Sunday, September 28, 2008


K got to go to homecoming this year which is really the only year that she has in High School being 16+.
We found this beautiful and modest dress. Only minor alterations this time. I like that a lot!

They played laser tag for the day date. Then they went out to dinner and the dance. She had a group of about 16 couples.
She was in the homecoming parade on the yearbook float.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Canning Salsa

We have a few ginormous tomato plants that are blooming a little late but I really wanted to make salsa. So I got as many from our plants and then at enrichment some sisters shared stuff from their gardens and so I got some more and was able to make a huge batch. I think I got 2 dozen jars. Yay. Homedade Salsa again. We love it so much more than the store bought!

Friday, September 5, 2008

S's 12th Birthday

We had a fun party for S. She wanted a castle cake so I looked online and made it.
She got a bike for her birthday but we have not gotten it yet.
S is our happy go lucky girl. We wish she would give a few more details sometimes but how can she when she has two older sisters?
These are a few of the reasons why we love S:

She likes to help with dinner. (L)

She is very motivated when she sets a goal. Once she sets her mind on doing something, she will usually accomplish it! (KC)

She is very random and cute and is always making me laugh. And she also loves lobsters. (K)

She is so hilarious and I love the western accent she sometimes uses. (C)

She is very creative and funny. (CR)

She lets me play in her room and destroy it! (G)

Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day Camping

We went to Tony Grove for our annual camping trip this year. K had to work late on Saturday so we didn't leave until that morning. And that was a good thing because it took us all night to get packed and ready.

We went on a hike on Saturday and everyone placed at the beach. That night we went out for our traditional pizza.

Sunday we went on another hike and K came up so I went to Logan to pick her up. After we got back it started getting cloudy and a storm came in. It started lightning and thundering so in the rain we decided to just pack up and leave. It's great fun to pack camping gear in the rain!

So we went and had our dinner at the Percival's and then everyone just went home. It was a shorter camping trip than normal but it was still lots of fun.