Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Lazy Days of Summer

NOT! Lately we have been busy with just "summer stuff".

S in participating in summer band camp for the flute. She will be playing it in Jr. High. She goes every day for 3 weeks. I was so happy that she wanted to play it since I played a little in High School and I love the sound. I found one on KSL.com. We took it to change pads and fix it up and now it's like new!

July 24th (Pioneer Day) KC and I had to sing at this Sunrise Service at the Tabernacle. It was a choir made up of 10 stakes. It was amazing. We sang with a brass band and it sounded so beautiful. Elder Tingey spoke about pioneers and how we need to have the same faith that they did.

That afternoon we were going to go to Wheeler Farm but it was really busy so we decided not to go and we went and saw "Horton Hears A Who" instead. K has a goal to milk a cow someday!

KC's mom and dad and Azure and Kellen came to visit for a few days. Dad had a work conference. The kids had a blast just playing with their cousins. The girls made a movie called "Shopping on Sunshine". It took them the whole time. They took out a million things and made a huge mess but they had fun making it.

Sunday, we celebrated Jasmine's birthday. She is a 4 year old princess. We all love her so much but especially the girls. We celebrated with a horse of course.

We had a Bishopric social last night.
We have swimming lessons and the girls leave for girls camp tomorrow. We'll do a separate post on those later.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Li's Birthday

You would think Sunday would be a wonderful day to have your birthday. Well, I may have to re-think that one!

We were told last week that our ward would be splitting today. So we have had a week to try and guess what the new boundaries would be. Saturday night KC and I had been talking and since KC was conducting Sacrament I told him that he should say something funny to kind of get everyone to relax.

Well on Sunday KC was conducting... He gets up there and says: "This is a special day...It's my wife's birthday! and the ward is splitting." I was trying to keep G quiet and all of the sudden I heard that! Everyone laughed! I was in shock! Everyone of course looks at me as I'm sure I turned red! Silly guy he wasn't supposed to make everyone laugh that way. The whole day everyone kept telling me happy birthday. Thanks KC. I love you too! Now if I could only get him back???

We went to dinner at Z's house. As usual, I got to celebrate my birthday with my friend Lele since our birthdays are so close together. We had yummy taco salads. It was so nice I didn't have to prepare anything. My mom made us a cake. I got lots of fun presents.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Independence Day

I love to celebrate our country's independence. We are so blessed to live in this great country!

This year we started out by weeding and planting a tree! The parade was skipped and no one cared. We went to the Gateway instead and CR got "Superstar" from build a bear. (Part of his bday present). The mall was completely dead. It was great!

Then we went and had a picnic with the M's. Z found this hidden little park in the avenues. There was hardly anyone there. We had the bowery all to ourselves and there was a playground and lots of shade. My parents would have loved it but they were in Boston.

Then K had to work at 3 so we came home, dropped her off and we drove up to Logan to have dinner with the P's and the Fz's. They made a yummy dutch oven dinner. We talked and relaxed. We wanted to leave a little sooner but we didn't get out until about 8:30. So we made it to the fireworks but just as we were walking to the park they started so we just sat down on someones driveway and watched from there. It was great only 1 block away.

The kids all had sleepovers and then we all got together again and had a huge breakfast. The kids swam and played all day.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

S Swimming Lessons

Yay for me. I get to take my kids to swimming lessons in two different sessions! What would I do without my kids?

S passed her swimming lessons that she has been taking for the past two weeks!