Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Outside Home Projects

Spring is a busy time of year. Especially when you are in a new home. KC has been working on the lawn for the second now. Last year he got the sprinkling system in and the front lawn. Now he is trying to finish the back lawn. I always wanted the trampoline in the ground because it seems safer to me and it looks much nicer. So my wonderful hubby dug the hole by hand! (The crazy things he does for me! I really love him.) It is now done and it looks wonderful. The next step is to till the ground again and plant grass. We are trying to get it going before our Family Reunion in July!

I have been working on the flower beds. I planted some bushes and some flowers. This is totally new to me since I never learned that growing up. So hopefully we (the plants and I) will survive this new experience.

Memorial Day

We went hiking up the mountains with another family. I love hiking! Not only is it great exercise but I love to be up high and see the beauty down below. We live in a wonderful world. The hike was hard for me. I am out of shape. I almost wanted to give up cause my legs were so tired but KC kept me going. I remember always telling the young women that we can't give up, we have to keep moving forward even if it is slow. That is true in hiking and in real life. I didn't give up and I made it. The kids were great; no complaints! Amazing how that happens when they are with their friends. KC carried G the whole way and she was asleep for much of the time. He's such an awesome father. Afterwards we had ice cream and a last minute picnic at the Foutz home.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

G is 5 months

Could it be? It's gone by fast. She takes a lot of time but I'm so glad that she belongs to our family.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Lost Pictures!

I don't know where my pictures went but they are gone. Most of the ones from May 4-5. After looking for a specific picture and not finding it even with the computer wiz's help I am very upset. So I am now more motivated to keep up with my blog so that I can have a record of my life. I am sad to have lost my pictures but it made me realize how important it is to keep a record of what goes on in our lives cause other wise with our memories a lot of it will be lost. I don't know if this was my mistake or what but we learn something from all of our experiences!!

Babysitting Week

K and CR had dentist appointments on May 14 to fix some cavities. CR would not let them do it so now we have to take him to a pediatric dentist so they can put him to sleep to be able to get it done. Joy!

On Monday night Z brought S and J over so we could watch them since they were going on a trip to Aruba. S slept in CR room and J in C and S room. The first day was great no problems the kids just had a blast playing their hearts out. They missed the other kids when they went to school though.

Wednesday was fine also, the kids were just getting more comfortable here so the were getting in a few more arguments. We had to put away the trundle where S was sleeping cause he kept doing body slams on it. So we made him a nice bed on the floor. That night I had my quarterly enrichment meeting so I was gone most of the night.

Thursday they were starting to think that this babysitting thing was going a little long. We went to Carl's Jr with KC for lunch and let the kids play for a while so that the time would pass quicker for them. We drove around some neighborhoods for a while and I took some pictures of landscapes to get some ideas of what to do. KC is working hard on digging a hole so we can bury the trampoline on the ground and then once that is done we can plant grass in the back yard.

Friday they started asking more about their parents but at least it was short day at school so the my kids got home sooner and then they forgot. That night was father and son's camping for our stake so KC took CR and S. The girls stayed home. We went to Walmart (without C cause she was babysitting) and then came home and watched Open Season.

Saturday Z and J were back and we all survived after all!

Mother's Day

As you can see I am playing catch up. That's ok isn't it? As long as I get important events in.

Anyways, about Mother's Day. It was a wonderful day. KC had no meetings so he made me a nice breakfast that morning (As a disclaimer: KC makes me nice breakfasts a lot so it feels like Mother's Day on many days. He is just usually gone on Sunday mornings to meetings now so that was a treat!). The kids were all really nice to me all day also and it was just so nice. The kids also gave me some awesome gifts. K gave me a CD called "Mom's Mix" and she put all of these songs that I like on it. I love it! I know she spent a lot of time on it and I am very grateful. C gave me a framed picture of a blue flower that she painted in art class. It looks very nice, she is a good artist. S gave me a framed picture of a red flower that she did in school and the teacher liked it so much that they framed it and hung it in school for a while but she got it back and gave it to me. She also gave me lots of homemade cards! CR gave me a bunch of coupons for things that he will do around the house for me. And he said that the are reusable as many times as I want!

We went to church and I had spent the previous day working on a poster for Enrichment that I was in charge of to advertise for the activities coming up that week. So I got that posted and had a nice church day. I liked the way it turned out so here it is:

Then we went to SLC and had dinner at Lele's house. We had yummy grilled chicken, potatoes, salad and a wonderful ice cream cake made by KC himself. We opened our gifts and it was a nice evening. G does not seem to like being in other homes, she gets fuzzy whenever we are having dinner at someone else home. I don't know why that is but I am hoping that it gets better soon. She is a happy baby at home!

