Friday, July 20, 2007

The last 2 weeks of June

June 20th.
S got contacts and cut her hair. I am impressed at how fast she was able to get the contancts in. When she makes up her mind about something she just goes for it!

June 21st.
We fed the missionaries and we had a long discussion on hoodies. Cast your vote... do hoodies have zippers or not?

June 22nd.
KC and I went to the temple for the first time since G was born. I finally felt confident in leaving her for 3 hours with the kids. We have been working hard on getting her to take a bottle and now she is doing great. We all survived!

June 25th.
CR went to Cub Scout Camp. I can't believe he is 8! I met with the RS President to discuss VT. We need to figure out new companionships etc.

June 26th.
CR had a dentist appointment with a pediatric dentist because he would not let our regular dentist do the work. He needed two crowns. He did great at this place. I think we will switch. In the evening was our Ward Pool Party. We had dinner at the park and then we had the Farmington Pool reserved for our ward. We were expecting Cat to come in tonight from Las Vegas. D called me about 8 wondering where she was. She was lost and I met her at Lagoon. She came over to the pool and B got in the water. E did also but the water was really cold. It was great to see Cat after such a long time.

June 27th.
My VT came. We kind of just hung out at home. Z came up and the 3 of us went to get pedicures. It was a fun bonding time. At night I got set apart for my calling as VT Coordinator and K as a choir pianist. Today was G 6th month birthday and she got to celebrate with her aunts feeding her cereal for the first time ever.

June 28th.
We went and saw a premire of Transformers. KC got off early and went to get tickets and get in line. The rest of us followed. Awesome movie!!

June 29th.
Did some shopping. S and C had sleepovers with Jill and Crystal.

June 30th.
Got a haircut. Our neighbors were putting in sod and KC offered to come over and help. So KC, Cat and all the kids went over to help them lay sod. I stayed behind to watch G and E. Our neighbors were very grateful for people to come all the way from Boston to help. It was a good service for them. Later on we went swimming with Z and family to the Kerns Aquatic Center. It was an awesome place. At night we left the kids at Z house and the 5 adults went and saw a comedy show and then out to dinner.