Sunday, January 31, 2016

January 2016

We went cross country skiing at Nordic Valley. They have a free day once a year and it has become a tradition to go up there. It was so fun! Carina even came up to join us!

Casey, Carina, and I went exploring on our own, Cee Ryle went by himself, and Gracie and Kailee went snowshooing on their own. Cee Ryle was out there just exploring for a while and we were getting worried about him cause the event was supposed to end at one but CR was no where to be found. He finally made his way back and he was safe and sound but we were a little worried.

The view up there is gorgeous!
 Christmas celebration in January since we were all out of town this year. But we couldn't celebrate without the program :)

This is just a picture that we found that is interesting. It's a picture of my parents wedding. But the interesting thing is that it seems as if  Derick, Julio, Zildy and I are in the picture??? It really is not us but aunts and uncles but it's pretty cool!

I just love awesome quotes like this one

Gracie got a hair cut

CR asked Rylie Thorne to the Sweethearts dance. He made this awesome 21 Pilots poster!!! Look at that detail!!!
She answered YES!
 I had heard about this book "The Life-Changing Magic of Tyding Up" by Marie Kondo. It was finally available from the library so I listened to it. It is an awesome book! It really gets you to think of what you should keep and what you should discard. So I started cleaning... This is just bags?? What? How did I ever acumulate so many? You are supposed to collect everything and put it out so you can see what you have and go through each item individually to see what brings you joy. If something doesn't bring you joy it should be discarded. Tha's a short synopsis of what the book is about but you really just have to read the book to understand it completely.

Sundance film festival! This is the movie we went to see with DaVinci kids at the Egyptian Theatre. Carina volunteered also so we were able to go see a movie with Casey called Tallulah.

CR on Hope Squad! 

CR in One Acts

Our stake goes all out when it comes to the Trek Firesde.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Martin Luther King Day

For a few year now we have been going to BYU on Martin Luther King Day. They organize a bunch of service projects and since we are always looking for things to do we decided that this is what we would do every year. The day starts with doughnuts and a devotional. 
Zuri enjoying her doughnut.

We are so indecisive and we went all around looking for a project to do. We kept going up and down the elevator. It was so funny so I had to take a picture!

We ended up tying a couple of blankets but that didn't take us too long with so many of us.

So then we went and decorated some bags for kids that don't have anything to carry their school supplies in. There was plenty of stuff for all of us to do there!

In the afternoon we were able to go to the Provo City Temple open house. 

This is a good reminder of how success works!