Sunday, November 4, 2012

September 2012

Sorry I'm getting so far behind!!!!  Because I get so far behind on my posts I have to do a monthly one just so I can catch up.  These are some of the events from September.

This is me trying to water ski!  Our Relief Society had an activity where we went boating.  I've never water skied in my life but I'll trying anything once right?  Well my own water-skiing experience was pretty much a flop but we had lots of fun anyways!!!

Z&J gave us a night at the Alaskan Inn as thanks for watching the kids when they went on their trip.  We had to use it before the end of September so luckily we have C home that could take care of things at home while we were gone for a night.  It was such a  nice getaway because it was unexpected.  There were no expectations because it wasn't an anniversary or birthday it was just a fun night for the two of us!

We were in the "Eagle's Nest" Room and the bed was really high off the ground.  The whole room was themed with eagles up in the mountains. We also had a beautiful view of the mountains from our room.

 The Homecoming Parade.  S was in it with dance company but I guess I didn't get a picture.
 K gave G a spiderman shirt?
Cousin Jasmine got baptized and this is our favorite family picture!
We enjoyed having Jenner come to the baptism.

 Beautiful Jasmine with G.

K's face-painting of G.

The BYU vs. Utah Football game with Cosmo.

Mom and Dad came out for Kade's farewell in Idaho at the end of the month.  There was a BYU game on Friday night and since we don't get the game on TV we decided to go out to eat somewhere where we could watch the game.  When we were leaving our booth at the restaurant mom slipped on the step because the booth was up high and she fell.  We thought she was ok but when we left she wasn't feeling well and her wrist was swelling up so we went to an urgent care and then they sent them to the emergency room.  To make a long story short.  They were there till like 2 in the morning.  Some bones had to be adjusted and mom had to wear a splint to keep it in place.  It is a hard for mom not to have the use of her right hand!

On Saturday we had planned a day at Lagoon because CR still had some passes that he won with the spelling bee and it was University of Phoenix's homecoming so I had some passes to use also.  We kind of just came and went all day with whoever was around.

G had a long day and she just crashed.  Just like her daddy does sometimes (ok a lot of times)!
At the farewell luncheon.  Ryan and Kade both going to Peru (different missions).

 G must have thought that we were doing a silly face picture.  :)