Friday, January 30, 2009

Science Fair

CR entered the science fair at school. His project was titled " How does temperature affect magnetism".

He won and now he gets to go to the district science fair. I know he probably won cause he could explain the whole project with many details.

I can't keep up with this kid!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Young Women Reunion

We had a much needed sleepover with the beautiful Clearfield Young Women. We had to get together cause all of their lives are changing so much and we wanted to catch up. Here's a little update on us:

Shauna: Too many boys to count. Too confusing. She'll find the right one eventually. She's at WSU studing to be an elementary teacher. What a good example for the rest of the gang. (Except for the kissing part!) She loves taking pictures.

Mauri: At USU. Having lots of fun! Loves take videos with her new camera. Studing stage productions? We are very proud of her for being vl!

Candace: After 1 semester of school, she got engaged and decided to go home to Logan. She is focusing on her wedding right now. She will get married in the Logan temple to Greg. We will all be there for this special day.

Sariah: Missing in action. Decided to stay home and "sit on the couch" instead of coming to see us. We missed her!

Kailee: Senior a DHS and will earn her associates from WSU at the same time. She is anxiously awaiting acceptance letters. Really, really, wants to go to BYU.

Kyrie: Junior at LHS. She cut her hair and looks very cute! She likes boys now. We knew she would change her mind at some point in her life! Wonderful violinist and artist.

Ahnica: As fun as ever. We never know what to expect from her. She has "a friend with benefits" cause she shouldn't have a boyfriend now, he needs to go on a mission first.

Kellie: The baby of the group just turned 16! She can now join the rest of them in dating and driving. We learned some new things about her that shall be left unmentioned. She had to go to sleep early and get up early so that she could practice for a Karate belt test. She's so dedicated. She has a very contagious laugh.

Me: The same but now I have G, who never lived in Clearfield. I just enjoy spending time with all of these girls. I miss them so much. The are like my daughters and I just want the best for them!!!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Spelling Bee

CR participated in class spelling bee a week ago and got 2nd place. He lost on the word "liverwurst". The top 3 from the class got to go to the School competition.

Then on Friday he competed against 4th-6th graders. He got some challenging words and it seemed like I was more nervous than he was. But he WON! We were surprised! Not that we thought he couldn't do it. We just thought the competition would be stiffer (he's a 4th grader after all!) We were so happy for him. Now he gets to go to the semi-finals and compete with half of the district. I hope I can handle it. I know he'll do great!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Kiki and Tayevion

We were lucky to have Cat and Bri with us for about a week. They came to pick up their cute puppy Kiki.

We wish we lived closer to them!
Also, that weekend the Manuel's blessed their little cute baby. We love that we live close to them!