Thursday, October 13, 2016

Till We Meet Again (Carina's Farewell)

Carina got to speak in Sacrament on Fast Sunday cause otherwise she would have been speaking like a month before. She did an amazing job on her talk! Wow! We got compliments from everyone. She was just so real in explaining to everyone how she came the the decision to serve a mission. 

Following are some pictures of the luncheon at our house afterwards:

Group picture. We were lucky that Yvonne and her family were in Utah this weekend so we got to see them and they got to be here for this special day.

Carina with her best friend Blair.

FHE/Kailee's birthday dinner. Kailee wanted to go out to eat Indian food. This was one of our last times all together as a family for at least 18 months but most likely more since when Carina comes home Cee Ryle will be gone. Ahhh I love my family!

I know random picture, but I did this often just to have more pictures of my cute girl!

I always get all emotional when I see that my daughters give up what they love for the Lord and for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I think it's because I know that this is something that they will miss but they are willing to sacrifice all. I'm so proud of them! (Ignore the boy in the background!)

The packing!

It's real! It's really happening! We are taking her to the MTC!!! 

Lunch before the MTC at Zupas. Blair is like family. 

In the car (our last few moments as a family for a while)

Otto and Rosario (grandparents)

Alex and Courtney (cousins)

Annie and Jenner (cousins)

Blair (best friend)

Kailee (sister)
Cee Ryle (brother)
Gracie (sister)
Us (parents)

Our family minus Hermana Brown.

Family hug!!!

Only one care allowed into the MTC. What were we to do? We all want to go in! Ok let's just all pile in the van!
This is it...
Final hugs! 

God be with you till we meet again Sister Brown! (One of her favorite hymns)

She's so prepared and ready to go out and share the truths of the Book of Mormon! I am so proud of Carina. She will be an amazing missionary and I will be praying for her every single day! Heavenly Father gave her to me for a while and now I am happy to have the opportunity to share her with the people of Redlands California!

Monday, October 3, 2016

Beginning of October

Ready for conference! There is a present for each apostle or member of the first presidency. The kids get to open them during the breaks. This has been fun to do so the kids stay interested and looking forward to the talks. They also have to take notes on the talks before they can open the presents.

Celebrating Kailee's birthday at Leatherbys during priesthood. It has become a tradition to go to Leatherbys early and then go thrift shopping afterwards while the men at at Brothers and Brats and Priesthood session of conference.

We were triplets so we had to take a picture

How can Kailee be 25??? Carina gave here these ginormous balloons!

Three cute daughters!

Shakespeare performances

Kailee still obsessed with Harry Potter! they are slowly coming out with these new illustrated books so the crazy continues!

After Carina went through the temple we tried going every week until she left for her mission. This time we went to the Salt Lake City Temple. I couldn't have asked for a better way to spend one on one time with her before she goes out to serve for 18 months. I'm so proud of her!!!

Sunday, October 2, 2016

September 2016

For Labor Day we went on a hike to Doughnut Falls. Beautiful area! Beautiful day! Beautiful hikers!

I love going in hikes with the family!

We took Post to Golden Corral for lunch! There are four of us that work closely together and we have become good friends. Brooke (other school counselor), Preslee (student services and our assistant), and Post (aka Simon, he is the director of secondary).
Cee Ryle got answered to Homecoming with these chocolate frogs!

One Sunday we decided to just go to a park and just spend some time together. We went to Memory Grove. I just have to get as many pictures as possible of Carina before she leaves.

This is a picture of two trees made by my leaf electric car! That means I was a very efficient driver! Idk why I'm posting this here?! 

Image result for provo city center lds temple
On September 16th Carina had the blessing to go through the temple for the first time! It was a wonderful experience for all of us but especially for her. She went through the Provo City Temple.
Afterwards we went out to eat crepes!!!

Cee Ryle went to Homecoming with Emma Judd. 

His group included Emma, Sydney, and Aiden. Wardie group this time :)

Derick was here to celebrate his birthday! A few weeks late but fun celebration non the less!

Preview of Mary Poppins!

Suicide Awareness walk with our HOPE Squad. We have participated in this walk for a few years now. Suicide is one of the leading cuases of death amongst youth in Utah. There is a big push to bring awareness to this. HOPE Squads help by helping other students that may need someone to talk to. Students are trained to listen and then tell others to Hold On Pesuade and Empower. I get to help these students with training and assistance if they need to refer.

Since we couldn't go anywhere before Carina leaves on her mission because of time. She decided she wanted to spend a day as a family at Lagoon. We had a fun time together!

Carina vloged about this day: I PEED MY PANTS

Kailee was making an Arthur music video of our family before Carina leaves. Making music videos has become a fun tradition for our family! The final product is in the link below:

Arthur Browns by KaileeCristina


Who knew that even adults could have lots of fun in corn?!

Gracie and I did it together. Gracie found a friend from class and they talked and walked at the same time.

Casey won a medal of course!

Gracie's school had a 5K fundraiser. the three of us ran it and we even won a few prizes!