though. We had Sloppy Joes for dinner with watermelon and chips. (No veggies for sure, it was K’s party after all.) The girls just talked and talked and laughed. K went back and forth between friends. I caught up with my Young Women who are not so young anymore.

I thought the whole thing turned out ok. And it was a fun party for K. I think she enjoyed being with all of her friends.