Sunday, August 28, 2016

Carina's Birthday Week and Mission Call

All Carina wanted for her birthday this year was to go skydiving! So she and Casey got to go.

They had an awesome time! I was just glad they survived!

We went to Red Robin for dinner.

 Jef and Annaliese joined us since they were in Provo getting Annaliese all ready for school.Link to Carina's vlog about her birthday.

On Thursday she received her mission call! Ahhh!!! But we had to wait until Sunday to open it cause she wanted her friends and family to all be with her.

Here she is on Sunday just waiting....

Here we are! All ready and skyping for those that couldn't be with us!

She was so cute and so nervous and anxious to see where she was going.

She got called to the California Redlands mission. Entering the MTC on October 12. Look how happy she looks! She will be an amazing missionary!

Then we had to celebrate the birthdays for the month of August!

Zildy always has some fun presents in store!

Carina and her best friend Blair.

Carina and her friends that came to be with her on this special day!
Two videos of this event at:

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Jenner and Cassandra's Wedding

 There is something about weddings that makes everyone happy. Jenner and Cassandra's wedding was no different! It seems like we have been with Jenner all along the way from the beginning of their relationship. It was so exciting to hear his stories of meeting her, wanting to date her, and then dating, to the engagement and then to this weekend, the wedding! They are made for each other that's for sure! 

On Friday night before the wedding they had a picnic where the two families could meet and get to know each other better. 

We even brought Trevar and Sidney to the celebration!

After dinner they had everyone introduce their families in a creative way. This is the Jefre and Mayra Family.

This is the Child's family.

The Becky and Cary Family

Part of the Flower's Family

This is us doing a rap that Carina made up for us. It was pretty funny!

Saturday morning the wedding was at the Mt. Timpanogos Temple. 

Everyone just anxiously waiting for the cute couple to come out.

And here they are!

 Everyone at the temple :)

The bridesmaids.

Two cute couples!

That evening there was a reception. Kailee was working on this sign for people to sign. She's so talented!


And they were off!

Gorgeous picture! It was a beautiful day!
There are two videos made of the wedding:


Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Guatemala Day 9 - Guate to Vegas to home - Aug 7

Sunday morning we had to get up early and get going since most of our flights left early. We were sad to say goodbye to Guatemala and the family.

The Olympics were going on and this was all set up at the airport!

The view from the plane. The houses right next to the airport.

We made it back to Vegas to get our car and then drive to get Gracie and then to home. The traffic going south was stopped and it reminded us of all of the protests that we encountered along our way. 
It was an amazing trip. Not exactly as planned at all times but we had a great time together. I love that our children have the opportunity to see where their ancestors come from. We made it home safely and we are grateful for all those that helped us to make this trip possible. Juan for driving us to the airport and taking care of our car, Casey's parents for taking care of Gracie for a week. Perianne for driving Gracie out to Utah. Carina for picking up Gracie and taking care of her for a couple of days. Jenny for taking Gracie for the last few days of our trip, Chepe for showing us around and making sure we had all of the information that we needed. Zildy for all of the planning that we did together. Casey and Jonas for being willing to put up with our crazy family. The children for being born cause without them we probably would not have made this trip. My siblings for being so close that we enjoy taking trips like these together! The Guatemalan people that helped us along the way when we ran into problems. And mostly my parents for being great examples for us to follow!

Que tengan un buen viaje! Hasta la proxima vez! Muy amables!

Video of Guatemala 

Monday, August 15, 2016

Guatemala Day 8 - Antigua - Aug 6

Our last full day in Guatemala. It was so fun and we didn't want it to end! This house that we stayed in was very beautiful too!!!

The three girls bought these cute tops!

The outside of the house in Antigua

The kids were always playing something
The streets in Antigua.

We needed breakfast and found a Pollo Campero. Everyone was taking advantage of the the WIFI while we waited.

After breakfast it was shopping time at the market :)

After shopping for a while Chepe met up with us and took us to a small town not to far from Antigua called San Felipe. There was another market there. 

Chepe getting his shoes shined. Chepe wanted to spend time with us so he took a bus to Antigua so he could spend the day with us. He was in an accident a while ago and he walks around with a cane but he wants to help whenever possible.

When there are licuados we stopped to have some.

Since it was the last day we didn't care where we ate. So we had mixtas from this street vendor. They were delicious!

Julio and his kids didn't want to eat on from the street vendors so they came to this restaurant. We joined them a little later and the WIFI again!

The triplet cousins!

We then drove to this other little town that Chepe recommended. It was called Santa Maria de Jesus. It wasn't a tourist place and so it was so nice to visit. This is where the women come to do their wash by hand. My dad mentioned that this is how his mom washed their clothes when they were little. They would have to go really early in the morning to reserve their spot.

I love everything about this picture!

Afterwards we went back to Antigua to have dinner at a restaurant that played marimba. 




Kailee with her lemonade

Cee Ryle and his ginormous meal

I love Antigua. We often would go visit to get out of the city. It's not a great representation of the country as a whole because it's so touristy but it is beautiful.