Saturday, October 22, 2011

Planking Day

On the Saturday of UEA we let the kids decide what they wanted to do.  They didn't really know either they just wanted to do something...  We came up with a few things and all that C wanted to do was to plank in various places.  We were not thrilled of the idea but we told her that wherever we went we would plank just for her.  So you will see that throughout our day that is what we did.

So we started the day by seeing a premiere of "Puss in Boots".  This was just a cool poster that we saw as we came out of the movie.  We saw a premiere for this one a few weeks before.
 K was able to come with us cause she was face-painting at the Expo center but not until noon.  So after the movie we went to visit her at the "Kids Fair".  The kids got to see their cousins and we just hung out for a few hours.

 Leave it up to C to get the grandparents to "plank"! Wow! Aren't they awesome?!

After the Kids Fair we went to the Copper Mine.  We had not been here for at least 15 years.  We used to go with my parents all the time but we were so tired of it that we had blocked it out of our minds and now the kids wanted to see what it was.
 We later went to see Z who was face-painting at the Witch Fest at Gardner Village.  We walked around and did a puzzle for a cookie but it was fun.


It ended up being a great family day!  We spent it all together and had fun doing lots of different activities!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

BYU and Cheyenne Party

We were already planning on heading down to Provo today anyways because of the Cheyenne Party and then K told us about the BYU lost and found sale so we decided to just leave a little bit earlier so we could attend.  C and S could not come with us because they were taking Dance Company pictures at the Salt Flats and they did not want to miss this opportunity.

It was a crazy sale.  There was a lot of stuff and there was a lot of people.  But it was fun and we found some awesome deals.

After that we walked around campus a little bit and took some planking pictures, while K finished cleaning her apartment and then we went to have lunch together. 

Then we were going to go get K's car so we could go and get it inspected but it would not start!  Surprise huh?  Well, we took K to work and then went to Nelson's to the party.  In the back of our minds wondering what we would do with K's car.

We had a fun party.  I have been attending these parties since the first one took place 22 years ago when KC and I were just dating.  I think this deserves a before and after picture.

October 1989

 October 2011
 When K got off work and we had to go pick her up we borrowed grandpa's car so we could tow it to the shop.  That was an experience in it of itself.  But we got it to the shop that was only a few blocks away.  Then we went back to the party.

Thursday, October 13, 2011


We entered to win tickets to some plays in the area.  K was the lucky one that won two tickets to Grease in Tuacahn (St. George).  I was lucky that she took me with her.  Well more like I took her to see the show cause I drove but it was worth it.

I picked her up in Provo at 2:00pm and we headed down.  We made it to St. George around 5:30pm.  We walked around the outlets a little and then we went to get something to eat.

Then was the amazing show!  It was awesome!  Because it was outside they can do many things that are not possible inside.  This is one of my favorite musicals ever and this one did not disappoint me at all.

We had a fun time with K.  Lots of driving but lots of good conversations.  We got back around 1:00pm so that K could go to her afternoon classes.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

NTP -- Day 7 Peter and John Preach and are Arrested

I couldn't find a good picture for this scene either.  This is the closest that I could get.
This is on Solomon's Porch where this scene was filmed.  This is a picture from that the church published.

Day 7 -- TUESDAY OCTOBER 4, 2011
My call time was 6:30am and I got to carpool once again with my friend from Layton.  I knew this would be my last day for sure because they had already told us that this was the last day that they would be using women background players.
By this day I was an old pro actress… well sort of.  There were a lot of extras this day, the most that I saw in all the days that I was on set.  It took me a while to get through hair and makeup so by the time I got out most everyone was on the set.  Some were sitting on the side but then some were already filming.  This was my first time filming by Solomon’s Temple.
They came and got a few of us at a time and placed us all over the porch and patio.  This was a big area and they wanted to film people coming from far to see what was going on.  Peter and John were preaching and we approached to listen.  I wasn’t too far so I still made it in time to listen to them preach.  We did this many times for some reason.  They weren’t catching something just right.  One of the many times that we did it a lady in front of me fainted and so we had to stop filming for that.  The medics came and took care of her and we got a little break from that. 
We had lunch and then we went back on set.  We sat for a while and then they sent half of the extras home and kept the rest of us.  This time we were filming Peter and John being arrested.  We were just the crowd watching in the background.  They were hoping it would rain but it did not so I got to see how they made rain so that they could film.  I was not sure what we were supposed to be doing but they just wanted us to walk on the porch.  We did this a few times and then we got sent home. 
Well this really was my last time on set.  Kind of sad but after talking with many people I was one of the women that was on set more times than most.  The men were needed more so they got more opportunities than the women (as usual).  So I was grateful for the opportunity.  They told us that they would probably film again in the spring and they would let us know.  So now I have something to look forward to!
This experience has been like no other for me.  I got to see up close and personal how filming works.  It takes a long time and you have to do many takes just for a few minutes of footage.  It is very expensive to pay the actors and extras.  But the most important thing that I got from this is that my testimony grew 100 fold.  I got to see some of these scenes as if I was there.  It gave me an opportunity to experience the scriptures and gain more of an appreciation for my Savior Jesus Christ and  for his life and for his sacrifice for me and all of mankind.

I can't wait to see the final product!  The church gave us a background look at the filming.  You can read all about it, watch a video, and look at some pictures here: 
 This is a beautiful picture that is included in the sideshow on the church website.

K's 20th Birthday

K's birthday was on General Conference Saturday (it often takes place on conference weekend).  She drove up for the weekend.  She wanted to go out to eat for her birthday but it was kind of tricky to fit it in because of conference and C & S still had ballet.  So we decided to go between the afternoon session and Priesthood Session.  This was our only available time slot.  Here we are at yummy Cheesecake Factory.

 The Birthday Girl!

On Sunday we had K's celebration with the family including Tono and Glady's (L's aunt and uncle) from Virginia (they were here for conference).

Then it was time for present opening.  And everyone is anxiously waiting...

 But we had to get a picture first.
 And her big present was.... A camera!!!  She has been wanting this forever!
 Then it was time for the cake.  She requested a Fashion Minnie Mouse Cake and this is what we came up with.  I think it turned out pretty good.  Except all the birthday cakes seem to be getting more complicated little by little.

She requested the procession so here we come.

 We had to pause for her to take a picture.
 Yay! I just have to say we love this girl! She has been with us for 20 wonderful years.  She brings so much joy to our lives and we are so happy to see that she is doing well at taking care of herself.  She is beautiful, talented, and loving.  She is the best oldest child anyone could ask for.  Growing up is hard for kids and their parents but K is doing very well!
 Just playing.  K looks like Minnie anyways.
 The girls are always stealing my camera and taking random pictures like this one.