Sunday, December 30, 2007

The Week between Christmas and New Year

We were going to go to Cheyenne for a few days but there was a lot of snow on the roads and we decided to just stay home. Sometimes its just nice to be home and play or do whatever with family.

Some of the fun things that we did during the week were:

Well, we had bought an electric piano for the family and we were getting it all ready when C saw a better one on (his new best friend). So we went and looked at it and bought that one and returned the other one. It's a digital piano and it looks great! The kids are enjoying practicing more now since the keys don't stick and it sounds really nice. So C and I spent some time taking care of this.

One day the kids spent playing with friends.

One day we went and saw National Treasure.

One day we went shopping.

One day we spent putting away Christmas presents. The kids also got this air hockey table from their grandparents. They love to play it including G as you can see.

One day was G's birthday but that is a different post!

Thursday, December 27, 2007

G is 1 Year Old

My Precious G is is 1!!! Time goes by fast. We are enjoying having her in our family sooooo much. What a fun loving personality. She loves her family. But who doesn't? She is very attached to her Mami. Sometimes that is hard on me but sometimes it feels so great to be loved and needed.

She, of course, had no idea it was her birthday (what is that anyway?) and why the kids were making such a big deal. At this point she still had not oppened all of her Christmas presents (she was accomplishing interest in about 1 per day). So we tried to get her to open presents but I think the kids were more interested in seeing what was in them than she was.

We had cake that evening. She just sat there and stared at her piece of cake and wondered why we were letting her eat it on her own. Once she got the hang of it. She was loving life! She is great eater anyways. She eats so much we wonder how it all fits in her stomach and why she is not one of those chubby babies?

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Day

We try to focus Christmas on the Savior because without Christ there would be no Christmas. But we do believe in Santa because many of his qualities are the same as Jesus Christ. He loves everyone and gives us many gifts. So Santa came and brought us some fun things.
One of the kids favorite gifts this year was the WII that they got from their grandparents. Now they want everyone to come over and make a ME!

We had a nice relaxed Christmas. We spent the morning opening presents. We had German Pancakes with Buttermilk syrup for breakfast. In the afternoon we went over to the M house and had Shrimp Etufe (don't know how to spell it). It was delicious. We for some weird reason took no pictures of dinner!

Christmas Eve

We were pretty much all ready. All the wrapping was done and the stockings were hung with care. We were just waiting for St. Nick to be there. Well were more like waiting for family to be here. We made the paches on Saturday and wrapped them on Sunday. So on Monday all that we had to do was heat them up.

It was snowing and we were getting worried that Papi would not want to come. But he did and we were really glad. I was glad cause we were going to have a white Christmas. Everyone started arriving at around 5:00. This is the order of events for the evening:

6:00 Open white elephant gifts. We all just had small gifts and traded them around. It was a fun way to start the evening.

6:30 Eat Dinner. Yummy Paches!!! They turned out wonderful. We are becoming pros at this.

7:30 Nativity Story/Program. The girls have been putting together a program for a few years now. They even print our a program for the adults and they involve all of the kids. It's so much fun to see them perform. These are some pictures of the audience:

This is the Program with a few pictures:

Christmas Poem by C.

All I Want for Christmas is You (Dance) by girls: K, C, S, and boys: Eric, CR and Shayden

When Christmas Comes To Town by C and S

Once There was a Snowman by Jasmine

Silent Night (In Spanish) by all the kids

The First Noel (piano) by K. Btw she was the accompanist for the whole program.

Santa Claus is Coming to Town by the boys

Jingle Bells by K (piano), C (violin), S (cello)

Half time entertainment by the dads

Nativity by kids:

Mary with child

The Angel Gabriel

The Narrator

The animals
(G as a sheep)

Mary and Joseph with baby Jesus

At the manger

We wish you a Merry Christmas by kids

8:30 Eat Dessert

9:00 Open presents

10:00 Children go to bed so Santa can come

Friday, December 21, 2007

It's beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas

I've spent all morning driving CR back and forth from school. He was feeling sick so he stayed home for a while. I dropped him off and the second I got home the phone was ringing and it was the school, they said he was sick again. AY so I had to go back. He was lying in the nurses office but he did not want to come home. The Student Council was going our to a restaurant to eat lunch with the principal today and he really wanted to go. He said he was feeling better so he stayed. Cross my fingers that he makes it till 1:25.

This is catch up for December.

Dec. 6 S was in the 6th grade production of "Dig It". She was the wheel inventor. They put on this play about ancient civilizations. It's pretty good. C did it also when she was in 6th grade.

Dec. 14 Our Trek daughter got married! She is a great example to us. We went to the luncheon and the reception that night. It was so beautifully decorated.

Dec. 15 Ward Christmas Party. They had a talent night and we played "Joy to the Word" K on the piano, C on violin, and the rest of us with chimes. It was fun! There weren't very many talents showcased so we were glad we could participate.

In between work dinners, programs, and shopping, and everyday life. I've been wrapping presents and baking or preparing gifts for neighbors, etc. We now get to make PACHES! and wait for Santa. We only make paches once a year cause it take a lot of time. It's worth it, they are delicious!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Who do we want to become like?

Here's a link to a Jenny Phillips video. I get a good feeling every time I watch it. Recognize any of the actors? We did this long time ago and we thought she was done using these clips. What a shock we got when we saw this clip. This is our goal to become like Him!

To Become Like Him

Enjoying Every Day Life

This is such a fun time of year. We've been busy just getting ready for Christmas. Decorating, shopping, etc. My goal is to be ready for everything early so then we can just enjoy the beauty of the season.

This is a cute picture of G playing with CR.

S singing her solo at the school's choir concert.

CR shoveling during our first big snow storm of the year!