Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Disney Dream Cruise (Nassau Day)

April 27, 2012

This is what we woke up to from our balcony.  Beautiful, warm, and humid.
 We didn't have any activities scheduled for the day we just kind of wanted to explore the city of Nassau.  As we got off the boat there were all these people trying to take us on a tour of the city.  So we gave in and went on a tour on this rickety van.  He showed us around and explained some of the history of Nassau.
 He took us to this little market to go do some real shopping.  Bartering and all.
This is the Queen's Water Tower.  It's right next to the little market the tour took us to.  We were able to take some good pictures from here.
This is the Queen's Staircase.
Nassau is so colorful!
The tour also took us to the Atlantis Resort. 

We did some shopping downtown but G, CR, and KC got tired of it so the rest of us stayed behind to find a few more souvenirs.
Back on the ship they still had the character meet and greets.  Tinker Bell was there and G just had to see her.  Since it was pirate night, G was wondering around saying aghhhrr every chance she got so she also did it with Tiker Bell.  Then before she left her she gave her a huge (and I mean huge) hug.  It was such a precious moment.  As you can tell in the picture Tinker Bell was really into it also.  That's one thing that I loved about the cruise... the characters were so in character and they loved visiting with the children and adults.

Dinner at the Enchanted Garden on pirates night.

This is K's pirate hook???  Hmm.  Whatever.
Our table number every night.
Delicious dessert.
G had a Mickey Ice Cream Bar for dessert and she was enjoying putting it all over her face.
What we found back in our room after dinner.
Then it was time for the evening show:  Villains Tonight. Here is a link to a preview of the show
First Look at Disney Cruise Line's "Villans Tonight"
After the show that night there was a pirate party on deck.  We took G to "Pixie's Hollow" (that's what she called the Oceaneer's Club, the hangout place for 3-12 year olds.) We could take her there to have fun while we went and had some more grownup fun.  Although we were not allowed in there unless we were picking up here are a few pictures of the Oceaneer's Club.


The rest of us went to the pirate's party. They had some fun music and dancing.  It was just us and the girls because we lost CR that night at the younger kids pirate party and we had no idea where he was.  He knew he was safe since he had been going to hang out with the kids his age at the Edge (for tweens ages 11-14).  It was kinds of weird not to know where he was but how far could he get on the ship?  So we didn't really worry.  He came back to the stateroom at about midnight and he had a great night.  Here is a picture from the Edge.
 And finally the pirate party and fireworks show!
Another fun day! Good Night!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Disney Dream Cruise Day 1

April 26, 2012

This is the day we had been waiting for since January.  We were so excited to finally be able to get on. This is the view of the ship from our van.

 G showing her excitement!
While KC and I waited in line to get G's band. The kids sat and waited patiently. They were watching a Disney movie and looking at all the stuff to do on board. 
 A replica of the Disney Dream Cruise Ship.
 At the entrance of the ship.

 WOW! It is so elegant!

 Our stateroom wasn't ready when we boarded so we went to have lunch at the Cabana's.

 This is the main fun deck!!!  Pools, huge screen with Disney movies playing, food, sun, etc. etc.
 Even the restrooms are Disney themed!
 On the cruise they put each family on a rotation for dinner.  There are three restaurants and so that way everyone gets to dine at each one at least once.  The servers follow you each night.  The first night we dined at the Animator's Palate. 
 This is the place setting.
 Throughout the restaurant there are these screens and every once in a while the turtle starts talking to those sitting close by.  It asks questions and it's just fun.
 Here we all are!

 When we got back to our stateroom this is what we found on our beds.
 After the dinner we got to go to the show "The Golden Mickey's".  It was amazing!
 We were not allowed to take pictures but here are a couple of links of part of the show.  I'm putting this on here so we can remember it.

The Golden Mickey's

The Golden Mickey's Finale