Monday, April 23, 2012

Random April Events

G looses her first tooth.

C & S in Moonlight

CR running for 8th grade officer.

We made this cutout of CR for the Election Assembly.  We are going to be out of town when they give their speeches so CR recorded his speech and someone will put his cutout on the stage while the students listen to the recording.  We are gone almost the entire time that the voting is open so it will be interesting to see what happens.

Mami & Z's Birthday
We celebrated early because we are going to be gone next week.  I love my mom and my sister!!!

My classes are officially complete.  We got together on our last class and had dinner at the Brick Oven paid for by our wonderful internship instructors.  Here are a few pictures of my classmates and friends.

Easter 2012

We got home on Saturday night and Easter was the next day.  Luckily the Easter Bunny came to our house while we were gone and left eggs for the kids.  I like that the Easter Bunny comes on Saturdays to our house because that allows us to focus on the true meaning of Easter on the Sabbath Day. 

Many of the Bible videos that we participated in last summer have been released this past month.  They are all amazing and truly depict the life and sacrifice of our Savior Jesus Christ.  The following 3 videos are ones that we participated in.  I can be seen in the last two.  I consider it a privilege to be a part of this amazing project.  I have the links here with a few pictures that we took on set along with a few from

 The Lords-Triumphal-Entry-Into-Jerusalem

This is the scene that all of us participated in.  It was amazing for all of us but we cannot be seen.  Watching it brings back good memories.  It seems so real to us!

Jesus is Condemned Before Pilate

This scene was hard to film because we had to yell "crucify." I hated being the bad guy.  But that's what great actors do "act."  If you look closely you can see me on the left side of the screen standing behind the Marys and John.


I was privileged to stand on the side of the street as Jesus was carrying the cross.  It was so hard to be a witness in this scene.  The Savior was right next to me suffering for my sins and imperfections. I know we were all just acting but it gave me a greater understanding of some of the suffering that Jesus Christ did for me.

These are some Easter pictures that we took after church.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Spring Break in Las Vegas

C and S had their annual Dance Company trip in Vegas this year so instead of flying them out we decided to drive and spend some time there.

We drove on Tuesday afternoon and spent the night in St. George.

We took a tour of Brigham Young's Winter Home.

On Wednesday we drove to Las Vegas.  It has been over 10 years since we have visited Vegas and things have changed... a lot of new hotels and casinos but also all the stuff on the streets seems to have gotten worse.

We stayed with the Thorntons.  On Wednesday night we went to see Cirque Du Soleil with the Dance Company group.  S was going to stay with us and just go to the show and the classes but the other girls talked her into staying with them.  So after the show she joined them.  We had a nice buffet dinner at Treasure Island.

 On Thursday we went to the strip and spent the day visiting the free attractions in the hotels.  Each hotel is sooo far away from each other.  We were exhausted from all of the walking.  On our way out CR was feeling sick to his stomach and it took us a little while to actually get going.

We visited Circus Circus, Fashion Show Mall and Caesars Palace.

On Friday we first went to see the Hoover Dam.  There is a new bridge that was built that is just amazing! The pictures don't do it justice.  This was one of our favorite places that we visited during the trip.  On our way to the dam the Thorntons told us of a park where you can see mountain goats up close.  So we stopped by and played for a little while.


We then went back to Sunset Ave. to see more of the sights.  This time we went to MGM Grand where we ate at the Rainforest Cafe.  We walked through Planet Hollywood and to the Bellagio (walking in this case between each one can be defined as walking for at least a mile between each place and being attacked on the street at every step by people trying to hand you pornographic material.  We decided that if we ever come again we will just drive from place to place and avoid walking on the strip all together.)


Saturday morning we just picked up the girls from the Marriott's Grand Chateau and drove home.  It was a fun trip.  It was different just having two kids with us.