Sunday, June 24, 2012

May 2012 Memories

Just some random memories from May that we don't want to forget.

This is CR last orchestra concert. He has decided not to continue with it because of time constraints. Since he is going to be in Student Government he feels he will not have enough time to practice. It's kind of sad for me because I really love the cello but it's his choice after all.

Mother's Day. First of all I love my mother.  She is and always be a great example to me.  She is so beautiful and looks so young!  We forgot to take a picture for Mother's Day before they left but here is a picture from Easter.

I love my children. They bring me so much joy. I worry about them all the time, I worry that I may not be a good mother, I worry that I may not be teaching them the best things, I worry that I may not push them hard enough, I worry that I may be pushing too hard, I worry about their future, I worry about their emotional state, I worry about their sprituality and testimonies, and on and on. But on mother's day we put the worries aside and enjoy being pampered.  Both the children and KC always treat me so kind.  Being a mother is the best job ever!!!  I am blessed to have such priviledge!
We had to get a crazy picture in there.
The three older girls went to Wasatch Elementary when they were young. It is an old school building and the school district is tearing it down so they can build a new, much needed new building to house Wasatch. K wanted to go have one last look and take some pictures. The hand pictures are on the cement at the perimeter of the school. Once there was a service day and we went over to help. I don't remember how or why (maybe we paid a small amout of money) but their hand prints and names are on the cement pads. I think these will stay there. We all have a lot of memories at this school.

Baby Jag son to Cary and Becky was born at the end of April. They came down for a few days and we went over to meet the new addition to the family. Little babies are such a miracle!

C and S going to the end of the year Dance Company Soiree.  S is wearing grandma Judy's dress.
 C is wearing a dress that K just made without a pattern or anything.  C found it hanging in K's closet and it fit perfectly.  K is so talented.
 Two beautiful young ladies!
C ready for the end of the year Cotillion for the Senior class.
 Memorial Day.  It's time to admit it.  Every holiday we want to do something but we never know what to do.  We discuss and discuss and still never come to a conclusion.  this year we decided to go up the mountains on a small hike.  We went up big cottonwood canyon which we thought was little cottonwood canyon and therefore didn't find the trail we were looking for.  Being Memorial Day there was a lot of people out and it was hard to find parking anywhere.  We found a creek and a place to park so we got out for a little while and played in the water.  C didn't come because she was working.
 My amazing parents.
 KC, CR, and Shay decided to hike up to the top of this rocky hill.  It looked scary but they made it to the top.

 In the afternoon we went to Willard Farm and walked on the trails and saw the animals. 

 At the end of the day we were exhausted.  We went to get some smoothies and relax but as you can see my mom and I were a little tired.  Z must just be enjoying the peace and quiet.  The kids were playing in the playland.
It ended up being a fun day.  We didn't do anything amazing but the best part was that we enjoyed the outdoors all together.  Being together makes it a great day!

Friday, June 22, 2012

UOP Graduation

May 5, 2012

After 2 1/2 years of having class every Wednesday night I finally finished the School Counseling Masters Program at University of Phoenix.  It was a busy time for me and the family but it was worth the effort.  I loved everything that I learned mainly for the reason that most everything can be applied to everyday life not just counseling in the schools.  Now it's time for me to find a job in the fall. 

Our instructors for internship took us out to dinner on the last class (March 28).  These are most of my classmates. At UOP teams are created to do presentations and projects together. 
 Julianne, Shaney, Monica
 Kim, Robyn
 My team!!! Sue, Sylvia, Me
 Kathy, Mindy, KyLee
These are pictures of graduation on May 5, 2012

This is a picture of those in my class that walked at the ceremony.

 We did it together!

 I coudn't have made it withour this wonderful man!  He was so supportive and picked up the slack when I couldn't.  He encouraged me and helped me every step of the way!  Thank you!
My kids were so supportive also.  C & S could not make it to the ceremony because they had already missed lots of ballet because of our trip so I don't have pictures with them.

My wonderful parents!
 My little sister.
Cli Xie and I.  Cli Xie is a friend of the family and it was just about a year ago that we realized that we were going through the same program in different locations.  But graduation is statewide so we had to take a picture together.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Dance Company Spring Concert

May 3-4, 2012

Every year the DHS Dance Company puts together a Spring concert.  Most which are choreographed by the students.  This year was especially fun since C and S both participated.  KC took a bunch of pictures with his nice camera so it was kind of hard to sort through all of them.  I tried to get a picture of each of their dances but I may have missed some.  The pictures don't give it justice but let's just say that it was a beautiful concert with beautiful dancers!