Sunday, October 27, 2013

S 17th Birthday Weekend

S's b-day was on a Thursday one of many crazy days around our house.  She had dance company after school until about 4:00.  At 6:30 she had ballet class for two hours. Sidney likes to eat healthy so we did have salad with chicken and various other healthy things so that's what we had for dinner.  We couldn't open presents until 8:45 when she got home.  But I think she had a fun day anyways!


I got some ticket to Fashion Fusion and S was the chosen one to come with me since it was her birthday weekend.  K did meet us there also.  This is on the red carpet.  We got a bag full of gifts, VIP passes to the fashion show and chocolates from Godiva.  Yum!  We were planning on going to dinner to celebrate her birthday but it got too late.  S had Nutcracker auditions the next day and she did not want to go to bed late.  So we postponed the dinner for a later date. 

Saturday was University of Phoenix Homecoming at the zoo. So we went and had lunch and walked around the zoo for a couple of hours. 

Sunday was the family celebration! 

Ice Cream Oreo Cake 

A few weeks later we finally made it out to dinner.  S chose Thai Siam.  We had never been there before so we did not know what to expect but it was delicious.  We forgot to take pictures :(  but this is the outside of the restaurant and a representation of our food.

We love S.  She's so fun to have in our family.  I can't believe she is 17 and that this is pretty much her last year at home.  She's so busy with dance, school, church, college applications, friends, work, etc.  But she does a great job balancing it all!

August 2013

S participated in this "Distinguised Young Woman" Program.  It's a program that focuses on four different areas including fitness and education.  They do a show at the end where they can demonstrate some of the things they have learned.  These pictures aren't very good but it's all I've got.  S did this as one of her projects for Personal Progress.  It took a lot of time but she made friends and learned characteristics of distinguished young women.

This is her picture from the program and a few others from the photo shoot.

After the show.  Crazy kids!

Crazy dad!  The older you get the crazier I guess?  Happy Birthday KC. 

Can't resist the cute pictures of baby Zuri. 

K, KC, and I volunteered for the Tour of Utah. 

CR completing his Eagle Project. Cleaning the trails behind the Castle Park.  He got plenty of people to where they only had to work for two hours.  K, G and I helped with snacks for everyone.

Our cute friend and next door neighbor in Clearfield Kyrie got married!  We went to her celebration and everything was just beautiful!  She's a day younger than K. 

Kyrie and Joe 

G and Braxton

Lagoon Family Day.  S has been working here in the Merchandising department for the summer. 

And this is August in a nutshell.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

First Day of School 2013

August 26, 2013

G 1st Grade

CR 9th Grade 

S 12th Grade (She's so happy this is the last year I have to torture her with a first day of school picture).

And the only one that would let me (and wanted me to) take her to school on the first day. A sad day for me!  My baby in school all day!  The only thing that makes it better is that I am now working full time so I didn't have time to be sad for too long.

C's 19th Birthday

August 24, 2013

We love C! She brings excitement into our lives. She loves Texas Roadhouse and that's where she wanted to go for her birthday so we did! They made her sit on a saddle while everyone sang Happy Birthday to her. 

CR was with us but I guess our server didn't fit him in the picture :( 

Only a college student would get so excited for this present! 

The birthday cake: 

The birthday girl: 

And more presents: 

We miss having C around the house, but it's great to see that she is growing up into a beautiful, productive adult.  She's off at school and enjoying every minute of it!