Sunday, April 10, 2016

Carrie Underwood in Reno

Kailee and I got tickets to see Carrie Underwood in Reno cause it was either Reno or Casper. We stopped at the Salt Flats on our way.

Once there we had to go to the University of Nevada Reno campus. I just like to visit college campuses. I'm weird like that. 

We had to take this picture! Reno is not very big so there wasn't much to do. 

Then it was time for the concert!!! It was a concert on the round and it was fun cause we were really close to the stage!

And then we had to drive back.  Quick but fun trip!

But this is the car we drove in. Kailee had to get her car fixed and this is the rental that they gave her...a BLACK CADILLAC!!! 

Sunday, April 3, 2016

March 2016

Just something to always remember!

Buster is such a trooper!

Zuri's 3rd Birthday!!!

I made her a frozen cake with Elsa. She loved it!

The kids at FanX/Comic Con

Amy, our backyard neighbor went to Mesa during spring break for the Easter Pageant. She ran into Hermana Brown! Such a fun picture to receive! I was jelous though!
This was a quote from conference that I really like. If we stop looking at ourselves but rather look at ways we can help others our lives will be so much better in focus!

We didn't do much for spring break this year because we all had different weeks off but we did catch the movie Zootopia. It was cute and we had to ride the subway to get there!