Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Princess Festival

June 27-28, 2012

There is this Princess Festival that runs for two weeks and my sister Z facepaints the entire time. S was able to help her the second week.  I also had tickets so G and I had already planned on going for one day.  On Thursday we went again, to drive S, to help Z with the kids and for G to have more fun. 

Most of the money they raise goes to charity.  They teach the girls that they are all princesses and what princesses should behave mainly having good values. G has a hard time pretending to be anything than herself so when everyone calls her princess she always says she is not a princess unless she is wearing a beautiful dress.  We are trying to get her to understand that all girls are princesses!!!

 We went on the 27th in part to celebrate this princesses' 1/2 birthday.  We stopped and got a little cake on our way home.

 G and cousin J just wondered around the park visiting will all the other princesses and having fun!

 Even the prince and princess cow's need a break.
 A new pose I guess???
 Cinderella's carriage.

 It's fun cause the princesess are just everywhere and they are more than happy to take pictures with the children.
 Dancing with the 12 Dancing Princesses.

It was a fun couple of days.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Recital 2012

June 19-23, 2012

The recital this year was titled Pixie Dust.  It was a special recital because it was C's last and G's first. 

S was in cast A but because of Trek she only performed one of the nights.  Both the ballet teacher and the Trek Master (1st Counselor in Stake Presidency) said it would be fine for her to do this.  So she danced on Wednesday night and KC drove her to the location of Trek on Thursday morning.  She ended up having a small solo because she was only there one night.  S's dance was called Capricorn.

C had two parts. The senior's dance was called "Peter and the Wolf" and she was a hunter.

Her class dance was Capricorn.

I'm going to miss watching her dance.  She's so beautiful!
G was in cast B and she was an "Eency, Weency Spider"
At first G was a little confused about what to do but she caught on quickly.  One thing I like about their ballet school is that it's so professional.  When it's time to perform a dance the girls do it all on their own.  The teachers are not demonstrating what to do in front of them or the parents.  The dancers just do what they have been taught to do in class whether it's right or wrong. What the audience gets its what it is and its always great!

I was trying to upload video but it didn't work and I don't want to try any more so pictures will have to do.  Anyone is welcome to come over and watch it anytime though!

This is S in her trek gear minus the shoes.

G loves to pose for pictures.  Taught to her by her older sisters.
 On Saturday night after the recital. They were AWESOME!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Father's Day 2012

June 17, 2012

We were so glad that we made it on the flight so that we could be home for Father's Day.  Since we didn't have time to plan dinner.  I asked C and S to plan something.  I was planning on helping them more but with all of the stress of getting on the flight I never did.  Well I have awesome daughters cause they figured out what to make, who was making what and went and bought food for dinner.  We had grilled chicken with angel hair pasta, salad, french bread, strawberry lemondade and brownies. 

Here is a picture of the dads.  My dad was in Guatemala and so we didn't get to celebrate with him this year.

This is my scruffy husband and father of our children.  He is the best ever! He loves the children so much and does so much for all of us to keep us happy and taken care of.  He is also a great example of rightousness.  We are truly blessed to have him as the head of our family.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Standby to Boston

June 16, 2012

This year I wanted to visit Boston for a few reasons:  K is spending the summer there, my brother's family lives there, and I haven't been there for a long time.  One bonus was that my sister Z, who works for Jet Blue, can give me a buddy pass to go and if I go with her I have a better chance of actually getting on the flight.  We got on the flight at midnight on Saturday June 9.  It's always scary flying standby cause there are no guarantees.  These are a few of the fun things we did:

Before we left that day we went to a screening for the New Testament II Filming.  We had a long wait but it was fun and hopefully if we get called, worth it.

We got into Boston on SUNDAY morning.  A little tired but we were glad to be there.  BF had a graduation open house that afternoon so we went with them.  It was in Cape Cod. 

While visiting someone called my name and it was my roomate from my second year at BYU Tammy.  I knew she was from Massachussets but what a coincidence to meet up with her here.  Small world when you are LDS!  It made my day and trip to see her.

Just taking pictures by the lake.  The house we were visiting was next to a lake.  It was beautiful.

Two of my sibling and I, we wished J was with us.  What a great bonding trip.

The entire gang. 

On MONDAY we wanted to just take it easy.  We went to see where K is doing her internship and where she works.  Wow.  What a nice mall!  And I had the yummiest tomato basil grilled cheese sandwich ever!

A beautiful display at Anthropology.  K is working on one similar to it.

In the evening the Boston Girls had swimming lessons and we went to watch them for a little while.

Just hanging out... talking, eating, laughing, playing with magnet balls.

Tuesday we went to downtown Boston.  This is the public library.  This is just so historic I love it!

We went to a cute park where we rode on these cute swan boats.

And we ate at this hole in the wall pizza place that was just delicious.  Leave it up to my siblings to always find delicious, hidden, and cheap all in one.

The Carnie's come out at night...

We wanted to fly out on Wednesday night but the flights did not look good so we decided to wait until Thursday night.  So what to do??? Why not go to Harvard.  I'd always wanted to go...

The Harvard Library.  One can only get in with a library card.

We took a tour in the rain.

Jordan's Furniture store Mardi Gras Party.

Thursday D and I and K went to Castle Island and walked around and enjoyed the scenery.  The way back was a tough one.  K had to work at 5 but D had a work call to take so we didn't leave till 4 which is late when there is traffic.  Well we got stuck in it and the car was over heating and the gas light was on.  In Boston they have lots of tunnels underground to aliviate the traffic but it was stopped there also.  And what would we do if we coudn't go any more in that traffic.  Well we were blessed cause D was able to turn off the engine for a little while and we coasted down hill.  The car cooled down a little bit.  K was a little late to work but she called them and it was fine.  And we did not run out of gas.  I guess we had the Boston Traffic experience.

My new facebook friend. KIKI

Bob's:  A furniture store that has a room with treats free for all!

Z checking flight loads.  Kids just watching something.

Crazy picture taking

Friday we thought we would get out and we went to the airport only to find out that the flights were compelety full because of some Jet Blue convention and they didn't put themselves on the list so we had no way of knowing.  So we got to spend one more day.  Because we already knew about crazy traffic we decided to hang out a little while longer at a park till the traffic got better.

D of course found this little park really close to the airport.  Cute but the planes flew right above us.

This is called Hop on Pop. 

Saturday we had just a little bit of time so we went to a few yard sales in the morning (we couldn't resist) and then we took off to the airport.  We started a new tradition that when people leave they crank up the music in the car and those that are staying do a dance for us.  (It helps with the sadness of leaving.)

What a wonderful trip for me, myself and I.  But don't get me wrong I missed my family very much and I was glad to make it back to them.