Tuesday, April 17, 2007

S in Snow White

S had the part of Lord Chamberlain/Narrator in Snow White. She had a solo at the beginning that was amazing! She's an awesome actress.

Spring Break

The past few years we have taken a "day vacation" during spring break. We have taken a whole day and gone somewhere fun where we could see things that tourists would see. But since we have G this year we thought that might be too much so we did one fun activity each day. I kept forgetting my camera so K was our photographer for the week.

On Monday we went to Hollywood Connections. Its kind of like a little indoor amusement park. They have a roller coaster, bumper cars, miniature golf, a carousel, a roller skating rink, etc. So we spent the night there and had a great time. We had ice cream when we came home.

On Tuesday we went bowling. C did really well on her first game and slaughtered us all. All of the kids used the bumper pads and that helped a lot with the gutter balls. We of course had to have ice cream when we came home.

On Wednesday, C and S had a sleepover with their friends Crystal and Jill. We went on a picnic to the "castle park" again. I walked around with G in the stroller after KC and K had to leave. KC had bishopric visits and K was going to babysit. Some of us had ice cream that night. K was getting bored of it! Can you believe it?

On Thursday, K went to do baptisms at the temple with her friend Sarah. CR played with his friend Nathan. And C and S of course played with their friends in the morning. That night we went to Chuck E. Cheese's for dinner and games. We earned lots of tickets for silly prizes. It had been a long time since we had been there. I think we had ice cream cones this night.

On Friday, K and C went with KC to the Salt Lake Temple to do baptisms early in the morning. We were going to go swimming this day but we were kind of exhausted and decided to just stay home and watch a movie and postpone the swimming for another time. We had Popsicles.

Saturday was Easter Egg Hunt day. We went to the one sponsored by the city and the kids got lots of eggs and prizes. K helped G get some eggs. I don't think G really cared but since K is too old to participate, this was second best. K worked at Lagoon in the afternoon and we went to the mall and out to dinner at night. No more ice cream, we did it for a week and that was good.

Sunday of course was Easter Fast Sunday and we went to church. G is better now I can stay in my classes a little longer. I usually have to feed her during Sacrament and then again during Relief Society. The sacrament feeding is not so bad cause I can still hear the talks. Except many times I've had to leave before the sacrament and then I miss out. The other 4 kids are really good sitting by themselves checking up on Daddy making sure that he is awake.

Monday, April 16, 2007

177th Annual General Conference

General Conference brings much sunshine into my life and is one of my favorite times of the year. I love to be inspired by the talks. On Saturday we watched conference at home with Lele and Eric. Now that the kids are a little older they can sit through conference doing quiet things and listen at the same time. In between sessions we went to the "Castle Park" and the kids got to play for a little while and get some energy out. Then we came back home and watched the second session.

At night during the Priesthood Session we went to Salt Lake and met up with Z and Mami. I took all my five kids and ventured into the crowded Deseret Book for the festivities. We got to see Jenny Phillips perform and one of the back of singers was Marianne M. from our previous ward. It was so fun to see them perform. They both have beautiful voices. We left a little early so that we would not get stuck in traffic but then G was so mad cause she had not eaten for a while that we stopped in Bountiful so I could feed her. I thought she would be happy the rest of the way but I was wrong. She still screamed. The rest of the kids just thought that was terrible. When we got home we started our week long Spring Break Ice Cream Fest.

Sunday we watched Conference at our house with "everyone" and had Mami's Enchiladas with ice cream for dessert (of course).

A couple of favorites from conference:
* Pres. Hinckley always tells us to "Be a little better". That's something we can always do!
* Elder R. G. Scott spoke on the power of prayer. He told us we do not need an appointment and he said to just talk. He told us to be thankful that sometimes God lets us struggle for a long time before an answer comes, because then our character will grow and our faith will increase.
* Elder J. R. Holland told us that words are sacred. This was one of my favorite!! He said that words are like deeds, they should be filled with faith, hope and charity. We need to speak carefully to our spouses and children. Words can hurt more than actions sometimes. I really liked this: "no misfortune is so bad that whining about it won't make it worse."
* Elder J. E. Jensen (70's) spoke on the importance of hymns inviting the Spirit of the Lord into our lives.
* Pres. J. E. Faust spoke on Forgiveness. He spoke of the Amish tragedy of the man that shot and killed five Amish school girls and then killed himself. He explained how the community forgave him. We have much to learn from that. We sometimes tend to have a hard time forgiving people for small acts they commit against us. But to be Christlike we must forgive everyone all of the time.

Conference was actually on March 30 and April 1 but I am trying to catch up. I wish I could change the date on the blogs so that it would look like I wrote when I am supposed to.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

New Phase

This is a new phase in my life. My sunshine today comes from my precious baby G. After waiting for many years we were finally able to have another baby. We feel extremely blessed to have her in our family. Our youngest is 7 and so I have gone back to being a SAHM after working outside of the home for a while. At first it was a hard adjustment. Especially because G did not want to be layed down and I felt like I could get nothing done. Now she is on a pretty good schedule. I am so happy I made the decision to stay home with her.

We named her G after her great grandmother on my side who passed away the same year that G was born. My grandmother is such a wonderful example to me of a Christlike person. Although she did not have much she was always so charitable to others. I was priviledged to grow up only a few blocks away from her house in Guatemala and I saw her regularly. From my point of view she sacrificed everything to make us happy. If I can be a little bit like her I will feel like I have succeeded in life.

We blessed G on March 25. All four of her grandparents were with us. Her middle name comes from KC's mom's middle name. I wanted to give G a special name that will remind her and us of 2 very special people. We had a special day with family and friends. I spilled buttermilk syrup on our stove and then it was not working. How was I going to cook my Lasagna? Well we got the oven working at least. It was already a stressful day for KC cause the bishop was gone and he had to give G her blessing and by messing up the oven I added to that stress. Things like that always happen!