Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Years Eve 2009

We went to see a movie and then out to eat with the cousins and the grandparents.  Then we came home and played games until midnight!

The boys and the girls always sit at different tables.  But G just loves CR.

and T.  Well she actually just loves to get up and down.

My parents.

Z & J.  (my sister and brother in law)

and us!
Happy New Year!!

Monday, December 28, 2009


Our Texas cousins had never been sledding so we had to go.  It was so cold but they kids had a blast!

The adults had lots of fun too!!!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

G is 3

Another year another birthday.  It comes so soon after Christmas!  We were discussing a benefit of having a birthday close to Christmas and we decided that there is usually lots of cousins are around and that makes it so much better.

I keep debating on what to do for her birthday because its so soon after Christmas that it kind of stinks to only get presents once a year.  So I think I finally decided on celebrating her birthday on her day with the family and whatever presents they give her.  We will give her a present too.  But we will also celebrate a half birthday and we will give her more presents then and when she gets to wanting a friend party that is when we will celebrate it!

So this year we were at L's parents and she had lots of cousins to help her open her presents and to sing Happy Birthday to her.  This is her Bob the Tomato cake.  She loves Veggie Tales!

This is G dancing to the music her favorite present a digital piano (sort of).

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Temple Square

We went to a temple session in the morning.  It was such a spritual session since we haven't done this in a very long time.  Thanks for coming R so we could have a reason to go all together!

In the afternoon we went on the frontrunner to Temple Square.  Last summer we tried to go but missed the train and J was so dissapointed so we made it a priority this time.

The train was packed because there was a BB game so the kids sat on the steps.

First we went to see the Joseph Smith movie in the Legacy Theatre. 

Then we walked around temple square.

It was sooooo cold!

Simply Beautiful!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Day 2009

We had a wonderful Christmas Day.  We just spent time together, opened presents, and ate!!  It could not have been any better.  We loved having RKCJ with us!!!

We are just hanging out... no one is in a hurry to go see what Santa brought.  Not!!

Here they are coming down the stairs...

G got  Potato Heads with a Kitchen.

CR got some Pictureka, DS games, and an IPOD.

S got a purple pea coat and a cell phone!!

C got some cowgirl boots, an IPOD alarm clock, and a Laptop!!

K got the 50 year anniversary Barbie and Book!

The cousins.

This is madness... just getting ready to open presents.

Later that night we had Shrimp Etufe made by the M's.  We also played our white elephant gift exchange.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve 2009

We started by eating paches for dinner.  This is the adult table - K even though she is an adult.  Not enough seats.

This is the girl's table

This is the boy's table

This is the Christmas Program:

This is the Nativity Story starting Mary and Joseph and as you can see they loved each other very much!

Oh, opening presents was too chaotic.  You can tell from Z's face.

Christmas Preparations

R and kids came to spend Christmas with us!!  What a wondeful time!!  Here are some of the events leading up to Christmas.  Here we are making yummy paches.

These are the paches before they are wrapped.

This is what the 3 year olds did while we were putting together the paches.

The cousins enjoying being together!

The kids were tracking Santa on this world map by putting raisins on the spots where santa had been.