Saturday, April 30, 2011

April Pictures

My aunt Yoli (one of my favorite aunts in the whole wide world) came to visit us.  This picture was taken at temple square.  We met at the Family History Center. We walked around a little bit and got to have lunch together.
 In this picture the kids are putting together a puzzle.  Well G corrected me and said that it was her puzzle (But she wasn't doing any thing to put it together) but then she told the kids "You're doing a great job guys!"  It was so funny!
 On Saturday we went to see the Joseph Smith movie with everyone.  They made a few changes and it is soooo good.
 G loves to take cameras and take random pictures.  Well this one turned out pretty good.
 Celebrating Mami, Zildy, and Jonas' birthdays!
 The strawberry cake! Yummy!
 And last but not least my funny dad!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter 2011

We went to an Easter Egg Hunt with the neighborhood.  G thought it was the best!  KC and CR were camping with the scouts.

Then G had to play on the playground.
G modeling her Easter dress!
S Biddy
All 5 wonderful kids.
The Awesome 7 B's
I love my family!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Young Women Reunion

So I have the most amazing young women from our previous ward!  I love them so much but the problem is that they are old growing up.  As of this year they will all be graduated from high school!  And two of them are getting married. 

We wanted to do a little get together before the first of them gets married (Shauna).  So after a long, long, long, discussion on facebook we finally found a date and time when we could all meet.  And this was the day. We did have a couple of glitches... Candace's little boy was sick so she couldn't make it :( and Kellie the baby of the group was going to prom so she couldn't make it.  We thought Sariah would not be there and she was not at dinner but we went over and visited her because she had just gotten engaged!

Sariah and her fiancée.
Shauna and her fiancée.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

DARE Graduation

This is the end of his DARE essay:

From all of the knowledge I have learned, it all comes back to how horrible drugs are. Taking drugs could ruin how people think of you, causing you to lose friends or opportunities for jobs as you get older. Drugs will also diminish quality in sports. I like to play basketball, four square, soccer and several other sports. If I took drugs, I would move slower and not be able to play these sports. My brain would also not work as well, meaning I could not do as well in school, causing me to start failing in school. Drugs are not good for me, my friends or anyone else. Taking them would ruin everything for me in my life.

I feel that D.A.R.E. has been a good experience for me and everyone in our class. It has been very fun (along with delaying math time!). It has given everyone plenty of knowledge. In my opinion, D.A.R.E should continue for a very long time to help drug resistance. I enjoyed this, and I think that other kids will enjoy it, too.

Because of D.A.R.E., we have become more of a complete class, and I have learned to NEVER do drugs. This information will not just apply during our life as a kid, but it will come into play for the rest of our life.

I, Cee Ryle Brown, pledge to never take drugs, to follow the decision making model, always to be drug-free, and to take this information from the Drug Abuse Resistance Education program and always to remember what I have learned.

We are so proud of CR and I know he will live to his promise!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Spring Break

We didn't go anywhere far for Spring Break but we did do something fun everyday.  This is the breakdown:

Monday we went to run some errands like look at flutes, cellos, and pointe shoes.  Then we ate dinner and went to see the movie Rango.

Tuesday was girls shopping day close to home.

Wednesday was home day and I had class that night.

Thursday we got premiere tickets to see Soul Surfer so we went and had dinner at The Mayan and then we got to see the movie.  Really good movie btw.

We got lucky and K was able to drive up and watch the movie with us. 

Friday we went to Boondocks for a while and got to play all of the games and then go bowling.  Because Spring is struggling to visit us this year we had to ride the go-carts in the snow! 

 G was the big girl and had to do all of the bowling herself!

Also... the Flower's Family was on their way back from spring break and spent Saturday with us.  The cousins of course had fun making a commercial called "SPEED".  Another very good commercial btw.  This is the link if you are interested in watching it.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Alice's Broadway in Wonderland

CR was in the Spectrum Play and had one of the lead roles.  He was the Rabbit.  He is an awesome actor and did a wonderful job with the part.  This play is amazing because although it kind of follows the story line of Alice in Wonderland it was written by the teachers.  It's just a great program!  Lots of work but worth every minute of it!  FYI: I made the vest and we have it on DVD if anyone ever wants to watch it.