Sunday, February 21, 2016

Valentine's Day Trip to Chicago

At the school where I work they have a winter break and it's always around Valentine's Day and President's Day weekend. So when flights to Chicago were really inexpensive why not take a little trip and to to Chicago in the winter? Sounded like fun so we did it! We bought our tickets for less than $100 each and I used credit card points for our hotel room. We used the "L" (subway) to get around so it really was an inexpensive trip. We are grateful that Kailee is living home right now cause if it wasn't for her these trips would be more dificult to make. 

We arrived on Thursday in the evening. And as we walked from the L to our hotel this was our view!

We found this cute restaurant to eat at called Portillo's.
Portillo's from the outside the next day.

On Friday we had breakfast at the bougie McDonalds.

McDonalds had this section that was like a museum. It had windows from each decade.

After breakfast we went decided to go to the zoo. Why not? It was free. And because it was so cold there was hardly anyone there except for the animals who were happay to be out and about.

After the zoo we went to The University of Chicago to a musium of ancient history.

I love visiting colleges

We then went had dinner at Tutto Italiano Restaurant. It was housed in an old train car. It was so cute and so was my date! 

That night we went to see Cabaret. Our seats were really far but they were cheap and it was a fun show.

We walked 15032 steps!!!
Saturday morning was going to be a really, really cold day in Chicago but what choice did we have. We had to keep exploring this city!

Let's take a selfie before we freeze to death!

This picture is gorgeous but it looks cold!

Our day started by going up to the Willis Tower

This was the cutest train station

Afterwards we went to see the bean!

Oh the signs you see in other cities!

On Sunday we found the church and went to sacrament meeting. It's great to go all over the world and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is the same everywhere!

It happened to be the Chinese New Year and they were having a parade. It was cold and it was snowing. What a great time for a parade???

That afternoon we wanted to go see the Chicago Temple but the trains and subways would not get us there cause it was Sunday so we had to settle by going to a mall and walk around cause it was sooo cold. But we did meet up with our friends from BYU... Jim and Susan. We had a nice dinner with them and we had a great time reminicing our college days.

I saw this at the airport and I had to take a picture!

We left on Monday morning. We went to the airport and when we got there we found out our flight was delayed a few hours. And then a few hours later it was delayed again! They ended up giving us a meal voucher and also a $100 credit for another flight. It was a pain waiting for so long but I was glad we were safe and now we get to go on another trip! We can't let that credit go to waste?