Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day

We spent the morning at the Discovery Gateway.

And then worked on a "special" present in the afternoon. 

And then my sister painted my kid's faces.  She's really good you should check out her website.  Kids love her at parties.

But a funny story about G face...She felt so special with her cat face that she slept with it but the next day it still looked ok so we let her keep it on.  She kept telling all the kids in her class to look at her face.  She was so proud.  The next night I took off the bottom half of the painting and she was so sad.  The next day KC took of the remaining paint and she was crying when she saw herself in the mirror.  Amazing what a little face painting will do for a 3 year old.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

End of 2009-2010 School Year

These are just of the few events that happened in May.  We were pretty much were busy every night.  I guess that's what happens when you have 5 kids!

Spectrum Olympics
Every year all the Spectrum kids from the school have an Olympics day.  They are in teams and participate in an opening ceremony, participate in individual and team events, and they end it all with a closing medals ceremony.  It's a highlight of their year!!

This year for the first time the 5th grade teacher was very ambitious and had the kids in the class create an opera.  They created the scenery, wrote the script, and performed it.  It was a lot of work but it turned out great in the end.  The name of the opera was "Lost in Fuzzle Island".  CR was a pirate.

For years S begged us to take tumbling. We told her she could take it if she dropped ballet but we could not afford time or money to do both.  Well she never wanted to drop ballet but this last year we found this school where she could do tumbling just once a week so we gave in and let her do it.  They had a performance at the end of the year to demonstrate some of their new skills.

C performed in her last concert of the year.  Their orchestra is really good!  And C auditioned for Chamber Orchestra for next year and she made it!  Congratulations!

Space Derby
The Cub Scouts this year decided to try something different than the pinewood derby and so they did the space derby.  It was a fun event.  CR didn't really place this year but he had fun making the rocket with his dad.

Choir Concert
S was in choir this year and she really enjoyed it.

The first pictures are of the banquet.  The others are from a breakfast when the other cheerleaders came to wake her up and take them all to breakfast before school.  I knew about it but S didn't.


Chimes Concert
Another Spectrum event.

Dance Company
C tried out and made it this year!! She is going to have so much fun. Why everyone has to make teams all in the same year I don't know? But nevertheless it will be busy but fun!

Summer Job
And last but not least, K is home for the summer and looked for a job for a few weeks with no success.  This economy is just not the greatest for finding a good summer job.  But she is extremely blessed to have found a job as a teacher for 2 year olds at a daycare.  She works Monday thru Friday during day.  Which means she can play at night and have the weekends off.  It also allows her to work every other Satuday at the bookstore in order to keep her job when she goes back to school in the fall.  What an amazing blessing and good experience for her.  This is a picture of K and her best friend BJ.  They love to go out and just take pictures of themselves.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Mother's Day 2010

For many years I would always get depressed on mother's day cause the day would not go as I expected it to!  Silly me!  But after a few years of practice and change of attitude the days goes so much better.  The day is not about me!  It's about the wonderful blessing of having and being a mother.

First my mother...the most humble and loving person I know!  I am so blessed to have such a good example to follow!
Second, my mother-in-law...she's so amazing, the best homemaker, and a wonderful mother to my husband, she raised him and taught him how to treat me so kindly!
Third, my 5 wonderful children...they are so wacko but I love them just the way they are!  K gave me a journal with letter from each one of them (except G cause she can't write) that I will treasure forever!  The other children gave me wonderful presents also but it's not about the presents but about the love that I have for them!  After all I would not be a mom without them!  All I ever wanted growing up was to be a mother!!! And my dream has come true!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

20 Year Anniversary Cruise

This week we are celebrating 20 years of marriage!  We are still as happy if not happier!  We decided to go on a cruse to celebrate.  We had to go the week before because with my school schedule that worked better.  K took charge at home for 3 days and Grandma R. took charge for the other 2 days. 

The atrium

The pool at night

Catalina Island.  We came here 20 years ago for our honeymoon.

The "Catalina Limo".  We drove around the island.


From our balcony before dinner.

After dinner.  Elegant Night.

Driving ATV's in Esenada, MX vinyards.

Shopping in Ensenada.

Just a cute picture.

Towel animals.

Our pictures taken by the photograhers on the cruise.

We had a wonderful time!! It was hard to come back to real life.  But it was great to find that everything went smoothly at home while we were gone!