Monday, September 4, 2017

Harry Potter Camp and my Birthday

Gracie heard about this Harry Potter Camp at ballet and really wanted to do it but it was kind of pricey and I didn't know our summer schedule for summer so we delayed signing up. When I decided that it would be good for her to attend, there were no more spots! Aghh! Luckily a spot opened up and she was able to attend. The camp was for 2 weeks in the morning. She even got a letter of acceptance a few weeks before.

First day

After the first day. She was sorted into the the Hufflepuff House.

She made this awesome wand!

My birthday!!! Google remembers me :)

Zildy came to spend the day with me :) The first thing on our agenda was to get fish pedicures :0 I won two certificates at my counseling summer conference. We had to try it. It was really weird and I don't know if it did anything but we had a good laugh!

We went out to eat at Blue Lemon. 

We had a "walk and talk" for our ward that night. And there was chalk for the kids to draw on the sidewalk. In honor of Harry Potter Camp the girls drew with chalk! They are so artistic!!!

I got a happy 40th birthday card from Sister Carina with some more temple names! Yay!

Casey got me a mint cake! Yum!

On Saturday we went to Olive Garden for a brunch since CR wasn't able to join us on my actual birthday and the best part of birthdays is that you get to spend time with those you love!

Monday, August 28, 2017

Lava Hot Springs Vacay

We wanted to take a little vacation but we looked at dates and we couldn't find any time to go anywhere. So we decided to go for a couple of days to Lava Hot springs and spend some  time together!

We played at the pool in the morning

We had a nice lunch

In the afternoon we rented tubes and went down the river.

It was already hot and so it wasn't too fun to be in the hot pools but it was still relaxing!

So just a couple of days but it was nice to go away somewhere as a family!

Sunday, August 6, 2017

July 4th 2017

Starting off the celebrations with fireworks on July 3rd.

Parade time! It was so hot!

We got a nice shady spot under a tree so my parents came to watch the parade! YAY!

Zildy and family were facepainting so we just went there and had picnic. We brought our little grill and everything!

So patriotic!
In the late afternoon we went and saw Wonder Woman. It was a good way to stay out of the heat!

Then fireworks! Awesome as always!

We got home at about 11:15 but we still had to do our own fireworks. Shayden, Jasmine, and Tayevion came and spent the night.

June 2017

These are all of the other random events of June. Summer time is just fun time!

School Counselor's Summer Conference. Tori used to work with me but the went to a different school. Brooke is the Jr. high counselor and Spencer is our brand new elementary/intern counselor. We went out to eat at Blue Iguana.

The things we do to try and win prizes.

We want one of these at our school!

I guess my silliness won me a prize! Two fish pedicures!

Summer festival fun!

Casey ran the Utah Valley Marathon! And qualified for Boston! Let's hope he gets to go this time! He is so dedicated and really deserves to go! His time was 3:27:28. It would take me like 10 hours!

Trevar is home! And we got to Skype with him!

Happy Father's Day to these amazing men!

Oh how I love my father! Always entertaining us!

Gracie struggled learning how to ride a bike. But CR worked with her this summer and she did it! Now she really likes it!

Gracie babysitting Jasmine's dogs!

Parade of Homes

Gracie loves dogs!

Meal time!