Sunday, July 31, 2011

Second Half of July

 A cute picture of G with all her care bear's.
The second half of the month was spent with cousins from my side of the family.
 Jasmine's birthday! Pony cake.
 Festival where Z was face painting.
 Temple Square.  Always a favorite!

 R & C coming out of the Idaho Falls Temple.
 At the reception with my sisters.
 I don't remember what was going on here... I think they were give each other back rubs?
 This describes all of the days. Exhausting but fun.  After a while the kids just crash!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Cheyenne/B Family Reunion

KC's parents were celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary and we celebrated by getting the whole family together.  We had activities planned for each day.  And we all had such a good time!

One of the nights we watched a slide show of various pictures from their wedding.  Here are just a couple.

On Friday we went the Buffalo Ranch and went on a tour.

 This is the wonderful couple that brought us all together.  Grandma and Grandpa we love you!!!
 KC and I
 Tucker and Julie
 Cary and Becky
 After the tour we went to Little America and had some ice cream.

 The teenagers always have to be crazy!

All of the "adults" or maybe we should say children and spouses of Grandma and Grandpa went out to dinner so we could have a chance to talk without kids.  All of us pitched in to give them an anniversary present.  We gave them a remodel on their patio.  Well more like re-doing the floor.  We thought this would be a good present since it is the gathering place for so many activities.

 While we were gone to dinner..... C was directing a movie.  All of the grand-kids made a fun movie for grandma and grandpa.  And K did some face painting.

 When we got back we watched some slides of grandma and grandpa.  Fun times!!

The next day was family picture day!  Nothing else needs to be said...

 We also rented a trolley to take us around Cheyenne and give us a tour of places of interest to the family.  We visited previous homes, schools, etc.
 The only problem was that at the back of the trolley it was so hot that we were almost passing out!

 We had a small party for grandma and grandpa.  The cake has their original topper from 50 years ago and flowers from KC and mine wedding cake from 21 years
 K was modeling grandma's dress and C was modeling Perianne's dress.

 The men singing "Let me call you sweetheart"
 Jarett's bir

It was a wonderful, fun, busy week and we enjoyed every minute of it.  Family... isn't it the best?

Friday, July 15, 2011

First half of July

 C loves making movies.  So all of the cousins (especially the younger ones) always come up to her and ask her to film.  She is so good at it!

This is at the city's 4th of July parade!  Z was working hard face painting and so we had the kids.  It was fun since CR, S, and C were in the parade so this gave us a few more kids to have fun with.  

 CR was in the parade with his gymnastics team.
 C & S were in the parade with the Dance Company.  They were in the wet portion of the parade!

 My Birthday celebration! KC made me an ice cream cake with homemade ice cream!  It was delicious!

 And then while I was opening presents G got a hold of my camera and took a few random pictures so here are just a couple of them.

 My actual birthday was on Wednesday night.  Only the night that I have class and that everyone else has youth activities.  But the good thing was that K was coming home because we were leaving for Cheyenne the next day.  So wonderful K brought me cupcakes for us to have when I got home!  K is so sweet and such a homemaker now!