Tuesday, February 19, 2008


This weekend we moved 4 kids around to different bedrooms. CR and G got the biggest room but we had to paint the over the pink walls. C got the computer room and S got the blue room. It was lots of work but the girls have been begging us for their own room for a long time and it was only fair to give the kids that share a room the biggest one.

CR really wants to share a bedroom with his baby sister. He doesn't mind the crying or stinky dipers at all!

Monday we finished adjusting everything and we told the kids that if they cleaned up quickly we could go see Enchanted. So of course they cleaned up quickly.

It was a wonderful movie. The best that I have seen in a long time. It motivates me to be happier and look for the good in everyone. Sometimes our world is so grumpy!

Valentine's Day

I think Valentine's Day is kind of silly since everyone is forced to do something. Shouldn't we show our love every day?

Anyway, we still celebrate! I left a balloon with a bouquet of candy for everyone before I went to work. It looked so cute. But did I think to take a picture? Why would I remember that. So this is the leftover stuff. G just loves the balloon. She gets so excited when she sees it!

KC and I decided to get the kids a heart shaped pizza and we went out to dinner. We ate at Red Lobster. We had an 1 1/2 hour wait but we went shopping while we waited so it was fine. It's always good to have an excuse to go out to eat alone.

S and CR made valentine's this year cause there was nothing exiting out there to buy. S made a butterfly with tootsie rolls in the middle and CR made mice with lollie pops inside that said "Have a Mice Valentine's Day!"

Monday, February 11, 2008


We get to go on Trek again!!! We are so excited. When we went 6 years ago the kids were all young. This time K and C get to go also.

It happens to be the same week as the girl's ballet recital. They have two casts and we can participate in cast A but we leave on Wednesday so we cannot do cast B. K and C ballet and C and S jazz is in cast A. But C ballet is on cast B. This would be her first year dancing the recital on pointe but she is going to not participate in the recital this year because Trek is so important. We are proud of her for making that decision.

We had our first meeting last night and it was great! It will be a wonderful experience for all of us. We love the gospel and this gives us a little glimpse of what those early pioneers went through for the gospel of Jesus Christ.

This is a picture of our family on trek 6 years ago.

First Two weeks of February

We have been busy doing school projects and other crazy things. CR presented a report on Mount St. Helens on Friday. He practiced with his family and he did great. He has so much knowledge in that little head of his!!

Saturday moring we went to the World Wide Traning meeting and it was so good. They talked about a righteous posterity and it gave me so much encouragement and direction. We revolve around families so we must work on teaching them correct principles. There was a panel discussion and just too much good information to mention here. Let's just say we have a lot to work on but we are surely trying.

The girls and I went shopping for a little while in the afternoon and it was fun. We went to Limited 2 to get their free stuff with their report cards and along the way we found some other good deals. The boys stayed at home and worked on a pinewood derby car. (They only have like 3 months left to finish it!)