I love my mom. She is a wonderful example to me of kindness and patience. Although we tend to make fun at some of her silliness I really love her and I feel so lucky to be her daughter. I guess I need to tell her that more often. I know I like to hear it, cause sometimes as women we tend to forget things like that.

Being Pampered

Cameo College of Beauty was having an anniversary celebration and Z, my mom and I decided to go. We got makeovers, a pedicure, eye brow wax and some treats! We had so much fun. It is nice to spend time with my sis and mom. We don't get to do that very often but we decided that we want to make it a tradition and do it every year around Mother's Day. One good part was that it was all free! Next year we will try and take the girls also. KC was so nice to get off work a little early so he could watch G so that I could go. I have the best husband ever! I really liked the way they did my makeup.
Here's a picture I took when I got home.

C's Orchestra Concert

C plays the violin and for having only played this year and last she is pretty good. She was first chair in her class. We went and saw their final performance for the year on May 8. We got to seen in the front row of the uncomfortable bleachers at the Junior High.

Special Visitors

From May 3-7 we had all of our wonderfur visitors that I mentioned before. On Friday morning we went to the Humanitarian Center and it was so interesting to see all of the things that the church does around the world to help others. Afterwards we went to see the Joseph Smith Movie in the Legacy Theatre. D and my dad went and parked the cars and the rest of us ran in to see the movie that started at noon. I love that movie it is inspiring to see all of what Joseph Smith went through. It strenghens my testimony every time.

Saturday, we cooked in the morning. Yoli made the cakes. Casey and I got the chicken, fettuccini and sauce ready. We then went to the temple for the sealing. It was raining really hard most of the day so that made it a little hard to take pictures. We left the kids out at the visitors center while we went into the temple. It was a beautiful ceremony. I am so happy for them!! They seem to be perfect for each other. We then went over to the church to have the Luncheon. Z had already decorated in the morning so we just had to finalize all of the food. We had a great time! After cleaning up we came to our house and gave everyone the tour.

Sunday, we went to church as usual but afterwards went to Z house for dinner. KC could not come since he had to do the finances and had a meeting at 6:00. We missed him. I like to go as a family whenever possible.

Monday, I met everyone at Temple Square and we toured the Beehive House and then had lunch at the restaurant. It was a nice, relaxing, sunny day. After that I came home and then we all went down again to have dinner with everyone. We met at Fashion Place Mall and it took forever to find everyone. But that was expected. It was nice to see everyone again. We then at at Teriyaki Chicken and said our goodbyes. It was sad, we all wished that we lived closer so that we could see each other more often.

Monday, May 21, 2007

17 Years Anniversary

On May 4 KC and I celebrated our 17th year anniversary. It somehow seems like we have been together that long but then it seems like just a few weeks ago that we were getting married. We have a wonderful marriage!!! We have our ups and downs but we seem to be able to work through everything together. He takes such good care of me. I love him more and more each day. I so glad that we will together for eternity.

We celebrated by going out to eat with... (wait! This weekend R (my cousin) and E will be sealed in the SLC Temple so they are in town along with Y and V (my aunts), and D (my brother)) So we went out to eat to Cafe Rio with all of them and also my parents and Z. I forgot that G went also because we didn't think that we could be gone away from her for 6 hours since she will only take a bottle from KC. So we drove down to SLC, had dinner and then all of us headed down to BYU for my 20 year Stover Hall Reunion. That was the dorm that I stayed in my freshmen year. We were only there for a little bit while everyone else shopped at the BYU Bookstore and took care of G. Z walked around with her and sang to her like a crazy person and finally got her to go to sleep. It's so nice to have a sister around that is willing to do that so we could go up to the reunion alone for a little while. We left at about 9:00 and then drove home with G crying much of the way home.

So that is how you celebrate your anniversay when you have been married for 17 years and have a 4 month old baby! Just spending time together is great for me!

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

G is 4 months old

She is now smiling all of the time (except when we try to take pictures, she is smiling all cute but then she sees the camera flash light and gets serious.) She is sleeping a little better. And we all love her more and more each day!


We got together for dinner and Z and J house. We were really late cause KC had to do the finances. We had a fun time. Z made an awesome dinner. The girls were very proudly wearing skirts that they made. It was somewhat frustrating to them to gather but they made it and they looked beautiful.