Tuesday, August 14, 2012

KC or Mountain Man's Birthday


This is my wonderful KC and his beard and long hair.  He started growing it in June with hopes to be able to participate in the New Testament filming.  I don't particularly like it, the kids don't like it and he doesn't like it so why is he doing this???  Because it is worth it to be able to be on the set of filming these amazing videos of the life of Jesus Christ.  When you are there you can feel the truthfulness of the stories and it is worth the hair growing and long days in the heat to be a part of such an amazing gift to the world!

To start the day we went hiking somewhere in little Cottonwood Canyon with our friends the Foutz.  We left at 7:30 hiked for close to 8 miles and then came home.  We were starving so we went out to eat at Salt City Burger.  That night we went to see the Lorax with everyone but K cause she was at a wedding.  On Sunday we celebrated with the extended family.  We made a Chinese meal.  Egg drop soup (made by CR), egg rolls, chicken stir fry and rice.  No fortune cookies cause we had to have birthday cake.

K was shocked when she saw him for the first time.  But everyone is always shocked when they see him.
What does a girl have to do to get a "normal" picture around here???

 Finally!  But this one is a little cheesy now.
 Opening presents.

On Monday night we went to see Hello Dolly the musical put on by the city and then went out for dessert at Orange Leaf.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY KC!  WE LOVE YOU!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Cheyenne Frontier Days

July 20-24

We always try to go to Cheyenne sometime during the summer and visit with KC's family.  This year we had so many things going on that we had a short amount of time so it was a quick trip.  Although short it was still fun!

On Saturday morning we went to the Frontier Days Parade.  Luckily Tron (KC's brother) works at a hotel downtown and saved us a spot with chairs and shade.  It was really hot.  We enjoyed the parade for a while and then we went inside the hotel lobby to cool off.

 G can't pass up opportunities to pose.
 The younger cousins.
 Playing dress up.  A favorite pastime for the girls.
 On Friday night Brad Paisley was performing at the park so we thought it would be fun to go walk around the park and listen to the music.  We found a spot where we could see the big screen and we stood there for a little bit to watch the concert.  C was videoing when a person came out and gave her her pass so she could get in and watch it closer.  She went in for a while then she came out and S and CR went in to listen.  It was such an eye opening experience for them.  Environment that they are not used to being around.  Most were drinking.  C even got offered a drink that she refused.  They asked her why and she said because she was Mormon.  Because of the pass we ended up staying there for all of the concert.
 Only a loving grandma would let a grandchild play in flour.  G thought it was great!  G became close to grandma on this trip.  G is an early riser and most nights she would fall asleep somewhere and we would just put her in bed so she did not know where our room was.  We eventually showed her so she would come find us if she needed us but she liked grandma better.  Early in the morning she would wake up and immediately go upstairs to grandma's bedroom.  Grandma would turn on the tv with cartoons so of course G kept going to see her every morning.
 The three teenage cousins with their COW Shirts.

 S was the official face painter for this trip.  This is some of her work.

 Drawing outlines.  Soooo cute!

Friday, August 3, 2012

Texas Cousins

July 14-18, 2012

We have these wonderful cousins and sister that make such a great effort to come and visit us every year all the way from Texas.  This year we weren't sure if they would make it because Ruth is about 7 months pregnant and she had to get approval from the doctor to make the long drive.  We weren't sure if they would be able to until about a week before.  She got approval but she had to stop every couple of hours and walk.  What a sacrifice! We love having them here even if its just for a few days.

We didn't do much this time because we just wanted to kind of hang out and enjoy spending time together.
We didn't take to many pictures but these are some of the fun times.

The little ones playing together:
 My wonderful sister Ruth:
 The making of the movie (the boys):
The making of the movie (the girls):

 The Moms:
 The kids at Burger King:
 Trying to get pictures (not succeeding):
 Still trying to take pictures (succeeding 50 %):
 Presents for the Texas cousins:
The kids did make their annual movie.  It was a re-make of Spy Showdown because they just did not like the first one.  Here is the link.  We have some awesome actors in the family.
We went downtown to see City Creek and Temple Square.   We took the Frontrunner so we didn't have to try and find parking and all that.

We went up to the top of the Church Office building.  We had never been there before and this is the view from up there.
What is it about kids and water?
 We also went to the Church Museum (the children's section)
I love this picture mainly because I love it when my mom plays with the grandchildren.  She is so cute!

My Birthday!!!

July 13, 2012

I have a confession to make.  My birthday is always a tough day! I set myself up for failure.  I always have really high expectations of how the day should go but then I just sit and wait for everyone to make it perfect for me.  Well I've recently realized that I can't expect others to make my day fun I have to make it fun for myself.  I can't control others right? But I can control myself and my emotions.

So when my birthday came around and KC was gone to scout camp I was worried that it would be bad day.  (I won't mention what I imagined for my perfect birthday because that doesn't matter.) So I created a fun day for myself without expecting anyone else to do it for me.  It all started when my visiting teachers came and brought me some balloons in the morning, as I was talking to them I told them that I was just going to do whatever fun stuff that I wanted to do.  And they said "that's a good attitude just do whatever you feel like doing since it's your special day after all!"  So I told myself that's what I would do!

Luckily S and G were home.  We went shopping for a little while in the morning.  Then we went out to lunc at the Pizza Place.  C was working but when she got off we went on a girls night out with Z.  We left the kids to be babysat and we went and saw the Katie Perry: Part of Me movie.  It was a good movie.  Just like being at one of her concerts (very entertaining).  The theater was reserved just for the four of us (not really just no one else happened to be there in the afternoon) and we even got to sing to "Grease" (one of my favorite movies btw) before the movie started (to this day I don't know why but I say it was done just for me because it was my birthday.)

Afterwards we met with my parents and had yummy food and dessert at Leatherby's (the best ice cream parlor ever!)

 The best ice cream ever!
 My parents have been celebrating my birthday for years and years (I won't say how many).  But I love them so much and I am so grateful that they are my parents!  They are the best!  I couldn't have asked for better!
 The crazy thing is that they make you stand up and the entire restaurant sings "Happy Birthday!" Sorta embarrassing!  Too much attention for my taste.  But worth it for my free ice cream!

On Saturday KC and CR came home and Ruth and kids came for a visit from Texas.  So on Sunday we had a birthday party for me and Lele (a long time friend).

G was more excited for my birthday than I was so she wanted to decorate my cake.  She got some Disney Princesses to put on top and I loved it!  She took the time to make my day special!

The best thing about my birthday is that I get to spend time with my family!  And according to the "Love Languages" that is how I understand love!  Thanks to everyone who made my day special!