Friday, July 31, 2015

Denver and Cheyenne

This year I got the opportunity to go to Denver for an AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) training. I went with three other co-workers. They flew me to Denver and from there we went to the Hampton Inn downtown and we were within walking distance of the Denver Convention Center.
The Hampton Inn
The view from our room

The eating area. The hotel had a very nice breakfast in the morning.
The Denver Convention center that was about a block away.
We had dinner the first night at the Hard Rock Cafe right on 16th street.
This was my view during dinner. There are many interesting sites on this street.
After dinner we took a little walk around town and these are a few of the sites.

My coworkers (Alex, Chris, and Micki)

The lobby of the hotel while I waited for my family to come pick me up.
Ky was going through the temple this same day in Denver so Casey, Kailee, grandma and grandpa came to pick me up on the way to the temple.
At the Denver Temple. 25 years ago in May we were married here :)

Afterward we went out to eat at the Seasons. It was delicious!!! It was fun celebrating this special day with Ky and the family! 

The next few days we were in Cheyenne for Frontier Days. Before I got there the rest of the family was in the parade. I wish I could have been there with them but I think they make cute pioneers!!!

I was still able to be there for the Saturday parade!

We were happy that Tron, Lara, Skyler, Shaylee and Alivia were able to be there during this time also.

Just a random cute picture of Gracie and Buster.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

My birthday and other early July events

We started the month with a new milestone for Cee Ryle. He got his license!!! Ahhh watch out!

I just had to capture this picture because only an awesome dad would sit down and play Mall Madness with his daughter. He's always so great like that! And I know I appreciate everything he does for me and our children!!! 

My birthday! It's a fun day but I hate being the center of attention. I drove Analiese (niece) to Provo that day to drop her off at BYU for a SOAR program. After that I met Kailee and we had kolaches for breakfast. It was delicious and it was so fun to spend some quality time with Kailee. I've decided that that all I really want for my birthday is to spend time with those that I love. Knowing that people take time to be with me makes me the happiest!!! 

That night we went out to dinner to Texas Roadhouse. There is this amazing balloon guy there on Monday nights and I got the rose from Beauty and the Beast.  

Aghh and they had to sing to me sitting on the saddle. Remember I don't like being the center of attention??? 

Then it was present time... 

And a little cake for me. Yay! 

My cute kids and then there's Cee Ryle? 

The kids gave me a ticket to go see Lady Antebellum. One letter from each kid. Fun! 

Before we get to Casey's Birthday I should finish with my present... which was to going to see Lady Antebellum with Kailee and Sidney. Such a fun concert!!!

We celebrated all of the July birthdays a little late because that's just the way it worked out. The birthday girls were Leonora, Shandrea, Jasmine, and me :) Shandrea (Jonas' niece from Louisiana) made a delicious gumbo.

Shayden playing some tunes on his ukelele for us

Ruth and her family stopped by and spent an afternoon with us! We love how she takes the time from all of her other families to stop by and see us!!! 

Gracie's first day of 3rd grade. She is on year round school so it starts in July. Hopefully this is the last year of this craziness!!!  

Annaliese was with us for a few days after SOAR so we had to go to Temple Square. Gracie loved spending time with her!

Monday, July 6, 2015

Fajardo Family Reunion and 50th Anniversary

This year in May marked my parent's 50th wedding anniversary. So we tried to come up with a gift that they would really love. We thought what would they love to just have all the family together. So we got to work and decided that Bear Lake would be the best location for all of us and they would love the atmosphere there. So we rented a house and got everything ready. 

We drove up on June 30 and this was part of our sceanery along the way, beautiful!!!

We got there and just kind of hung outand got dinner ready.

Everyone helped with the meal.

We missed Courtney's birthday so we had to do a procession and celebrate!

Oh this silly family.

The kids had a few movie premiers to show so we all gathered in the basement for the show.

The movies we watched were:

The next morning we all participated in:

The winner was, of course, Casey but really he had no competition.

That day we went and just played at the beach.

My mom agreed to go on a ride on the jet ski. She's so cool! 

50 years!!! Yay!!!


That night we went to get famous Bear Lake raspberry shakes.

Maroon Team

Blue Team

Red Team (the leaders at least)

Aqua Team

Green Team

One big awesome team!!!

The sibkings

Thursday was a day to just relax, go to the pool, go for a drive around the lake, talent show, etc.

They went from this...

To this...

To this...
That night we went and took some family pictures. Ufortunately Jonas' camera was stolen and the pictures were gone so this is all we have from the video Kailee was filming. 

Retake from last time we were all together which was when these three got baptized.

Dinner time!

Talent show time. Just has to be done every time we get together pretty much.

Some pictures of the cabin before we left on Friday.

We then drove up to have a tour of the Minnetonka Cave.

Lunch at Firehouse Pizza before heading home.

Betos for some Mexican food.

Fourth of July hot air balloons in Provo. It was a little windy so we never got to see the balloons launch. Oh well it was a fun time together!

Attempting to watch the parade for a few minutes

A horse man dancing??? 

Cee Ryle loves the parade. It is tradition that we always go to the parade. For years we have had one or more of our children in it but this year we didn't and since no one else really wanted to go we decided to stay home. Well CR would have none of that. He decided to ride his bike, attach a flag and go to the parade. He's so patriotic!!!

In the afternoon we went and saw Inside Out with all the kids.


Temple Square

Random picture of Gracie and Ellie