Sunday, September 29, 2013

B Cousin Reunion

July 25-30, 2013

On our way to Cheyenne.  We had to split up because of the crazyness.  So I went with K, C, CR, G and Lele and Eric.  KC stayed behind and came up on Saturday with S.

We stopped at the Lincoln Monument and this is what we found???

On Thursday we went to the Fronteer Days Park and walked around and they were all put in jail by the sheriff.   

The duck races

Milking the cows 

Outside of the museum.  

The HUGE cow from Turkey Hill.  

Going to the park at night. Two cowgirls. 

Hail Storm 

We went to the park at night and I drove a van load of people.  We had this "special" place for us to park but they didn't leave me much space.  I didn't think I had enough space so we drove around everywhere but we could not find any place to park. So we went back to try to park here.  Wow was I sweating bullets!  KC wasn't there to do it!  But I did it!  I had to take a picture to show how close I was. 

Saturday morning we went to the parade. 

In the afternoon we went paddleboating.  It was fun! 

A picture of the grandkids for grandma.

It almost doesn't seem possible for this trampoline to hold this many people??? 

Playing games on the last night. 

Chubby Bunnies

We had another fun trip to Cheyenne. We truly enjoy these every summer!  

F Cousin Reunion

July 13-25, 2013

Just me on my birthday with my Ms. Brown (MM's) t-shirt.  

My dad just makes us laugh! 

We have an amazing sister-in-law that comes all the way from Texas to visit.  We look forward to this visit every year!  It's hard cause she has lots of family to visit also and our schedule is crazy but somehow we always make it work.  And I am so grateful because it is a highlight of each summer. 

Shoulder massage train while waiting to get some food.  We are so silly!!! 

Little V.  Gotta love her facial expressions!!! 

G, T, J.  Three cousins having fun together! 

More birthday presents... 

Cousin love and fun! 

This is my sister (in-law but not really cause I love her as my sister).  She sacrifices so much to come see family.  So that cousins can see each other.  She drives for 2 days with 4 children and one on the way??? Who does that?  My amazing sister R!!! 

We spent a lot of time just home hanging out but we did go to a trampoline park so the cousins could play! 

The last day together.  We were leaving to go to Cheyenne and they were leaving to go to Provo and then back to Texas.  It was a wonderful week!!! 

Sunday, September 22, 2013

4th of July Weekend

July 4-7, 2013

The Fourth of July was filled with our traditional activities.  No one ran the 5K since KC was injured but besides that the day was pretty normal (for us at least).

We went the the city parade and got lots of candy.  The cousins didn't come and G was a little lonely (that was different for us).

Just hanging out.  S was in the Dance Company float but she stayed with us for a little while. 

After the parade we went to hang out at the park where Z and K were facepainting.  Who can resist this cute baby??? 

And last but not least hanging out at night waiting for the fireworks to begin. 

On Friday we had counsins and grandparents come from Cheyenne.  We just kind of hung out that night but the next day we went to the Parade of Homes.  Here are a few of our favorit finds:

We liked this bonus room because it has room for lots of sleepovers with cousins. 

The kids kind of just think this is their house. 

KC and Jef are making themselves at home in this kitchen. 

Why not do some ballet? 

On Sunday we had a real party.  My Tio Moncho and Honoria from Guatemala (Yvonne's parents) were visiting with Yvonne and so we decided to have a reunion.  Lots of people, lots of food, lots of fun.  Even uncle Tron came down to hang out for the day.

Lots of boys! That's a new one. 

We love having family come visit!!! 

We couldn't find a perfect picture so here is how crazy it is to get this many people!!!