Sunday, November 6, 2016

End of October 2016

For Activity Days they had a daddy daughter party. They could all dress up but with taking Carina to the MTC and everything else Casey didn't have time to find a costume. Gracie was Amelia Earheart.

Peter Pan at the school. Gracie is an Indian.

After the show we went to the Halloween store and we were all playing with the masks and costumes.

So for the first time in three years we ran out of charge on our leaf. Casey and I had gone to watch a movie and CR was out on  a date so we had no one to pick us up. We called a Uber for the first time and left the car on the street. The next day we had it towed home. Luckily towing is included with purchase of the car.

For Fall Break we went down to Las Vegas and stayed at Tahiti Village for a few days. This is when we got there at night. It looks so pretty! 

We just kind of wondered all over the place. It was fun!

Ahhh so precious!

The pool was kind of cold so the hot tub was great!

One Saturday we went downtown to some Halloween festival. 

Tayevion's 8th birthday!

Carving Halloween pumpkins

My masterpiece cause I don't like to carve.

Halloween night

Trick or treat!

Such an actor!