Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Dance Company Concert

May 1-2 was S Dance Company Concert. She choreographed and danced to many beautiful pieces. Here's a glipse of some of the dances. The title of the show was Then Now and Forever. The high school was celebrating 100 years.
Dawn is breaking, so now I must jump (Decade 1910's)

Meeting the Cat (Decade 1950's)

Hey Pachuco (Decade 1940's) 

Breathe (Decade 2010's)   

Completely Burnt (Decade 1940's) Choreographed by S. 

 S also choreographed Beatlemania (Decade 1960's) this is the dance the intermediate class performed.

Boogie Woogie Beauties 

I like this picture because it really shows how S feels about dancing!!!

Primordial Endeavors 

and the last dance... Dance for the Camera (Decade 1980's)

Dance Company has been so fun for S to be involved in for the past 3 years. She's an amazing dancer and she has become really good friends with all of these girls.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

April 2014

For Spring Break this year we decided to go south to Mesquite and hang out with counsins. We headed down on Sunday afternoon and came back on Wednesday.  We just hung out by the pool or in the hot tub since the pool wasn't so warm.

We went bowling.

We went to visit Tuachan.

We had fun in the sand dunes. Beautiful soft sand just no water :( In the heat of the summer this place wouldn't be as fun but we had beatiful weather in the 70's.

We even had David Hasselhoff take a picture with these girls.
It was a short but fun Spring Break!

K participated in Provo Fashion Week. She designed a few outfits. One of the models was our one and only C. K is an awesome designer! We look forward to more of her designs!

G loves Buster so much! Buster loves her too but has to put up with G smothering him all the time.

S ballet class did a small performance for parents at the studio. S is a beautiful dancer and I'm excited that she will continue dancing at the university level. This is a picture with Clytie and the company class.

Easter egg hunt at Smith's. We have a tradition of doing this one because since the kids were little it was great to go and get some candy inside. They pretty much just throw a bunch of candy on the floor. They also have some eggs with prizes in them. They can usually fill a basket full of candy in 2 minutes or less.

Afterwards we went to an actual Easter Egg Hunt outside. We talked CR into participating. Why not?

G Easter dress.

Our beautiful family and CR. What we would do without our boy?

Cute Zuri on a the turle. What would a post be without cute Zuri in it???

S was one of the Moonlight Dancers. We went and watched her for the 3rd time in her high school career. 
This is a picture of the senior's dance:

This is the only picture I have of the swing dance: 

The three April birthday kids.

And that's April in a nutshell!